Star Wars: Episode VII filming finally begins

News Simon Brew 16 May 2014 - 08:11

It's official: JJ Abrams and his team have started principal photography on the new Star Wars movie...

Bad Robot has revealed that production has finally begun on JJ Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII. Proof comes in the form of a clapperboard picture announcing the first show of the movie.

The film will be shooting in Abu Dhabi for the next few weeks, before ultimately moving to London for the bulk of the rest of the shoot. The London leg of the shoot is set to comment in a few weeks' time.

The film's release date is locked for December 18th 2015, and for the time being, it's full steam ahead on the project. Here's that clapperboard picture, in case you wanted to see it...

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*Claps for the clapboard...*

Adventure? Excitement?...

After the prequels this film may not deserve it, but I am one excited man about this.

They will obviously add lens flare in touch up...

It's Abu Dhabi, plenty of natural lens flare there .......... although possibly not JJ levels.

I'd be prepared to bet money that they address the 'who shot first' issue in this film, Han's a major character in it and JJ loves his referencing (for better or worse depending on taste). I can just imagine Luke and Han reminiscing about the old days and Luke saying 'So Han, that bounty hunter - I've always wondered...'

And the adventure beings....

Now I'm even more excited!!! It's actually happening!!!

*massively excited*

I'm delighted they have got Dan in on camera. He's one of my favourites and glad his work will be seen by a wider audience

This film is going to be a disaster. It has all the wrong ingredients. Abrams directing (director of the least popular Star Trek movie of all time). the old cast (They look wrong & wouldn't be cast in any other movie apart from this). And the old approach to film making, using awful rubber monsters instead of great cgi (it was the story, not the effects that ruined the prequels). All in all.... I'm not going to see this. but I am looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy. A film that has all the right ingredients. Check out the trailer.... It's amazing.

Yeah.... I said the same thing about the prequels. I think this will be even worse.


Me too. Can't wait for Guardians. It's going to be much better than this 80's rehash.

And really wild things...

I would suggest you watch some of the 'making of' for the prequels. far more rubber monsters than you think..

I hope the film opens with Han kicking in a door and shooting some guy in the face. "I always shoot first".

Please be good. Please be good.
Still... I really liked Lost and both Trek movies so I'm half way there..

A Jedi does not crave these things, though.

This time there's gonna be excitement, and adventure, and really wild things! MARVIN: Sounds awful. ZAPHOD: Marvin!

Praying for win. But we'll most likely will get suck.

Smugglers and Wookies and Wild, Wild Villians

as a treat to moviegoers, the very first scene involves an aged JarJar Binks dying a gruesome horrible death.

That's not true, that's impossible!

"Director of the least popular Star Trek movie of all time"

And two of the most successful...

No, no, it's need sci-fi lens flare added in post. If you film the real thing it just looks like a Western.

Did JJ direct Star Trek 5 and Nemesis?

Oops, that "and" should be an "or".

I liked the idea that Han just shot him and carried on as normal, probably didn't even tell Chewbacca.

The funny thing is, from what I have seen so far, Guardians also looks like an eighties rehash.

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