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News Simon Brew 12 May 2014 - 06:46
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Shooting begins on Star Wars: Episode VII in the desert this week. Plus some more details on the cast...

With the big casting announcement now out of the way, production on Star Wars: Episode VII is set to begin in earnest this week. The National reports that shooting will start in the Abu Dhabi desert tomorrow, which is expected to double for Tatooine in the new movie.

It's being reported that a city has been constructed in said desert for the film, including a house, plenty of vehicles, a "big, centuries-old looking market" and a "shuttle-like" spacecraft. Shooting is set to take place there for the next few weeks.

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, meanwhile, has revealed that the return of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher to Star Wars had been sorted out even before Disney bought Lucasfilm back in 2012. Furthermore, building on earlier reports, EW reckons that Han Solo will be one of the lead characters, alongside three of the new additions to the cast. Ford, Hamill and Fisher will all have "significant" roles in Star Wars: Episode VII.

The delay in casting the film's other roles, meanwhile, was due to the overhauling of the original screenplay to the movie, that had been penned by Michael Arndt. JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan's shooting draft is notably different, hence the hold up.

Finally, with casting yet to be complete on the new movie, Michael Fassbender has been the latest to be coy of potentially being involved. When asked by Latino Review if he was in Star Wars, Fassbender replied "wouldn't you like to know". However, lest we all read too much into this, we suspect that it was a retort more in the spirit of the conversation than anything more than that.

Star Wars: Episode VII is in cinemas on December 18th 2015.

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Shall we expect Carrie Fisher off her gord on booze and coke, singing "STAR WARS!" (a la the infamous 'Holiday Special') for Episode VII?

I'd buy that for a dollar...

YAY! Back to Tatooine - Wait, Tatooine again?????!!! I thought it's called STAR WARS Universe. So back to again?

Better not be anything more than a short few scenes in bloody Tatooine. I'd like to see the whole bloody universe for once.

doubt it, more respect please, that was some time ago...

... in a galaxy far far away.

Hopefully it will just be to see Luke going back there to slaughter Watto for enslaving his father.

Or maybe another pod race, this time with Luke's son? We'd all love that right?!

I am so un-excited about this film. I'm sad about that. My expectations were too high for the prequels, so I am not getting my hopes up for these new ones.

From the man who gave us Cloverfield. What a mess this is going to be.

Well, I hope that if we need to go back to Tatooine again it's a short visit and the last of it for a long time! I have hope for Corriban in the new movie. Show us some Sith temples!

You do realize that JJ Abrams only produced Cloverfield, right? He didn't write or direct it, so that really doesn't say anything about what the new Star Wars will be like.

And Star Trek fills you with hope?

Yes actually.

JJ Abrams knows how to do brainless but fun sci-fi which is exactly fits Star Wars.

The Star Wars prequels were certainly brainless but the original trilogy took a lot of inspiration from classical literature & mythology. As long as the new films retain a semblance of that I'll remain positive., wow. I'll have some of what you're smoking please.

Bravo, a brave and talented woman.

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