Has Star Wars: Episode VII's title been revealed?

News Ryan Lambie 6 May 2014 - 13:39
The Star Wars logo.

According to unconfirmed reports, Star Wars: Episode VII's title has seeped out into the wild...

There are so many rumours and unsubstantiated whispers floating around about Star Wars: Episode VII, it's difficult to know which - if any - have any truth to them. But while the validity of this latest news snippet is impossible for us to verify, we thought we'd share it with you anyway, partly because it has at least a ring of truth to it.

According to Ain't It Cool News's anonymous sources, the subtitle for Star Wars: Episode VII is, it's said, this:

The Ancient Fear

Now, as we've said, there's no proof that this is anything more than a rumour. But as a Star Wars title, it makes sense - it's the complete opposite of A New Hope, so while it's not a massively imaginative title, it is an ominous-sounding and plausible one. If we were to throw a few other title suggestions in, we'd probably add The Recent Anxiety and The Sudden Ennui.

We'll bring you more on this story as it develops.

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Well, The Ancient Fear could connect to the whole 'they filmed in Egypt for Corriban' stuff.

What's Star Wars??

"The Ancient Fear"

SO. Worst title for a thing ever, or worst thing ever to happen ever in the history of time and the world ever?

Over to you, Internet.

Three words - "The Phantom Menace"?

It's like Muppets in Space but without celebrity cameos.

It makes me really sad that I'm not excited about this film.

For all of the prequels - even after having seen The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones - I was eagerly eating up any snippet of information and virtually bouncing in my seat at the prospect of more Star Wars.

Now I'm just utterly bored by the prospect of another one.

Is this officially old age at 33? I don't like it!

two words (this is what I thought when I heard they're making another star wars film) Cluster F$#k, it may turn out to be great,but I personally don't think so.

Ancient Fear.... ya... its called Weight Gain. Right Carey? Right Mark?

You have won the internet today!

No celebrity cameos? Beg to differ!

Please let it be the Sudden Ennui. You can see the toys now: Han Solo with blaster and sleepwalking/acting function, Senator Leia Organa Solo with thermite grenade and nonchalant shrug action, High Jedi Master Skywalker featuring realistic detailed lightsabre and oh-I-can't-be-bothered stare.

It could also be described as the feeling instilled in every Star Wars fan after the utter train wreck that was Episode I...

Must just be you mate. I'm 33 and I'm frothing at the idea of a new SW flick!

Worst everything, of course. Even worse than The Holocaust, Global Warming and baby seal clubbing, no contest.

I mean, Jesus, totally justified getting carried away, right?

Followed by Episode VIII: Apathy Rising

LITERALLY worse than Hitler clubbing a baby seal to death on a melting iceberg.

More likely another "Revenge of the Jedi" type 'leak'

Me too. Everyone involved is at a creative peak!! From the director of Star Trek Into Darkness and the writer of Darling Companion with the star of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Enders Game and Cowboys & Aliens, etcetera etcetera.

Star Wars: Episode VII: The Old Yips

Still better than 'Attack of the Clones'.

But not as bad as Briony Tallis clubbing a baby seal to death on a melting iceberg.

No, not quite that bad.

I think I'm like someone who's been hurt several times and is scared to hope again just to be hurt once more!

If it comes out and is amazing, I'll probably go crazy for it all over again :)

Wonder if this has any link with the Celestials. May see Lucus borrow the idea from Fate of the Jedi of battling the Celestials and finally brining balance to the force. Celestials also part of Cannon from Clone Wars.

Star Wars VII: Jar Jar get's his groove back

Except Lucas is hands off, having sold off all his rights to the franchise and all

I'm 44 and eating carpets off the floor with excitement. You've obviously just lost the love. Grown up, I think some call it.

You have tried to make an intelligent sounding comment, and failed, sir...

I discovered on Sunday that "Attack Of The Clones" is improved immeasurably by drinking 8 pints of Black Sheep beforehand, then mercilessly ripping the p*ss out of it with an 8 year old girl.
Back on topic, I think "Star Wars VII - The Insurmountable Apathy" works quite nicely.

Not to say it's 100% proof, but it does fit in with the usual Star Wars title pattern.

A New Hope - The Phantom Menace - The Ancient Fear
The Empire Strikes Back - Attack of the Clones
Return of the Jedi - Revenge of the Sith

I don't WANT to be grown up. And I'm still wearing a Starscream t-shirt and talking about the NES version of the Ninja Turtles game.... *sobs*

But not as bad as Kerry Katona in Iceland.

Dude I actually like that one a lot, very alluding and ominous. Ancient Fear is alright though, i bet its just another rumor.

nope - its just a reflection of how dire the prequel trilogy was. I couldn't even force myself into the cinema for the third one. They had me with the teaser poster for episode one ( little kid with Vader shadow) and i was so fired up until i saw it. sigh - But Luke Leia and Han are back and georoge isn't going to be writing love scenes so its all on the up

"According to Ain't It Cool News's anonymous sources"

I really wouldn't base your news reports off of that website let alone their anonymous sources.

And Episode IX: Revenge of the whatever

Not a fan at all just sounds too generic to me.

AKA What every fan is feeling right now. There's a small chance they might fu*k it up.

Please let it not be. After Hobbit 3 was renamed 'The Battle of Five Armies' I don't think I can take any more lame titles.

My vote goes to Star Wars: A Sleeping Ennui

To be honest, Episode 3 was pretty awesome. Episode 1 and 2 were boring, to be honest. 4 out of 6 ain't bad.

Abrams worries me a bit but I am purposely not passing judgement until it's out. I don't wanna get my hopes up too soon...
The title sounds a bit like something a lonely person would call their Harry Potter fanfiction though.

A title like "The Ancient Threat" would imply that the story will be about the Sith or some other past enemy returning with a bang, but "The Ancient Fear" could imply something more interesting. Perhaps the "fear" in the title has to do with the Republic being threatened by forces from within, but which have nothing to do with the Sith or any other ancient conspiracies. Perhaps it will be a story reflecting the currently perceived slow death of democracy and the welfare state, where the main characters try to prevent the Republic from becoming a tyranny through paranoia?

Episode X: Meh!

40 and I can't wait.

Maybe 10 years ago, but sure as hell not now.

You had me going for a while, I must admit.

With the best will in the world, I don't think it stands any realistic chance of being 'amazing', but then again they're shooting at an open goal - it only has to be vaguely competent to be infinitely better than the last three films.

I think, looking at Abram's pedigree, the main potholes they have to swerve is having a plot that is too dense/complex (keep it simple!!!), or doing something too predictable/crowbarring in lots of tedious fan-service and callbacks to the previous films. Let's have something at least slightly fresh, please.

They're off to a great start with the (excellent on paper) cast, and if John Boyega is really playing the lead they'll have my respect.

Especially not that site,whose credibility is swirling the drain.

Jar Jar's Bane

Episode X: Meh Wooooooooookie No Saba Tooku!

From the writer of Gone Fishin' it's gotta be good!

I wrote the same thing as few days ago apart you have them in production order not story order.

Menace - Hope - Fear
Attack - Strikes - (TBC)
Revenge - Return - (TBC)

$tar War$ - Ri$e of the Accountant$

Lost Tribe of the Sith?

Lens flare! That's my fear. How am I going to watch an epic light sabre battle with all that frying my eye balls? The only part of JJ films that gets on my nerves if I'm honest. Could go either way this.

Star Wars XII: The Passing of the Torch...

He never had it.

I was reading quickly and for a second I thought the title was 'It Ain't Cool' which was also my reaction.

Episode VII: The Ancient Fear
Episode VIII: Charge of the Jedi/Sith/Mandalorians
Episode IX: Rise of the Republic

Maybe your just cautious towards the sequel trilogy, especially if you were disappointed by the prequels

I think this will just be a working title

The Sudden Ennui - yes!

Respectfully, I don't get why so many people think the quality suddenly got better with ep 3. I thought all three had the same problems.

Nooooooooooooooooo! This can't be! Please! The first movie in the good trilogy was called "A New Hope", the first in the bad trilogy was "The Phantom Menace"!

Definite articles make Star Wars movies bad! Please rename it to "An ancient fear". :(

Yep, they all sucked.

It's a fair concern, but I've read interviews with him after the second Star Trek film where he admits that he realised afterwards that he'd overdone the lens flare. It works as an occasional trick, but you don't want light bouncing off every single surface for an entire film.

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