Benedict Cumberbatch rules out Star Wars role

News Simon Brew
14 Apr 2014 - 05:54

Don't go looking for Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Wars: Episode VII. Or Doctor Who, for that matter...

Well, cross one off the list. One or two sources were absolute adamant that, despite denials to the contrary, Benedict Cumberbatch would be appearing in JJ Abrams' upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. But the chance of that appearing has gone it seems, as the man himself has ruled out appearing in the Star Wars movies. At least for the time being.

Speaking at Oz Comic Con in Sydney over the weekend, Cumberbatch said that "I would've liked a part in JJ's new Star Wars but it won't happen sadly". There's one rumour that suggests Cumberbatch's potential role was a victim of rewrites on the film.

For good measure, although this was pretty well known anyway, Cumberbatch also declared that Doctor Who wasn't on his list too. "I’m never gonna play The Doctor and nothing to do with the Whoniverse", he said.

Nonetheless, the Cumberbatch casting Cumberdrought is over for the minute: he signed up last week to play Richard III for the BBC...

Iris via The Independent.

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