Star Wars: Episode VII shoot has begun, cast mainly in place

News Simon Brew 7 Apr 2014 - 06:47
The Star Wars logo.

JJ Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII is already shooting, and the cast is nearly locked, it's been confirmed...

Now that's impressive. There's been a sizeable veil of secrecy over the production of Star Wars: Episode VII so far, as you might expect. But to be able to get the shoot of such a high profile production underway, without anyone realising? That's some achievement.

It's what's happened though, as Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn has confirmed that production is already underway on JJ Abrams' new movie. 

Horn also confirmed that the screenplay is where it needs to be be, and that the film would pick things up "where 6 left off - and where 6 left off is 35 years ago by the time this is released". As for the cast? "We have a lot of them [in place]... we're just not completely done yet".

The main bulk of Star Wars: Episode VII's production will take place in London. It's believed that the part of the shoot that's currently under way is taking place in Egypt.

Star Wars: Episode VII will be released on December 18th 2015.

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Please, please J.J. Don't give us another Phantom Menance. When I saw it in 1999, it was like a billion voices of my generation cried out in terror...and were suddenly silenced by Jar Jar Binks and Whiney Skywalker. I shall never forget that dreadful day.

The chances of him messing it up are 725 to 1.

At least he will do it secretively.

I realize that a lot of the JJ hate comes from Star Trek. But I think he's just the right one for this movie - he loves Star Wars, and - let's all be honest here - he already tried to make two Star Wars movies, only that they were called Star Trek.

No George Lucas intervention here, a script by Lawrence Kasdan - the only thing that's really left to worry about are the lensflares. I think we should we looking forward to this movie.

Never tell me the odds

Seriouly, i think it's not dificult to make a better movie than the new trilogy ones. It's only a little hard to accept new star wars movies, but I think that good stuff can come out of JJ's mind.

I'm in agreement with the general consensus that J.J Abrams' Trek-movies failed miserably as Star Trek, but were a great piece of almost-Star Wars. I also thoroughly enjoyed his referencing of Spielberg's style in "Super 8", so I'm not really worried about his take on Star Wars. Although I do hope that there would be less fanservice than in his two Treks.

As soon as those lightsabers turn on it'll be flaring all over the place.

I'm reminded of this quote from Office Space:
"I do want to express myself, okay. And I don't need 37 pieces of flair to do it."

I just hope this new movie doesn't look like his Star Trek movies. I really want the old style back, not the look of bluescreens like the prequels. Episodes I and II did have a similar look of the originals, especially the scenes on Tattooine. Would be nice to see real locations in the new one. Not a fan of Abrams and his style, but we shall wait and see.

Really?!? How did they fail as Star Trek?!? How is this even a general consensus? Admittedly Into Darkness loses its way once Khan turns up but the first one was brilliant. A movie version of Star Trek has to be more in the blockbuster style else you are watching nothing more than an extended version of the TV show. This is what happened with the last few terrible Next Generation movies that nobody cared about.

Yeah, I've also seen that same review by Plinkett you seem to be paraphrasing. I mostly agree with him when he says those exact same things about the first Star Trek by J.J Abrams, as well as his opinion of the rather poor TNG-movies. But I also agree with him that Abrams' second Star Trek is too much like a collection of out-of-context references to better previous movies and episodes and never really felt like a genuine Star Trek-movie, like the Kirk-era ones felt. Abrams' first Trek was a fun and exciting movie, no question about it, but it went a bit overboard with caricaturing the main characters and didn't really feel like a proper Star Trek, so much as a parody of it. So I agree with many people that it was a better Star Wars-movie than the Prequel trilogy.

One of the reasons I liked "John Carter" so much when I saw it was how it reminded me of seeing the original trilogy as a child. I think they managed to make Barsoom feel more believable than the sterile and polished environments in the prequels.

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