Star Wars: Episode VII shoot details, first location

News Simon Brew 2 Apr 2014 - 06:39
The Star Wars logo.

Could Star Wars be heading back to Tattoine for JJ Abrams' Episode VII?

If you think the Star Wars: Episode VII rumour machine is bad now - you should see the stuff we don't run - then rest assured that it's going to get even worse once JJ Abrams starts shooting the new movie. It's been expected for some time that production would begin in May, and we'd be surprised if Disney missed the chance to make an announcement to that effect on May 4th.

In the meantime, BadAss Digest is now reporting that the shoot is set to start on May 14th, with location work first, which makes sense. Most of Star Wars: Episode VII will be shot at Pinewood Studios in the UK, but it looks as if the first raft of filming will take place in Morocco.

That hints that we'll be seeing Tatooine again - it's already been rumoured that we're going to get Hoth as well - as the Star Wars sets in Tunisia have seen better days (as we reported here).

Still, Disney has a few quid to throw at the project. We suspect if may have to spend some of its cash to get Tattoine back in shape if, indeed, the plan is to bring it back to the screen. And that may yet mean building it again in Morocco...

More news on Star Wars: Episode VII as we hear it.


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Really? Tatooine again? *sigh*
Seriously, for such a supposed backwater of a planet, it does tend to play a very important part in the grand scheme of things in the SW Universe. If that's the case i'm surprised that the Empire didn't either gas the planet or use to test the Big Ball 'o' Destruction to stop anything else pivitol every happening there again!

That's not much of a surprise now, is it. One of the most logical things is that Luke returns to Tattooine at least once after defeating the Emperor. This planet has always been one of the most important in the franchise - and it has instant brand-recognition. With JJ up there, I'm pretty certain the first trailers will be of an older Luke looking at Tattooine's double sunset - one of the most emotional scenes in the entire trilogy.

Neh, I dunno. We, as the audience know its importance - but not the Empire. Yeah, the whole "Anakin is from Tattooine so let's hide his son there"-bit was stupid. But if you ignore this prequel-contraption, Tattooine is significant only to the major characters - not the entire universe. It's where Ben hid, it's where Luke met Chewie (btw awesome new idea for a follow-up show to How I Met Your Mother - How I Met My Wookiee), and it's where Owen and Beru died so Luke could become the man he is now.

I really hope they they do something good with these films, not just shoehorn what we love from the originals into another scrambled CGI horror show like the prequels.

Why return to Hoth? Maybe to capture some of the Wampas? Apart from that, why? The there literally millions of other planets that could be explored and visited.

"If there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from.". Turns outthey were on the planet at the center!

It goes without saying, tatooine will feature somehow in these new films, mos eisley cantina band thank you please

Maybe something happens to Threepio, so Luke has to go back and get a spare part, coz you know, his dad built him there! ;)

Tatooine! Not Tattoine!!

I have zero faith in Abrams turning out anything here that shows even a modest degree of innovation or new ideas.

Star Trek:Into Darkness, was basically a rehash of Abram's Star Trek and Wrath of Khan rolled up into one, with minor Easter eggs and nods in them for the so called fanboys.

I wasn't a fan...

For a galaxy with billions of planets in it, it's pretty sad if he's going to revisit the handful of planets we saw across the previous six films.

Of course they're going to bring back Tatooine. Hoth as well. Every single thing that
was good about the original Star Wars Trilogy, they'll polish up, and push out like a
suspiciously shiny turd. We'll all descend on it like the rabid, rose-tinted rationalists that we are, practically fighting one another to hand over fist fulls of our sweat-stained cash – all so we can see Chewbacca in 3D...

These upcoming Star Wars film will be very well put together films with no soul or spark of originality; there's nothing wrong with that, not every film can be ground breaking, but can we all just accept that JJ Abrams is essentially the McDonalds of big screen entertainment? This isn't a criticism of the obviously talented chap, but he's no artist, he's a business man.

I will be happy this time round if it just looks a bit like a Star Wars movie and feels a bit like a Star Wars movie. That's all I ask, I don't expect a masterpiece.

I tend to agree with you. However, I fear we would not get much diversity anyways. We've so far seen Dune Planet, Forest Planet, Jungle Planet, Rocks Planet, Ice Planet, and City Planet. If we were playing the wishing game, I would like to see less planets, but more nuanced ones - and there's a lot in the EU to choose from! I want to see...

Corellia with its golden, rolling hills, wide oceans and scattered cities, home to three different races as well as the most daring kind of humans.

Nar Shaddaa, the Vertical City, run over by a sprawling cityscape, but drowning in crime, filfth, and pollution.

Kessel, with its iconic look, the Spice mining operations and the dangerous spice spiders lurking deep in the caverns, preying on both Bogeys and unlucky miners alike.

Byss - the center of the galaxy - enshrouded in Dark Side energy, with Palpatine's clone army and his Imperial Citadel, bathed in bluegreen sunlight.

My point is - there are so many grand and elaborate planets in the Star Wars universe, that have an identity on themselves, and don't need to serve as blank backdrops for a saber fight (Oh, right, forgot Volcano Planet).

I wished, we had more creativity or even just more work put into this angle, than just a "use a different planet than Tatooine".


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