Star Wars: Episode VII set 30 years after Return Of The Jedi

News Simon Brew 18 Mar 2014 - 18:38
The Star Wars logo.

Disney has revealed some new details about Star Wars: Episode VII, including when it's set and when it starts shooting...

Some substantive Star Wars news has just come to light, courtesy of Disney's latest shareholder meeting. At said meeting, Disney boss Bob Iger revealed that JJ Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII would feature "some very familiar faces with a trio of new leads". That all but confirms the likes of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. Not that their involvement is a particularly well-kept secret.

Furthermore, Iger also revealed that JJ Abrams' new film would be set 30 years after the events of Return Of The Jedi. On top of that, production will officially start on the new film in May - May 4th wouldn't be a bad date.

There are no further firm details yet, but that major casting announcement can't be far off now...

Star Wars.

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J.J. did OK with Star Trek. The difference? That's a Paramount property. This is Disney, which leads to me having serious reservations.

I really don't get the Disney hate, I really don't. Ok, so they're a big company and have and did have suspect working practices. But so far with their acquisitions they've done them service. Pixar still do well, Marvel are knocking out the park, the Disney Animation department are returning to former glory and Disney are still willing to take risks (see John Carter and Tron Legacy for proof)

Seriously, what's so bad?

It all depends on how they manage properties. Pixar does well because Disney (while owning them) keeps their nose out of their work. Same with Marvel. The Muppets, well, they're closer to the Disney model to begin with, so it's not that big a deal. We have yet to see how Disney treats Lucas properties. Lucas himself pretty much dropped the ball with Eps. I-III, and he created the franchise. That doesn't give me much hope for a second-hand owner.

As for Disney hate: I find it difficult to trust anything done by a company who owes its very existence to Public Domain works, yet won't let their own work enter the Public Domain in turn (see: Steamboat Willie Mickey).

Disney = Marvel. Avengers. Do I have any reservations? None. Bring it on.


So far the younger cast in my thinking,Adam Driver,Jesse Plemons, and Stephanie Hunt

Yeah, I'm torn. If it's anything like as good as The Avengers (or pretty much any of the MCU), then I'm all for it. If it's anything like as bad as Star Trek and ...Into Darkness, then I'm keeping my money.

Yeah, ok, I know. I'd have to spend my money to see how bad it is... my point is I trust Disney/Lucasfilm/Marvel. I don't trust Abrams. Not one tiny little bit.

Disney hired Joss Whedon to make the Avengers they have done pretty well with Marvel so far.

Whedon doesn't have an addiction to lens flares.

This is pretty much the first good thing I've heard about the new star wars movie. Always said that the star Wars universe has a lot of good stories left to tell, just didn't want to see the same one again (particularly not with an aged cast). Hmmmmm, I wonder if they can actually pull this off...?

So after the Yuuzhan Vong (based on current EU timeline, which I appreciate has been canned).

Sorry but that's it? Really? Name one corp out there that doesn't watch their property like a hawk? Even the more gregarious ones take copywriting seriously. So they used Public Domain, so's everyone else.

There is an AWFUL lot they could quite happily bin from the EU. Some of it is great but the obsession with giving backstory to every .... single .... damned character! Yikes!

Agreed, and since 30 years after RotJ puts us at The Swam War, I say "bin"!

Oh I like Star Trek (apart from the lens flare of course) but I can certainly leave Into Darkness though .............. he couldn't have referenced Wrath of Khan more if he tried!

I am perfectly content that they are not mining old already-told stories and characters from the EU and are trying to tell a new stories with new characters instead.

It's funny cuz when Disney bought Marvel, I thought it'd be successful. I think it's safe to say that now. It even seems bigger than Avatar though it made less with Avengers, but that's cuz it is. Even Potter, the most successful franchise ever, will surely be surpassed. Phases! Separate yet interlocking stories! Continuity! (Sans Howard and Norton and his Hulk) TV shows! DISNEY! Fix star wars and Indy!

as a Star Wars EU fan, i hope they don't wreck the timeline for the years before the movie. I would hate for the X-wing and Thrawn stories to be wiped from history.

they bought Marvel and Pixar and both have been allowed to run their own creative agenda. I trust them to let Lucasfilm do the same

The thrawn books have already been contradicted by the prequels on the whole clone thing, but the events x-wing/rogue sqn are far enough removed from the main characters that they may still work in the new continuity.

What I'd love to see in the film is a Dennis Lawson cameo as general Antilles in command of a fleet. A mention of rogue squadron during a battle would be the type of nod to the fans that we could more reasonably expect.

Other than the two you mention I'm not sure there are any other eu stories I'd particularly like to see kept, kinda looking forward to new books, stories and characters filling the 30 year gap!

So with so few weeks until shooting, I really hope that right now someone over at Pinewood is just finishing construction on a new full size Millennium Falcon.

Disney have earned my trust with how they handled Pixar and Marvel... but Abrams? Meh. We'll see, I suppose.

Wooowww, Lucas might've dropped the ball with 1 and 2 (I was only little when they came out so I obviously loved them anyway, despite loads of people jumping on the bandwagon and proclaiming their crapness) but what's wrong with Episode 3?!?!?! ROTS was brilliant.

It really wasnt, just things had gotten so bad with AOTC and the fact that he was actually at the part of telling the story of the prequel that it was as bad as the others. Anakin's turn to the dark side was so rubbish, compare it to Luke's confrontation to with Darth where it feels like something is at stake... then this. Obi Wan going off on his investigation and fight with Grievous, also awful. They had the shoot of Grievous spinning the sabres and then, oh thats it, cut off one arm, then two, ok and lets jump down onto a big lizard for well choreographed chase scene... Also Padme, what the hell? What is her part in these trilogies? Just think and map out her arc across the 3 films... ugh, they were rubbish, the 3 of them! The only thing I would give Revenge is that it kind of works as an action movie but that is it.....Oh, and that part where Qui Gonn comes back to tell Yoda something, jesus that was bad enough that they didnt show it, but in terms of the story, it is the stupidest thing of the lot. Look at Ewan McGregor with his response 'Qui Gonn?' He thinks it rubbish, and its obviously a shoot after principal photography, as with Padme and Anakin on the balcony 'Its because I am so in love with you'(barf) she looks completely different to rest of the movie... ok, calm down, your doctor told you not to indulge the prequels fault, focus on the positive.... la la la

abrams and whedon are both hugely over-rated film makers, abrams was a bad choice to direct star trek but he may be more suited to star wars

I'm really started to get excited about these new films. Ok, we got our fingers burnt last time, but hey, this is a new beginning so let's get behind it. I'm not even sure if George knew what the magic formula was for good SW when he did the prequels - he stubbornly though he was the custodian and that he could create a new trilogy on his own. I think good Star Wars comes from colaboration, a sharing of ideas, Lawrence Kasdan was as responsible for the origional trilogies popularity as George was - and guess what kids...

The Falcan's back, Luke, Han, Leia - hopefully Chewie's still around in this universe. A new trilogy with fans and old hands at the helm. I believe this will be brilliant, and yes, I should have learn't from my last finger burning experience, but I'm a sucker for Star Wars.

They are however great story tellers (Whedon especially has an ability to build characters in a movie). There aren't many directors who could have juggled the big hitting characters (as well as the Shield crew) as he did with the Avengers.

This is a question for the SW nerds, but how is the gap between Ep. 3 and 4 explained canonically? In Ep 4., Obi Wan is an old man and the Empire has existed for generations, yet Luke is only eighteen or nineteen years old.

Adding in my humble opinion about Disney and Star Wars. Lucas was at the top of the tree, his decisions were final and no one dared question him about some of his choices. In the end he already ruined his own franchise. Now we have the confidence that if it's not going well Messrs Mouse & Duck will be sent down to slap JJ over the chops with their big white gloves and tell him to get it right!

Good luck to Disney, can Star Wars really get any worse?

Apparently Obi Wan was 57 when he died which is only 6 years younger then Alec Guinness when he played the part. Guess living in a desert cave without any moisturiser was at fault.

Star Wars is doing better than it ever has you older guys might think he ruined it but the majority of the younger fans love them. Time for you lot to move over I'm afraid.

Um he was the custodian it was his creation and he could do with it what he wanted, what gives anyone else the right to tell him what to do. If these prequels were so bad why is the franchise still on going with the characters and plots that the new films created. Plus the new films will be mainly aimed at the younger audience rather than the old ones.

I'm not sure about harry potter being surpassed to soon by the looks of it there will be more films to come from that universe.

Respect your elders! haha first time I've been called "older", think I'm ready for my bus pass now! :)

The problem was he did do what 'he' wanted with it - the original trilogy was more of a collaborative effort when it came to the scripts. Yes, we had the Clone Wars which I actual love. That once again is a very collaborative effort where George works alongside other people. And for the record - Star Wars has always been aimed at kids...

Barring that, I should say. I won't count that out but I'd have to see the success of the first new one. Is the brand enough? But surely there'll be returning faces. Neville, Luna, Draco, man you got me excited again haha. Guess that answers that.

Hey I'm in my late 20s to haha I just mean the franchise has to move forward or it will fail miserably.

Exactly it's aimed at kids and we are no longer kids it won't be aimed at what we want but what the new fans want. I mean I can see why, disney are still a business and will look at making money, the kids and the people who will be buying all the toys and merchandise not middle aged people.

There was nothing ever wrong with the prequels so bad they recieved so much hate. Yes jar jar binks should never have been created or at least been killed off, but when I watched Star Wars for the first time I couldn't help but hate C3PO, I found him really irritating. The scripting could be bad at points but then if you watch the original trilogy and really listen it's just as bad. Geeky but great. I wouldn't say the prequels were better than the originals but they still gave me a lot of enjoyment compared to most rubbish you get in cinemas now.

I'm not sure, harry potter did well mainly due to the films themselves it had a lot of merchandise but not as much compared to Star Wars. Even if it is surpassed i imagine Potter will hold a record for the fastest growing franchise, I mean Star Wars has been around since 1977 and nearly 35 years later it still hasn't reached the success harry potter achieved within 10 years.

Even though SW films are aimed at kids, middle aged people will always think SW is for them, I know I will. Like any good kids film, it also has to appeal to the parents taking the kids to see it. And I look forward to buying the toys for my children and will probably play with them when they've gone to bed.

The same with me. In fact it worries me that even though I have no kids to buy them for i still find myself wanting Star Wars toys...

If he's got a decent script to work with, I think Abrams will be OK. He's a good craftsman who can put together an exciting frame that's attractive to look at - that's generally how I think of him, all this nonsense about him being some kind of auteur is just that, nonsense. Guy's a good technical filmmaker. But then again I don't mind lens flare so much ;)

Kurtzman and Orci are the dangerous ones. Lindelof too. So long as those hacks are kept as far away from it as possible, I think cautious optimism is appropriate.

Test shoots with costumes already started last week at Pinewood

if it's set 30 years on, it wouldn't surprise me if they went down the Darth Caedus route with a slightly amended story.

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