The five actors vying for the Star Wars: Episode VII lead

News Simon Brew 13 Mar 2014 - 06:19
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Five names have found their way to the top of the potential casting list for JJ Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII...

It seems that progress is being made with the casting process for JJ Abrams' soon to go before the cameras Star Wars: Episode VII. Pre-production continues ahead of the film's Pinewood shoot, and last month, we learned that Adam Driver (of Girls fame) was signing up to play one of the key villains. Darth Adam, or something.

Variety has now named five actors it now believes are left in the running for one of the male lead roles in the new Star Wars film. One of them we already knew about, that being Breaking Bad's Jesse Plemons. He's still a strong possibility.

Now? You can add John Boyega (Attack The Block), Ed Speelers (Downton Abbey), Ray Fisher and Matthew James Thomas to the list of possibles. Abrams is still looking for candidates, but these are now the five actors that Variety reckons "have moved to the top of the list in recent weeks".

The role they're all battling for is expected to be one of a Jedi apprentice. More news on it as we hear it.

Star Wars: Episode VII is due in cinemas on December 18th 2015.


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John Boyega sounds like an interesting choice. He's already established a rogue, heroic charm.

I like this option!

agree. would like to see him cast aswel.

I don't know the polite way of saying it but I just couldn't watch the movie with Jesse Plemons leading it... he freaks me out man, got a strange look to him.

I think I speak for everyone when I say J.J Abrams should cast Aaron Paul in the lead role.

"The force is strong with me... bitch."

Please feel free to add some Pinkman/Starwars quotes, I am at work and very bored.

It's a bit of a shame that Ed Speleers is now credited as from Downton Abbey, when he was the lead in Eragon. I like DA and I know Eragon wasn't a great film but it wasn't awful either, and seems a much more appropriate property for DoG to cite! Ah well, looking forward to Episode VII anyway.

I know what you mean - I could just about deal with him in a supporting role - and I appreciate he's a good actore, but I don't see him as a leading man.

John Boyega. That is all.

Eragon was a great book but I thought it was a terrible, terrible, film. He was good in it but the whole thing was just kind of a mess.

Err, what do they look like?

Yes it was awful.

Agreed that the books were far, far better than the one film, but I thought it was generally well performed by the cast (Weiss, Malcovich and Irons particularly). It was just hampered hugely by poor dialogue and bad pacing.

That said, the ending of Inheritance was disappointing enough that perhaps it's a good thing the series didn't evolve. (Won't spoil it for others and still recommend the series as a whole).

Thought the casting was generally pretty good, but crap dialogue.

John Boyega: Nuff said!

I agree with your agree. Boyega was a great find in Attack The Block and would do well and be an interesting choice within the SW universe.

if you get the chance to watch "my murder" which starred John Boyega in a true story of a London youth murdered in 2008 you would probably sway towards him. he has an rogue almost arrogant charm about him as Omniaural has already stated.

Eragon was pretty much a rip-off of Star Wars. Orphan farmboy living with uncle teams up with weird outcast wizard to save princess, etc, etc, etc. I also fell asleep in the cinema whilst watching it. Not a favourite.

Matt Damon with Downs? AKA Meth Damon.

Yet again, an article about possible actors for roles.... with no pics!!!

Rooting for Jesse Plemons just because he was my favorite character on Friday Night Lights.

"Yeah Mr White! Yeah The Force!"

"These are not the meth heads you're looking for...".

For a moment there I thought Darth Adam was a real character. I was reading it pretty fast in my defense.

I don't really know who most of these guys are, so can't really comment, but I do know that Ed Speleers was absolutely awful in Eragon, and should be let nowhere the hell near a film like Star Wars.

Yeah, I was horrified when I saw his name. He was so terrible and wooden in Eragon, and its a similar genre so I don't believe he would be a good choice.

John Boyega, Is destined for greatness. Fingers crossedX.

I'm a huge fan of the books, so naturally I despise the abomination they tried to pass off as an adaptation. I don't blame Speleers for how bad the entire film was, but like you said, he was very very wooden and didn't treat the character with any respect.

May the meth. Be with you bitch

Matt smith as a Jedi hunter

Problem Bantha

Yeah, I'd agree with that about the cast.

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