Star Wars: Episode VII might just have found its villain

News Simon Brew 27 Feb 2014 - 06:59

Adam Driver, of Girls fame, is reportedly set to play the lead villain in JJ Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII...

It looks like we've actually got a bona fide, concrete piece of casting news for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. There's certainly been no shortage of rumours over the past year or so, many of which we expect to be confirmed over the coming months. But Variety is now reporting that Adam Driver is about to sign up to play the lead villain in the new Star Wars film.

Driver, best known for the TV show Girls (and previously linked with playing Nightwing in Batman Vs Superman), is set to play a character that's being described as "in the vein" of Darth Vader. Driver's deal is expected to be "finalized in the coming days".

Star Wars: Episode VII is expected to start shooting in the UK in April. We'd imagine most of the cast will be confirmed via a start of production press release around then.


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Grand admiral Thrawn?

He would make a cool young Darth Vader with a certain gravitas.... oh wait. I had stricken the prequels to the far reaches of my memory and now its back. thanks DoG.....

Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus perhaps?

I've never seen 'Girls' but he's certainly got a unique look that could work well in sci fi.

Of course this being Star Wars, will we have to wait to find out who will be supplying the lead villains voice?

Can he please please us his voice from Inside Llewyn Davis...

I wouldn't hold my breath for any endorsement of the expanded universe, most likely the whole post-Jedi EU will be ignored. I do like the idea of there being pockets of the Empire remaining as isolated fleets though, I imagine that will most likely be retained as convenient villain source.

I hear it's going to be Hank Azaria in a manner similar to Professor Frink...

Here's hoping that it is Gilbert Gottfried!

One Sith to unite the fleets and bring on some mandalorian tribes to fight back would be pretty epic!

Exar Kun?

"Oh jeez, the force is so strong in this one. With the saber and the hurting and the screaming..."

Does it seem to anyone else that this film is massively behind schedule? Even with the release date being put back...

SHooooOOOT the rebel scum

Never heard of he related to HGV?

no its not behind in any way ... do you work in the industry?

I am glad they have made up a new villain and not bring back old one like Darth Vader.

You sure he's not playing Nien Nunb?

He wouldn't even need to put on make up!

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