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News Simon Brew 25 Feb 2014 - 07:26
The Star Wars logo.

Possibly two new Indiana Jones films, and Star Wars casting, including Gary Oldman and Benedict Cumberbatch...

We're getting the sense that the constant round of Star Wars: Episode VII rumours is getting just a little bit wearing. We're certainly feeling that too, and that means we tread carefully when working out which stories to report and which to leave well alone.

This one looks like it's got a bit more to it, given the source. Marketsaw's generally been on the money with the stories it breaks, and it's got a new update on Star Wars: Episode VII.

The site reports that Ian McDiarmid, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billie Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels and Warwick Davies are all set to return (most of those have been linked for some time, of course). Furthermore, it says that after initially being pursued for the same part in JJ Abrams' new film, that both Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman will have parts in Star Wars: Episode VII.

And building on our story from last week, the site also reports that two Indiana Jones movies are being planned at this stage. Harrison Ford is in "the negotiation stages" for those.

More news on Star Wars and Indiana Jones as we hear it...


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Ian McDiarmid? So we're getting the Dark Empire storyline, or at least some elements of it.

Oooooh Gary Oldman, a great choice if it proves to be correct! Question is Jedi or Sith? He would be great as either.

Am I the only one who doesn't want Mr. Cumberbatch in there?
He's gonna ruin the way he ruined Into Darkness.
The only possible good option would be if he VOICED a character, not played one.
Gary Oldman sounds great!

Oh ENOUGH of the Cumberpatch already. There are other British actors. There are BETTER British actors.

Oh, sure, the only problem with Into Crapness was one actor.

No, no he did not.
Abrahams ruined Into Darkness by making BC's pretty decent antagonist John Harrison into what he thought would be a nerdgasm for all the fans, leading to the Khan revelation.
And as stated below, that is not all that's wrong with Into Darkness.

On topic how ever, Cumberbatch and Oldman! I think I did just have a nerdgasm!
Let's hope Abrahams can pull this off like he did the StarTrek reboot.

it'd be ace if an old Wicket is still hanging with the crew!

Palpatine is a tricky one. He's a great character and McDiarmid plays him so well, but fitting him in again stretches credibility a bit (I know the clone bodies mind/spirit transfer stuff from the books, but still...). If they can do it well so it works then great, but tread carefully guys

Or as the new voice of Jar Jar.

I'm not sure if that would the best thing ever or the worst thing ever...

Two more Indy films starring Harrison Ford? Assuming its going to be about 5 years before the second one is released, Indy is going to be 76. Do we really want a film about Indy breaking into a tomb, but then forgetting what he came in there for in the first place?

There's a difference between opinion and fact, it is many people's opinion that Into Darkness was crap, it's because they don't have the intelligence to appreciate the ripple effect of the timeline alteration enough to truly appreciate it. They also think Cumberbatch was crap, again see the "idiot" theory. I and many many people I know loved Into Darkness but I suppose that's because we let Abrams tell the story he wanted to tell and enjoyed it instead of sitting there moaning that he didn't tell the story the way we would've told it.

As far as Cumberbatch in Star Wars, maybe he is getting a little too much exposure at the moment but on the other hand he would make an excellent Sith in *my* opinion.

Very true, perhaps you'd prefer Vinnie Jones... actually that would be excellent!! lol

Perhaps flash back scenes?

or Danny Dyer. How about HIM

Cumberbatch was the only good part of star Trek into darkness

I thought the 'old Indy' jokes were relentless when the fourth one was being made, I suspect those were the tip of the iceberg.

I don't see age as being too much of an issue, Connery was 73 when he made the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film and one of the few things that wasn't a problem in the film was his ability to throw a punch.

I just wish that Ford had shown this amount of enthusiasm for Indy twenty years ago when the era possibilities were wider (the 1940's would have suited the Indy franchise brilliantly) and we could have perhaps gotten a second trilogy closer in style and tone to the first one.

Or Sith Ghost...

Force Ghost would work, and seeing as he was so aged up for the original films, he still looks the part

Yes you are right. Whilst I liked him as Khan ( a lot ), his Sherlock leaves much to be desired. Or maybe it's just the Sherlock show that leaves much to be desired ?
From what I've seen poor acting and poor actors abound in that show.
Much like the SHIELD tv show and the Arrow tv show....just awkward and painful to endure....err... I mean watch.

Where is Mark Hammil's name on the list?

sorry dude I disagree! we cant get enough of cumberbund!!

I think he does pretty well in Sherlock when the script provides something juicy, but most of the time the script does much better for Watson, and Martin Freeman truly delivers on that.
But as much as I like Cumberbatch, I am getting a bit overloaded of him too. And I like him much better when he does the little charater movies/shows, like Parade's End or Hawkings. I think he's a lot better with that kind of acting.

Best in that he does the greatest voices, worst in that we'd lose the opportunity to see him and he's SO AMAZING. Such a wonderful actor.

As nobody has written it yet, I will: Andrew Scott?

"Into Darkness" was ruined by a hell of a lot more than just Mr. Cumberbatch.

You dare to use the word "intelligence" while defending that turd? It was a rubbish, simplistic, idiotic story full of errors and inconsistencies. A Star Trek for hive-fiving frat boys. It should have been nuked from orbit.

yeah yeah! force ghost! that could be cool

that's a very good question.

As much as i love Harrison Ford, I don't want to see him as Indiana Jones
now. He should pass the torch to another actor to take up the role. On
the other hand I wouldn't mind seeing him as Indiana Jones in scenes in
which he is reminiscing about his adventures.

Again opinion vs fact. Perhaps this will help:

o·pin·ion [uh-pin-yuhn] Show IPA noun
a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.
the formal expression of a professional judgment: to ask for a second medical opinion.
Law. the formal statement by a judge or court of the reasoning and the principles of law used in reaching a decision of a case.
a judgment or estimate of a person or thing with respect to character, merit, etc.: to forfeit someone's good opinion.

fact [fakt] Show IPA
something that actually exists; reality; truth: Your fears have no basis in fact.
something known to exist or to have happened: Space travel is now a fact.
a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true: Scientists gather facts about plant growth.
something said to be true or supposed to have happened: The facts given by the witness are highly questionable.
Law. . Often, facts. an actual or alleged event or circumstance, as distinguished from its legal effect or consequence. Compare question of fact, question of law.
Shall we look up intelligence or does that have you stumped?

I do.

Benedict Cumberbatch as... Benedict Cumberbatch! Again!
If your character looks and sounds and acts like Benedict Cumberbatch, do we have an actor for you!

The only way I can see him fitting into Star Wars is as a Cumberbatch droid, something like a C3P0 basically.

Hope its not some clone garbage! The Emperor is dead! Long live the House of Skywalker!

What the hell are you on about?
Intelligence to appreciate?!
You're a god damn hypocrite! People find inconsistencies with STITD and you blame their intellect? People's opinions (you know, that word you're throwing around) dictate whether they enjoy a film (as you have) or dislike a film (such as myself), not their intelligence!

I personally think BC was the ONLY good part of ITD and the film itself spoils any further need for any sequels (see HISHE - Into Darkness, on YouTube), but for me that seems a good thing due to ITD being so far up its own keister with Abrahams going for the nerdclit (see earlier comment about pointless Khan reveal - also referenced in HISHE).

So Abrahams ruined ITD (IMO).

On BC being a sith, I like the way you think!

Would love BC to play Thrawn. Think that would be a great fit. Just hoping now they go with the Thrawn trilogy.

Ford is too old for Indy now. It's time to change the actor. James Bond did it successfully, there's no reason why Indiana Jones can't kick ass with another actor. Eventhough Ford will always stay the "true" Indy in our hearts.

That would make a great film - maybe start with him waking up and telling whoever he meets for coffee that he had the weirdest dream about an alien skull...and it's a good thing that never happened.

Binary Cumberbot. Awesome!

Hmm. Funny.

If I had to cast Cumberbatch in Star Wars, I’d paint
him blue and put him in Admiral Thrawn’s shoes.

This could be the way forward... instead of casting famous actors as Jedis (which seemed to involve removing any personality they have), they should all be cast as droids.

I reckon they'd film the two back to back, because of the age factor, so he'd be a couple of years younger. IMHO Ford was the only part of Crystal Skull that was firing on all cylinders...

Ford was keen for more Indy as of 1994, IIRC. Lucas was keen to go full sci-fi, Ford and Spielberg weren't. Then in 2005 or so, Spielberg and Ford were happy with Darabont's script but Lucas wasn't.

Difference is that Bond existed as a character before the films were made... Indiana Jones is more of an actor's creation, if you get what I mean...

Why did I say "Intelligence to appreciate" ok I'll put it this way. As someone who grew up watching the re-runs of the original series in the 70's and 80's I was already a Str Trek lover when the first movies came out. The first movie "Star The Motion Picture" was a good movie but "Wrath of Khan" was exceptional, along with "In Search of Spock" I don't believe it's been bettered to this day. The episode of the original series where we first met Khan was particularly good and the continuity and consistency between that and "Wrath of Khan" was excellent, certainly to my young teenage mind.

Now we since the first reboot or alternative timeline episode we have a ripple effect that changes everything and I personally find all the possiblities infinitely fascinating. For the first major change to be that Khan is found in a different timeline and by someone else changes all the potential future actions. Instead of the Botany bay being found during the Enterprises 5 year mission, it's found before by Weller's lunatic Admiral Marcus. Instead of the entire crew being awoken, Weller only awakens Khan, holding Khan's crew hostage so no attempt to take over the Enterprise, no marooning on Khan's crew on Ceti Alpha 5. We also see Kirk meeting Carol Marcus, will they now have a relationship? Will they have a son? Will the Genesis project happen?

For me the questions are endless and intellectually, I thoroughly enjoy trying to figure out what other ripple effects this will cause so I guess that's why I used the phrase "intelligence". I suppose much like I didn't figure out that Keysey Soze was Kevin Spacey until the last second, I was too busy looking at possiblities while others were looking for flaws.

Watching it again I do find Simon Pegg's Scottie a little irritating and the little alien companion he has seems pointless. I love Urban's McCoy and in particular the "enough with the metaphors" tongue in cheek dig at the original. I find Cho's Sulu to be good but not spectacular, I'm too busy drooling to care whether Saldana's Uhuru is faithful and Quinto's Spock is excellent. I'm not a fan of Spock & Uhuru's romance but then I hate romance for the sake of ticking a box. I think Pine's Kirk is as good as you're going to get. it's too much to expect any of them to be perfect copies, nor would I want them to be although Quinto's Spock comes about as close as you're going to get.

As THIMCA rightly reminded me, these are my opinions, I hope I explained the "intellgence" comment, the main thrust of my comments is that so many people are posting the absolute "STITD" was crap/rubbish/[other negative adjective here] but what they fail to add is "IN MY OPINION'. You didn't like it, fine, don't watch the next one. They wouldn't be looking to make another one if this one hadn't been successful and that includes millions of people seeing it more than once and then buying the DVD/BluRay so the very fact that it WAS successful shows that there are millions of people who disgree with you. You have the right to your opinion, they have the right to theirs, what you DON'T have is the right to make your opinion theirs.

FInal note to the Cumberbatch detractors, who would you have cast knowing full well the reaction to poor casting by Sci-Fi fans, considering that Ricardo Montalban was such a strong act to follow? Perhaps you would've stuck with Hispanic and gone for Antontio Banderas? Maybe you would've gone for an actor with Indian heritage to play the role of Khan Noonien Singh? I don't know which way I would've gone if I was the casting director, but I doubt I would've made a better choice.

Will the returning actors play older versions of their previous characters? I hope so. If they attempt to play anything else it will be ridiculous. I would be interested to know where the story might go after Return of the Jedi with these characters.

Wow just made my day. Two of Britians finest in Gary and Benedict, should bring some gravitas to the proceedings. I reallly want a good Indy film as well as ithink he deserves one more swan song so to speal.

Now i would love to see Danny Dyer pacing up and down the Death Star shouting "Im gonna open you up like a tin of beans Darth, me old china" LOL.

People latch onto someone in the spotlight like the drooling leeches they are. They go retarded for them for a while then it eventually tapers off.

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