Exclusive: Star Wars: Episode VII, Indiana Jones 5 update

News Simon Brew 18 Feb 2014 - 13:52

A scale Millennium Falcon is being built at Pinewood, as some staff are being offered 7-year contracts, potentially to include Indy 5

Appreciating that there's no shortage of Star Wars: Episode VII rumours doing the rounds, we've elected not to run the majority of them for reasons of, well, they don't sound too accurate. Likewise, we've been contacted by lots of people who claim to have insider scoops on what's going on, that we haven't run for similar reasons.

This one, however, seems to have more substance to it. It's come from a good, reliable source, and whilst it's still a rumour until all of this is confirmed, we're passing this one on because from what we can tell, there's something to this one.

There's been a security clampdown in the prop shop at Pinewood Studios, but we now understand that work is afoot on building a full, scale Millennium Falcon there. Furthermore, model makers are also building lightsaber hilts. This would tie into reports that the emphasis is going to be on practical, rather than computer effects wherever possible with future Star Wars films.

Also, we now understand that model makers on the Star Wars project are being recruited on up to seven year contracts, which cover three sequels and three spin-offs.

There's one more thing too, and we went back to double check this point with our source. The planning office is listing which stages are booked in advance, and for what film. Listed on those plans - before Christmas at least - was Indiana Jones 5.

To address the Indiana Jones point specifically: work on that has been mooted as a possible job as part of those long-term contracts. It's very much being described as a "possible lead in to another Indy", but nothing more than that.

Just because space has been booked well in advance doesn't mean that the film will happen of course. Still, we've sat on this information since before Christmas, and it would at least tie into what Alan Horn of Disney said in December, that the next Indiana Jones film - to which Disney now holds full rights - is many years off. It would make sense to include it as part of a bulk LucasFilm booking at Pinewood (considering the firm's commitment to and investment in UK facilities), just to be on the safe side (and it'd bring the rate down, we'd imagine).

Thus, six Star Wars films there seems definite (and ties into ILM opening a facility in London, as was reported last week), with Indiana Jones a possibility as part of the LucasFilm investment in the UK.

Regular readers will know we rarely break stories like this, because we do like to tread carefully. All of this may yet be disproved, but it's information we've received and passed on in good faith. More as we get it.

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This is where the fun begins.

I really hope they genuinely are focussing more on practical vfx than cgi.. obviously cgi will play a large part but it has the tendency to overshadow most big-budget movies and make them feel cold and unreal. A nice LOTR-type mix would be perfect.

Hmmmmm.....I've just found out I might have to do a bit at work at Pinewood soon. Wonder what their security is like?

While I'm warming to the idea of Star Wars VII-IX, please just let the Indiana Jones film series die already. It's done. If you're going to carry it on, get TellTale to make some Indiana Jones adventure games.

Star Wars is fun, but new Indiana Jones movies would be even more exciting. As long as they don't put anymore Sci-Fi junk or out of space nonsense. Leave that for Star Wars. Indiana Jones should only be about lost cities and historical artifacts.

Oh God. That Millennium Falcon news is making me awfully excited. However, the idea of a fifth Indiana Jones is making me want to kick myself in the face.

So looking forward to seeing the Falcan in action again. I've got a feeling I've not had since.... flares and tank tops were cool.

I agree, the last Indy movie actually started really well. The look and feel of it was amazing... then he got in the fridge!

I'm trying to resist a lens flare joke...

"building a full, scale Millennium Falcon there". Im guessing that comma is important - a full scale Millennium Falcon would be some achievement, whereas a full, scale Millennium Falcon is a bit more do-able!

Like Clint Eastwood administering the Heimlich manoeuvre, you'd best just accept it will probably happen whether you want or need it to. Although I would be more interested in Indy V if someone like Tom Stoppard got involved with the script like he did with Last Crusade, and keep Lucas far, far away from it as possible.

I'm ecstatic about the fact that a full scale Millennium Falcon is being built! Also glad to hear about Indy 5! "This will be a day long remembered."

You're not the worker we were looking for, move along

Hopefully the security guards will be weak minded fools

As an Indiana Jones fan, it still hurts when i think about that scene. Never thought i would ever feel crushed after watching a movie as i did with Indy 4.

Its a JJ Abrams film. They'll be lots of lens flare!

You not the only one, look what happened to Shia!!!

"Furthermore, model makers are also building lightsaber hilts."


The fridge really wasn't the worst part of that movie.

Hell, I hated the THIRD Indiana Jones film. "Temple of Doom" was the last film where Spielberg was a rebel. Post ToD, he's become a craftsman.

TK421 Why arnet you at your post? TK421 do you copy?

The outside of the MF for the filming of "A New Hope" was Full Scale AFAIK.

Yes the force can have a strong influence on those

The only Indiana Jones film I could stomach at this point is a Lego one. But if they do make it and there was a scene where Shibe LaBeef gets brutally killed, I would go immediately to the cinema and watch it.

Both Indy and Star Wars ended at the third film. End of.

Hugh Jackman for Indiana Jones PLEASE!

Plot twist: It's for the fifth Indy movie. :-p

Didn't say it was. For me it was the start of the movies decline. Like I said, I loved the opening scene... then he got in the fridge!

Revenge of the Sith?

I see what you did there.

I fear after watching LEGO Star Wars with my two year old son, I can never take seriously 'proper' Star Wars again. It takes the p*ss quite exquisitely out of Star Wars.

I thought the very first shot of Indy 4 ruined it for me with the Paramount logo turning into a CGI prairie dog hill. I still remember the groans in the Cinema when that happened! What happened to the real locations? I remember how producer Frank Marshall explained in a documentary what a nightmare it was to find a real mountain that look similar to the Paramount logo for Raiders. Shame how much movie making has changed. I hope the new Star Wars movie goes back to the old fashioned way, which they seem to be. I think Kathleen Kennedy has her head screwed on and wants to reward the fans for the mistakes of the Star Wars prequels with real techniques than too much CGI.

as long as the new indiana jones dosnt include aliens and
Shia LaBeouf as his son!

I'm sorry guys. I'm just not interested in Star Wars or Indy anymore. It's just so old & tired. I just saw the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Now that looks amazing. It's fresh & exciting. My money is with them. Don't get me wrong. If you believe they can give Star Wars a new lease of life then great. But it's not for me. I want that feeling you only get with something new. Something you can't think up a better idea than the actual people making the movie. You know what I'm talking about. Check out the Guardians trailer if you haven't seen it yet.

i wonder how the new indiana jones film will be. but unless they get Harrison Ford in it it will probably suck the big one.

Exciting, but these really aren't spoilers.The lightsaber hilts were also practical in Episodes 1 - 3. And if Han Solo is going to be in Episode 7, its logical that the Millennium Falcon would be making an appearance.

It can't be worse than the 4th one.

You're not old. You're just realising that those films you loved as a kid...aren't actually fantastically good films. Enjoyable, yes, a work of cinematic creativity, yes....technically brilliant...not so much.

I'd like to agree, but to be totally honest I'd rather not find out. Imagine if it was worse!

The thought of the Falcon returning to the big screen gave me a wee tingle that I hadn't experienced since I saw the trailer for Ep 1. Please don't suck.

Harrison ford i think could do one more film, think of the fifth indy as passing the torch, but im cringing on the idea of the torch being handed to shia, i means, hes a good actor, but him becoming the new indy....well unsure

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