Jason Flemyng, Matt Smith linked with Star Wars: Episode VII

News Simon Brew 21 Nov 2013 - 06:45
The Star Wars logo.

Two more names are linked to JJ Abrams' upcoming Star Wars film: one with proof, one without...

The queue of actors who have been in to read, audition and meet for Star Wars: Episode VII has at least one more name to be added, possibly two.

We'll do the definite one first. X-Men: First Class star Jason Flemyng posted on Instagram a picture of a red document with a beer on top. The caption? "Pint of Stella and 'Star Wars' script! That's me sorted till 5!".

You'll not be surprised to hear that said picture has since been taken down from Instagram. You'll also not be surprised to hear that said picture seemed to have appeared in a trillion or two places before it was removed...

And then the name that's more rumour-based, and doesn't come with a picture of the Star Wars script. Bleeding Cool is reporting that Matt Smith has had a meeting about Star Wars: Episode VII. No idea whether it's an audition, or just popping along for a chat. Perhaps biscuits. Again, we'd label this with a heavy rumour disclaimer. But it seemed rude not to pass the story on.

As we hear more on Star Wars: Episode VII, we'll let you know...

Bleeding Cool.

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I'd like to think JJ was browsing Den Of Geek last week when I posted this pic and was inspired...
Yes, that's the only explanation for it :-)

My goodness! I rember that post! They need to make this happen!



No Matt needs to be in fantastical beasts and where to find them :)

I wear a bath robe now, bath robes are cool.

Matt Smith in Star Wars is fan wank speculation so personally I think there is zero chance of that happening.

Jason Flemyng posting that picture (and presumably getting caught by Lucasfilm/Disney) means there's zero chance of him being in it either.

Enjoy the click / hit count from this story though... Should pay for advertising for a while.


If you want some silly over acting, then Matt Smith makes a great choice.

If you strike me down, I shall become Peter Capaldi.

Careful, George might get the urge to shoehorn David Tennant into the original trilogy.

And anyway, aren't you getting a bit off topic. GOLDBLUM!

Seriously though, how could Jeff Goldblum not be in this? He literally screams, wise mysterious old Jedi.
Do the right thing JJ.

I hope this means Abrams is keeping the Imperial officers English. Star Wars wouldn't be the same without it.

I totally agree. Matt Smith has sadly not lived up to the promise of his first season as far as I am concerned. And seeing poor old Paul McGanns brilliant short turn as the Doctor just blew him away like a lightweight piece of fluff.

Thing is I don't really have high hopes for Capaldi either. Simply because of the fact that I cant see him sticking with it for very long, I am betting he only does one season like Ecclestone, or maybe two, and the work load being too much and the fact that he is not a "pretty boy" might scare some of the wider audience away, and all the stupid breaks and gap years and shorter seasons etc will probably end up hurting the show even more.

Yeah, presuming that picture is genuine, why on Earth would you post something like that? If I were in that position I wouldn't even tell my best friends. Didn't Saorsie Ronan basically imply that she had destroyed her chance at a role for even discussing it in an interview?

Jason Flemyng... what an utter moron. I can only assume he's a lightweight and that Stella got him a bit tipsy.

Jammy Dodgers - now that's what Star Wars needs........

Personally I think Matt Smith could be a great Sith Lord. He has done really well with the doctor's darker side.

I highly doubt that Jason Flemying would be able to take a script page and tootle down to the pub, what with JJ Abrams and his secrecy issues

hmmm... now I've thought about it for a bit I'd quite like to hear Darth Vader voiced by Tom Baker.

I could see that. Good call Sir.

"Our first catch of ze day"

I say, I say, I say... shouldn't that be a pint of INTER-stella and Star Wars! Thank you.
(My work here is done).

The only quote I can find was 'I don't have 'Star Wars', I don't have the role, I just shouldn't have said anything. I just auditioned for it, like everyone else did."'
I took that to mean she shouldn't have got herself (and anyone else) excited at the prospect, or that she jinxed it by talking about it. I didn't think it meant she lost the part because she didn't keep it a secret.

Fair enough - I was just speculating and perhaps read too much into the comment. I have no idea if such a thing would actually happen.

It's not "yay". It is spelt "yea".

There goes Jason Flemyng's chance to be in the next Star Wars film.

Like you know how to fish.

Unless you want to say 'Yay', in which case it's spelt 'Yay'.

yay (jeɪ/) exclamation informal
exclamation: yay
expressing triumph, approval, or encouragement.
"Yay! Great, Julie!"

Also, it is spelled "yeah".

I alway say and text yay! Yeah is totally different as is yea! As im not American the othere two dont fillter into my vocabulary very often. Its the same with arse and ass , always go with the arse!

i reckon a senior imperial dude, can see him on a bridge akin to The Executer's

"Use the, uh, force"

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