Jason Flemyng, Matt Smith linked with Star Wars: Episode VII

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21 Nov 2013 - 06:45
The Star Wars logo.

Two more names are linked to JJ Abrams' upcoming Star Wars film: one with proof, one without...

The queue of actors who have been in to read, audition and meet for Star Wars: Episode VII has at least one more name to be added, possibly two.

We'll do the definite one first. X-Men: First Class star Jason Flemyng posted on Instagram a picture of a red document with a beer on top. The caption? "Pint of Stella and 'Star Wars' script! That's me sorted till 5!".

You'll not be surprised to hear that said picture has since been taken down from Instagram. You'll also not be surprised to hear that said picture seemed to have appeared in a trillion or two places before it was removed...

And then the name that's more rumour-based, and doesn't come with a picture of the Star Wars script. Bleeding Cool is reporting that Matt Smith has had a meeting about Star Wars: Episode VII. No idea whether it's an audition, or just popping along for a chat. Perhaps biscuits. Again, we'd label this with a heavy rumour disclaimer. But it seemed rude not to pass the story on.

As we hear more on Star Wars: Episode VII, we'll let you know...

Bleeding Cool.

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