Lucasfilm releases rare Star Wars blooper reel

News Simon Brew
30 Oct 2013 - 08:52
The Star Wars logo.

A blooper reel from the original Star Wars films? It's found its way out of the Lucasfilm vault...

Now this is fun. From the deep recesses of the Lucasfilm archives comes a blooper real from the making of the original Star Wars films. It's a fun video, that's deliberately without sound on the first few clips (and one of the later ones).

It's been released to tie into the enhanced edition release of The Making Of Star Wars book, which you can find here, and for a franchise that began to take itself incredibly seriously from the late 90s, it's a refreshing reminder of just how fun it all was.

So, in lieu of any new details on Star Wars: Episode VII, why not treat yourself to a gander at this. Er, if you've not already seen it on one of the other 58358392 websites that have posted it...

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