LucasFilm releases first Revenge Of The Jedi trailer

Trailer Simon Brew
24 Oct 2013 - 07:02

That's not a typo: here's the trailer for when Return Of The Jedi was Revenge Of The Jedi...

Over the last couple of Wednesdays, LucasFilm and Disney have been releasing the very first trailers for Star Wars films. And they're done it again, this time for Episode VI of the saga, Return Of The Jedi.

That said, this is a trailer back when the film was originally called Revenge Of The Jedi, before George Lucas decided to change the movie's name. So you get the old name, and the old logo for it too.

It does all beg the question as to what will be released next Wednesday, and if Disney/LucasFilm is planning on something special for October 30th. It's probably too much to hope for some kind of substantive Episode VII announcement/teaser/anything really, but you never know. At some point, the cat has to come out of the proverbial bag...

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