Sahara Desert about to cover Star Wars Tatooine set

News Simon Brew 21 Oct 2013 - 06:47

The Tunisian set of Mos Espa, used by George Lucas in the Star Wars prequels, doesn't have too long left...

Back when he was making Star Wars, George Lucas opted to build the world of Tatooine in Tunisia, in the midst of the Sahara Desert. Once filming was completed, the set that comprised the town of Mos Espa was left behind, where it's become a regularly visited tourist attraction. However, CNN is reporting that Mos Espa - and Tatooine - is on the verge of disappearing into the desert forever.

The set features 20 buildings, and was used for The Phantom Menace and Attack Of The Clones. It's been left standing for over ten years since if was last used by Lucas, but has been left vulnerable due to being surrounded by sand dunes. CNN reports that those dunes are moving at a rate of 4cm a day, and as such, the set is soon going to be lost. Of more pressing concern to the area is that the daily procession of tourists is likely to be lost with it.

You can read the full piece at CNN at the link at the bottom of the page, and if you were planning on making Mos Espa a holiday destination, it's best to move sooner rather than later.

As an aside, it can't just be us thinking that some archaeologist in 500 years' time or something is going to have their mind just a little bit blown trying to explain their latest find...


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So...go and clean it up, local Tunisian people who rely on it for tourism?

What's with the horribly bad acting in 6 movies?

The dunes will move in and cover it. But the dunes, as they always do, will keep moving and one day it will be uncovered again.

Why not take a moment to appreciate how nature works instead of the tiresome fanboy hate?

you do realise how big and unstoppable sand dunes are, right?

Let the sand bury the place, it will confuse the hell out of some archaeological types a few thousand years in the future!

"Storm's coming up, Annie, you'd better get home quick."

I wonder if Disney will put up any money to save this site?

That would be funny. There will be a writer like Eric von Daniken or Graham Hancock, writing books that ancient human civilizations were influenced by alien cultures. AND HERES THE PROOF!

The Dune vs Star Wars battle continues.

"My name is George Lucas, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

Wow. A set from a crappy movie is going to be destroyed by time.

I wonder will people from 500 year far future will find our movies boring? will they even watch movies as form of art? we are wery lucky that we live in time where we need to see "only" 100+ years of cultural heritage. Imagine how "must watch" movies people will need to see in year 2300?

Frank Herrbert gets his revenge...but at what cost?!?

500 years from now, Disney will still be milking Star Wars for everything it's got. They'll use the discovery to launch another series of spin-offs.

Did any of you lot see that documentary on the Sahara and how the sand dunes move like a slow-moving wave? Unstoppable. And for any of you guys thinking that the locals can stop it just look at Sahara's moments over about a year with a fast motion capture camera and see if it really IS possible.

Too bad it won't swallow up all the copies of the Prequel Trilogy... wait, what if George Lucas has hidden all the original edits of the original Star Wars in that place? So no one will EVER seen an special untampered re-release of the Original Trilogy!

Our friend the Sahara just wants to make sure it doesn't get used in the coming crappy Sequels, is all.

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