Star Wars: Episode VII to be shot on film

News Simon Brew
23 Aug 2013 - 06:47
The Star Wars logo.

George Lucas shot the last three Star Wars films on digital. JJ Abrams will be shooting his first one on film...

Here's an interesting development. George Lucas notably shot his prequel trilogy of Star Wars films, from The Phantom Menace through to Revenge Of The Sith, in digital. But in a further sign that the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII will be taking a different path, it's been revealed that the new film will be reverting back to shooting on physical film.

The news popped up over at The Boba Fett Fan Club, where it reported that Dan Mindel will be shooting the film for JJ Abrams, and will be shooting it on Kodak film stock 5219. They picked up the news from an event held in the ASC Club House in Los Angeles.

Details on Star Wars: Episode VII remain sketchy, although we're expecting an announcement that puts pieces into place before the end of the year. The film starts shooting in 2014, ahead of its 2015 release date.

The Boba Fett Fan Club.

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