Confirmed: Carrie Fisher back for Star Wars

News Simon Brew 6 Mar 2013 - 06:33

Princess Leia will definitely be returning for Star Wars: Episode VII, says Carrie Fisher.

As JJ Abrams puts the finishing touches to his new film, Star Trek Into Darkness, the pieces are gradually sliding into place for his next. Once he's done with Star Trek, of course, he's off to make Star Wars: Episode VII, for which Michael Arndt has been penning a script.

Inevitably, solid concrete cast and story details are very thin on the ground. But there does now appear to be one firm piece of casting news we can bank on: Carrie Fisher has confirmed that she'll be in the movie.

She was asked by Palm Beach Illustrated if she would be reprising the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode VII, and she replied with a straight "yes". When asked what she thought Leia would be like now, Fisher said "I just think she would be just like she was before, only slower and less inclined to be up for the big battle".

If Fisher is confirmed, that we'd imagine that confirmation of Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford's involvement can't be too far behind. More news on Star Wars: Episode VII as we get it...

Palm Beach Illustrated.

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Harrison ford is already confirmed...

A most welcome return for the baddest, feistiest princes in the whole goddamned galaxy!!!!!

i dont know about that gold bikini now...

Why, you stuck up, half-witted... scruffy-looking... Nerf herder!

The fact that Ford and Fisher are back already means this film will be great as their characters actually had personality which is what was missing from ALL the 3 prequels.

Uber LOL!

Where is proof of this?

Cool. Just as long as there's no minibar ...

Just because she says its so, doesn't make it so. However I would like nothing more than to see the 4 original (best?) cast - including Chewie - come back, even if it were in cameo roles but preferably main characters supplementing a younger generation leading up to episodes 8 & 9.. I'm not a major Star Wars fan boy but that I would love to see!

Doesn't mean it will be great. Sure the characters were good but they have all aged 30 years since ROTJ. Harrison Ford is now 70 which is older than Guiness was in the original films. Ford is also well past his prime acting-wise. Hamill and Fisher aren't any better, both about 60. I really hope they aren't main characters. It will be Star Wars with pensioners, not the way I think Star Wars should go.

Hardly confirmed, it's only confirmed if the studio/director/producer announce it.

Oddly enough Ive aged right along with Mrs. Fischer, so with a dietitian and a few months of P90X, the worlds best makeup and f/x I can say thumbs up to that gold bikini! I mean today even the most naturally beautiful women are photoshopped to hell...

5 - Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian! :)

I sort of agree. I dont know what it is about Carrie Fisher, but she seems to be all over the place regarding StarWars. In interviews she sometimes comes across as a right bitch and seems to hate it, then in others she is very nice and praises it! What is it going to be Carrie????????

Harrison Ford is past it well and truly. As well as past it in the acting stakes. Mark Hamil looks very odd now too. I dont know whats going on with his face, its either plastic surgery gone wrong or something to do with weight gain, but he looks very bloated and toad like. I know they have aged a lot over the years, but time has been very unkind to these three its sad.

If you think about it Starwars was filmed over 1976 so if they start filming next year thats 38 years since they did the first one. My God...I feel old just thinking about it. They could only get away with it as grandparents, elder statesmen, Jedi sages etc....

I figured she'd be coming back, but only to play a younger version of yoda.

Oh god! Please don't put her in the slave outfit.

Not sure what 'past his prime acting-wise' means... How can one be too old to act, assuming they've still got all their mental faculties? As long as the characters are written as age-appropriate, then I don't see what the problem is.

Im not convinced. Maybe as a cameo but I think too many original characters, especially those not part of the original family tree might dilute the importance of a new generation.

Yeah, and Ford still has more energy in his left pinky than the entirety of the Episode 1-3 cast combined. Your point?

I meant that he can't do the same parts that he once could. His acting range is more limited.

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