Star Wars: Han Solo and Boba Fett movies coming?

News Simon Brew 7 Feb 2013 - 07:54
Han Solo

Yoda may have to wait, as potential Han Solo and Boba Fett Star Wars movies might just be in the works...

Well blimey. Just when you think the Star Wars rumour mill has taken a week or two off, it’s been quite a busy few days again.

Yesterday, we reported (along with most of the Internet) that Disney's head honcho Bob Iger had confirmed some standalone Star Wars films, in addition to Episodes VII, VIII and IX. Earlier in the week, the rumour was that it was a Yoda movie that was in the works. Turns out, some other characters may yet be jumping the queue.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that potential spin-off projects in the works at Disney/Lucasfilm centre around a young Han Solo movie (set between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope), and a separate adventure about Boba Fett.

Can we start the Nathan Fillion for Han Solo campaign yet?

Mind you, don’t expect anything to happen soon. Further reports suggest that lots of ideas are inevitably being kicked around the towers of Lucasfilm, and it’ll be a while yet before it’s confirmed just which spin-off movies are pressing ahead. There’s the small matter of getting Episode VII up and running first, after all…


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I'm a big Fillion fan, surely too old to play a young solo though. Ryan Gosling would make a great Solo though. I've seen publicity photos of the boy (now man) who played young Fett wearing the Armour would they use him again, or would they want a big name?

Chris Pine as Han Solo for me. His Captain Kirk WAS Han Solo in the last Star Trek film.

Yeah - Fillon is now 6 years older than Ford was when the first SW film came out in 77. However - he could play him in adventures set between ANH and ESB

Wow! Disney really are going to churn out any old rubbish to make as much money as possible from this Valuable Brand :(

Why was Boba Fett ever cool? There was never much of him and then he wound up defeated in an embarrassing way (like his Dad before him).

Sylvester Stallone as Boba Fett, just because we know the helmet is coming off, that thought leads me straight to Karl Urban, who would be great. I have to say though that JJ Abrams is usually pretty good with his casting choices so if he has any hand in this I would not be too worried about the casting.

Was he ever cool? Yeah! In Empire he was a badass. Not many lines, cool ship, very mysterious. Not in the Prequils where he was just a stupid kid of a more stupid clone.

Any takers for Shia LaBoeuf as Han Solo, Jr...?

Two words: Jet Pack.

Or is it one word?? :)

I wonder how long it will take Disney to bleed literally every drop of money out of the franchise.

with CGI baby wookies, and there will definitely be aliens in it too.

I think Karl Urban would make a good young Han Solo, but Nathan Fillion is a great shout.

I'd be quite glad if they did drop the Yoda film. Yoda is great as a side character but I'm not sure I could handle a whole film of his back-to-front interpretation of English!

Han Solo would be a very safe play from Disney and would put bums on seats surely. I really like Drquackus's call for Chris Pine. Could be a great fit!

Please resist any temtation to cast Temuera Morrison as the Fett.

Shia LaBoeuf could probably fit in somewhere in a Stars Wars film but definitely not as Han Solo.

A Han Solo film could be awesome. It could start out as him watching the Empire Rise, and then as it gets older we could see him become a smuggler, maybe working for Lando to begin with and then eventually winning the Millennium Falcon.
I'm not sure who could play him but Nathan Fillion would definitely be too old.

Boba Fett's dad was NOT a clone. He was the one who the clones were cloned FROM. So Boba Fett is a clone, his dad was not.

Sorry to sound like a moron.

Words cannot express how God-awful these ideas are or how awful these movies will be. I will be voting with my feet/wallet and refusing to watch them.

Colin Farrell for Han Solo.

He's got the charm and character to pull it off.

It starts and ends with the helmet. The design is simple yet hyper complex, the color scheme key. The fact he was there to only hunt humans and aliens making him an anti-hero doesn't hurt either.

If we are on the topic of characters being cool, Yoda. Dude never gave a solid answer to anyone, never won a lightsaber battle of mention then bounced when to going got tough.

That's a little narrow-minded, they could turn out to be awesome

I'd much rather the film makers resisted the temptation to include him at all.

And Ray Winstone as Jabba the Hutt...

Like Nathan Fillon, mentioned elsewhere in this forum, Farrell is older now than Ford was at the time of making A New Hope so a prequel starring Farrell would not work.

Not long by the sounds of it....

I dont think it would be Shia....What has happened to him anyway? A couple of years ago he was everywhere, and now he has dropped off the map. After Transformers 3 what else has he been in? Anyone?

Lol...Ray Winstone...He is too thin to be Jabba..have you seen the state of him in the Sweeny?

Ummmm... Han Solo at this point would be early 20s at the oldest. Most of the actors you're mentioning are older than Ford was in the original.

Yeah, screw you Disney! I've lived for years thinking I would never see a new star wars movie again, and now your promising loads of them, you bandits! Just out to take our money in exchange for what? A Han Solo movie? A BobaFett movie? Who the hell would want to see... what? really? Han Solo and Boba Fett movies? Ah feck it, count me in!

No I never saw The Sweeney. I'll stick with the TV series thanks.

Lawless? I think that's the sum of his post Transformers career

Would love it if the Han Solo films were based on the Brian Daley books - none of the EU got Solo as right as these.

I can't wait for episode xxxivxivvx Salacious Crumb strikes back..


There was one line I remember fondly, when Han goes into the lobby of a very posh hotel and "makes himself look as scruffy as possible."

Brian knew Han better than Lucas.

The Sarlacc's pit springs to mind.

The only person in the entire OT to talk back to Darth Vader.

Can't be any worse than the prequels.

In the original series, he was the one character that held onto the mystery surrounding him. That allowed people to create their own backstory for him ( before the expanded universe that is ) and that made him cool.

Yoda is absolutely the worst Jedi ever.

He sends Luke off to face the Emperor and never once mentioned Force Lighting.

" More fun if a surprise it be"

Worst Jedi ever.

How about Vin Diesel as Bobba Fett? Works for me.

say No! to Nathan Fillion!

i just don't get it. Every time a new sci-fi movie turns up, all we get is "please let Nathan Fillion be the lead role!"


Maybe Stallone could play Boba and never wear the helmet?

It's more cycnical than narrow-minded really. I don't think Disney care about the integrity of the franchise, they just think they bought a licence to print money (and they're probably right). I don't care about these character's secret/hidden/unwritten origins, they're superfluous to requirements. Better left alone in my eyes. They won't marry up with the originals, or the prequels or probably even the expanded universe stuff in a way that'll satisfy anybody. Like I said: I won't bother.

Oh man this just keeps getting better and better.

And I thought the "Clone Wars" cartoon was bad.

It's like dessing up a dead whore in a horse costume and beating her.

Exactly right. There's no need to explore these characters' back stories. Better left alone.

YES!!! Heheh...I always wondered how he managed to NOT slice his own ears off with that lighsaber in Attack of the Clowns. I mean look at him..his ears stick right out over his shoulders, he brings that lighsaber up and its getting damned close....

Yes thats the best thing TO do. It was a terrible film. It looked like a TV special. And Ray Winstone must have been about 20 stone in weight, wheezing and unhealthy looking. And he is supposed to be a hardcore copper, and he can not even walk up stairs without gasping for breath.

Then there is the love angle with him copping off with a girl young enough to be his grand daughter, and seeing him in a set of hideous underwear with a zepplin belly hanging over the top has put me off him for life.

I just could not live with myself if I got that fat, and I would do something about it for the sake of my own health if nothing else. He just looks so unhealthy, and when you look at how cool and hard and active he was in Robin of Sherwood as Will Scarlet, its such a shame...getting old is terrible....

That's something I don't want to even imagine, let alone see...!
Robin of Sherwood though; *that* was a show (yeah that's a tad off topic but still...)

Nathan Fillion? Han Solo? Nah. Has to be Micheal Weatherly in my book.

I never understood either... He appears 3 minutes and dies very easily. Yet is a fan favourite, don't understand.

Anyone ever read the boba books? Effin bad A. Hint Boba didnt die in the pit, he shot his way out. I can't wait! Boba rules and I don't understand how George never knew it.

He didn't die in the pit. Read the books. There is a whole series about the bounty hunters of star wars

Jet pack, bad A helmet, rocket launcher on back, missiles shoot from wrist, net shoots from wrist, flame thrower from wrist, fastest ship in the uni. Cold blooded attitude. He didn't die in the pit.

The mandalorian armor star wars the bounty hunter wars. Check out the books if you like Boba Fett.

Shia LaBouf did not die in the Sarlacc's pit?

You need to read the comment I was responding to.

Haha get it. My bad. I thought you meant they couldn't do it because he fell in the pit. But what you meant was we should throw Shia labouf into the sarlacc pit. This is an interesting idea and I think the government should consider it.

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