Disney confirms standalone Star Wars movies

News Simon Brew 6 Feb 2013 - 06:54
The Star Wars logo.

As well as Episodes VII to IX, Disney confirms that standalone Star Wars movies are actively being worked on...

There's going to be no shortage of Star Wars films in cinemas over the next decade or so, as Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger has confirmed some of the studio's plans for the franchise.

Talking to CNBC, Iger reiterated that the plan is to still make a new trilogy of movies, Episodes VII through to IX, "roughly over a six year period of time, starting in 2015". Recent reports have suggested that director JJ Abrams hasn't committed to a 2015 release for Episode VII, but we'd be surprised if the movie arrived later than that.

Iger also confirmed though the growing rumours about further Star Wars movies. "There has been speculation about some standalone films that are in development", he said. "I can confirm to you today that we are working on a few standalone films. Larry Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are both working on films derived from great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga".

That suggests that the rumour we reported yesterday, of a possible standalone Yoda movie, might just be on the money.

It also sounds as if Disney is looking to release a Star Wars movie a year (or thereabouts), possibly following the kind of template that Fox is gradually mapping out with its X-Men features. When any further films are confirmed, we'll let you know...


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Wouldn't it be cool to see a Star Wars film from the perspective of the Empire during the events of the original trilogy? Maybe it could focus on the spies who tries to infilterate the Empire from within. A kind of cat and mouse game of deception, just like in Scorcese's 'The Departed'...but with blasters.

The only stand alone SW movies I would be interested in would be an Old Republic movie or a Shadows of the Empire movie (although most of the cast are too old for this now) I also wouldn't mind a film based on the Force Unleashed games. Sam Witwer is still knocking about so Starkiller's role would be sorted. Can you imagine seeing someone bringing down a star destroyer just by using force powers on the big screen? That was epic in the game.

Wow. They are milking this for every penny.

As long as there is a 10 minute 'death of jar-jar' scene I'll be happy.

Ofcourse, ofcourse.

You don't make back $4+ billion by respecting and taking care of Star Wars.

You make it back by milking it and raping it for all its worth.

Anyone could have seen this.

Oh but George Lucas was the bad guy whoring his creation, right?

The funny thing is, the people who were hating on George for so long, will now be much kinder to him. Ha!

Sounds like the approach with the Marvel films.

They really need to strip back the Jedi's powers. Lucas went completely over the top with the prequels. In the original films a Jedi had to concentrate and focus to move an object with the force. Even the great Yoda seemed to struggle to lift Luke's X-wing out of the swamp. Being able to bring down a Star Destroyer with the force is just ridiculous. If you could do this, why bother with a light sabre? Just use the force to crush your enemies like a empty can or pick them up and drop them off a cliff. Also, please, make the sabre duels more minimalist and less like an 80s ninja film!

Wow! This is going to be worse than what George did! RIP Star Wars!!!

Talk about market saturation! Am still looking forward to the new trilogy though. I remember being a kid in the late 80s/ early 90s and all I had to watch Star Wars were vhs recordings from telly showings of the original trilogy and the only Star Wars toys you could get at the time were second hand ones at car boot sales. Times had to change of course but it was special that time to me where you had to dig a little deeper to get your Star Wars fix.

Bringing down a star destroyer? What are you talking about? Did we watch different movies, or is this something from the cartoons??

It's fascinating to read some of these comments...

The same people who complained about there being no Star Wars for 16 years are now saying there's too much.

The same people who wanted someone else to take the lead other than George Lucas are now dismissing the films as a bad job, which are, as wished for, being run by someone else, before they've even started shooting.

I guess some people just like to complain - makes me wonder if they are actually hoping it will be bad just to prove them right.

Here's hoping there's a Silacious Crumb movie on the way. I've just realised, as I typed that, I'm only half joking...

Well why not, they did pay a mint for it. Besides if you want to blame someone then blame the audience; having been made accustomed to the 'reboot/reimagining' thing sine Planet of the Apes, we now are happy to suck up recycled ideas in our droves.

See Kenny Frankland's comment earlier

Hear hear! Quit moaning and wait for it to come out before passing judgement!

I approached each of the last trilogy with hope that they would be better than the last and, although none of the new three were as good as any of the old three, they did improve.

How about giving Disney and Abrams the chance to impress us - and if they do a bad job then the film, and its makers, are fair game - until then, voice concerns but don't write them off.

Oh yeah baby. Could team up Crumb with Sy Snootles on a crazy trans-Tatooine road movie along the lines of Easy Rider

I'd actually be interested in seeing a Pulp Fiction style anthology of different tales from around the SW universe - which all merge into one common story by the end. There are plenty of characters to choose from in Jabba's palace alone, never mind the rest of the universe...

Unless it's a movie about the Max Rebo band getting back together in an effort to save their orphanage, I'm not interested.

I love the idea of more movie releases which pepper the continuation of the main story with some spin-offs.

What I'd prefer to see though is new characters who may seed their own franchise after 7-9 are complete rather than JUST giving established background characters their own films.

Look at the success of the SAGA comic book and tell me that couldn't work in the Star Wars universe (okay the mature aspect could be a problem but it shows an appetite).

The only stumbling block could be how Marvel's GOTG movie pans out. It could change the game for space operas in the way Avengers did for team-hero movies. If it takes off and Abrams misjudges the tone (GOTG will be out well before Star Wars and possibly too late for them to adapt) he could have his first big flop.

The Star Wars universe is ripe for standalone movies ever since Splinter in the Minds Eye in the late 70's there have been spin off books, video games, and graphic novels that had little to do with the original film stories and would be perfect for adapting into movies. George Lucas himself had a disastrous attempt at spin-off films with those bloody awful Ewok movies. Disney do not need any more colossal Sci Fi film flops like John Carter and I think they will be respectful of the source material and it goes to show with the calibre of directors that were being bandied about that they are going to invest talent into the franchise. It will be treated as a cash cow but I believe that there is plenty of good stuff to milk from it.

It sounds like a small matter but one thing I would dearly love to see is for Star Wars return to models for space battles. As spectacular as the opening scenes of Episode III were, they didn't have a certain tangible quality that those in IV,V or VI did.

I doubt that will happen though.

Think of how many talented filmmakers out there would give their right nut to be given the opportunity to do a Star Wars film ESP one that focuses on one particular character or theme. Add to that all the great actors who would also love to be in one. There may be some good some bad but some blindingly brilliant Star Wars films ahead of us. I personally think a Yoda film is a no- brainer and If a choice of filmmaker like say Ang Lee who does depth of character fantastically were to do it we are in for a treat!

Only if we get Donald Glover as a young Lando Calrissian!

a shitty idea i think this is, hate prequels i do

Boba fett movie on its way too i reckon.

Yoda, Chewie & Boba Fett are obvious choices (being fan favourites) but there are plenty of other character who could make for interesting films: Admiral Ackbar, Tarkin, Jabba the Hutt , the oft mentioned (but never seen) Bothan spies, Count Dooku etc...

But I think the film I would be more interested in than any of those would be 'Young Lando' - which would, of course, feature his adventures in the Falcon and possibly how he lost it to Han and took over Bespin.

Let the Ewoks be though - they had their spin off films and series in the 80s!

This could go either way.

The best Clone Wars episodes are the stories set in the star wars universe that utilize the setting brilliantly and are both fresh and new but also at the same time call back to the Star Wars films we all know and love.

The worst Clone Wars episodes are the ones that've been written into a corner by the immense history of the Star Wars universe and feel too rigidly stuck in the rules of George Lucas' world (prequels).

With the right people this could be great. It's a shame that if it fails we can't just wait a few weeks for a new story to start over like in the (animated) TV series.

How about the story of a young teenage boy (new character) who dreams of one day running away for a life of action and adventure and then finally his application to the academy is accepted and we follow his trials and tribulations as he goes to boot camp and learns how to become a Stormtrooper and has his first taste of action in the field (be it Tatooine, the Death Star, Hoth or Endor) but the twist is, like All Quiet on the Western Front, from his perspective he is the good guy.

I really can't see what people are moaning about. More Star Wars films, along with standalone movies, can only be good for us. We all love Star Wars so new movies are something to look forward to! Yes, the Original Trilogy will always be the best - but no ones seen the new ones yet, so why not hold back on the moaning until at least they've been viewed! For all we know the new trilogy will be better (I can hear the fanboys shouting at their computer screens)?! I personally can't wait for everything Star Wars to be released - after a massive gap between the two trilogies, and no hope of anything post ROTS till recently, I'm now very excited to see what a new generation of film makers has in store for the Star Wars universe - and for us!

If we are going down the origins route (I really don't mind more films - If the film's good I'll go see it, if the film's bad... I'll still go see it!) I reckon Darth Maul would be an interesting choice. Best thing about TPM was waiting for his battle with the Jedi at the end.

I've read the book but it wasn't amazing so would like something new.

Unfortunately, what I'd like is an 18 rated, dark, bad-ass mother of a film. But I know I won't get that so only request would be to avoid giving him a 'nice' side a la Bane's love for Talia in Batman. Keep him bad all the way through!!

Now that, I would pay to see! (That said, I will probably see any of them.

Lando would be my first choice of 'origin' though

& then there are some people who think that Star Wars should just have been 3 movies. These people are correct.

Standalone films are a nice idea. There should have been a standalone film after Attack of the Clones, where we get to see Ki-Adi-Mundi and Aayla Secura go up against droid armies. I felt the audience would have cared more about their deaths after Order 66. There are a number of characters from the Star Wars films who could do with more focus on their lives. Aayla Secura, Boba Fett, Qui-Gon Jinn, Aurra Sing, Darth Maul, Darth Nihilus, Darth Traya, Darth Bane, Darth Malak, Asajj Ventress, Cad Bane just to name a few. I hope they make a trilogy on the Old Republic sometime.

Well if you go into the Expanded Universe, there are Jedi who are known to have never used a lightsaber. These where more of the social/medical order. Also there were Jedi so powerfull that they didn't need any additional weaponry but the Force.

Best example: the videogame Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. (What's in the title, eh?)

Well, I alays keep getting very, very anxious with each new piece of news, now that all the empty cashing-in and cynicism of today's Hollywood. Then I read other people's perspectives, and I remember how exciting waiting for a Star Wars movie actually is...If the filmmakers involved can really dig back into their fondest memories and the earliest roots of their imagination, this whole new world of films can be truly amazing. And on that note, I'll take one really good, Kurosawa-type bounty hunter movie. Boba and friends, basically

Its almost like I have woken up in some parallel universe where episodes 1-3 weren't awful and the world loves Star Wars. I never saw this sudden explosion of popularity for Star Wars coming and assumed that the franchise was dead outside of games and books, and then....BOOM - half a dozen movies announced in a quick succession!

I really cant wait too see what they do but luckily will be a bit more cynical until I see it, but better to be surprisingly impressed then shockingly disappointed....!

Its always interesting reading what people think about the articles on here. Making friends, arguing with people with opposite views etc. This sort of news is what Den of Geek is for, and I love you all. Even the ones that disagree with me.

As to my input, I just dont know what to think about all of this. A big part of me is full of hope and excited, after all new people involved should get a new take on the whole StarWars Universe. And they cant possibly make anything worse than the Panting Moonface. Can they?

However I remember beeing so excited about that film, all through 1998 / 1999 and then the bitter crushing disapointment at how that crap festival turned out.
And the news that there are now going to be standalone films as well...Hmmmmmm. It depends on which characters they use, and who writes and directs them. I keep thinking of the gap year of Doctor Who and the David Tennant specials. Out of all of them the only one that was any good was Waters of Mars. Something like that might happen here, and there is a danger of them doing too much and people getting tired of it.

There is also the danger that they may "kidifie" them so much just to sell to the widest audience. This is Disney we are talking about. All we can do is wait. Lets all wait and see who they pick for the standalones, who they get as actors and directors, and then the reviews. If they are good films, then thats great and fair play to them. But I am not going to buy into the hype and excitment this time. I will wait to see what we get.

I myself would love to see a proper Darth Vader film, with him in the armour, getting involved in fighting etc and warfare leading up to the events of the 1977 first film. That would be good. Thats what they should have done with the last half of Revenge of the Sith. Had Vader in the armour and being the black suited villain we all wanted to see, and not a floppy haired wooden Hayden C. Lets all just be glad we are getting more Star Wars, and hope its good, and if its utter Jar Jar then we can all rip it to shreds again in here, and not go and see it so that we dont waste out money.

Peace and I love you all...

I think a Force Unleashed story line would be really cool. People get to see Vader and a bunch of others again. It really is a great side story to the original path of Star Wars.

I hope you are wrong about the Disnification of the series. What gives me hope is the reminder that Disney purchased Miramax following the success of grown up films like The Crying Game, My Left Foot, Sex Lies & Videotape and Reservoir Dogs and still continued to make adult friendly films like Pulp Fiction, Heavenly Creatures, Clerks, The Crow, The Piano etc after the purchase.

It would be nice if, like with Miramax, they leave the creative types within Lucasfilm to their own devices to produce what they deem to be the best film possible. Then we can make our minds up for ourselves.

Well done Jason Cook on proving the exact point Paul Childs was making in his final paragraph.

Young Lando - I'd definitely want to see that film!

Although die hard SW fans don't like episodes 1-3, they are hugely popular with the kids. the films are well loved by children even though those who remember the original trilogy aren't that keen. and that's what SW is all about - most people forget they were kids when they first watched the OT and forget that Eps 1-3 were essentially kids movies.

I agree with this. The games explore the SW universe from a 'dark side' perspective, and seeing Vadar again would be very cool - after all, he is the ultimate baddie!

Yes this would be fanastic to see it from the other side. we see a glimpse of this in Episode III but that is it

All i know is, Mickey is gonna be WELL pi**ed off when he finds out Minnie is his sister.

Dirty inbred mice.

Yay! Fans who are excited! Finally! I thought we were a dying breed. Maybe we should make a club! :)

This seems like a bad idea. Stay away from the old films.

Damn right! If the films are terrible then we can complain with the rest of them but until then... New Star Wars Films Are Coming! Lots Of Them! Rejoice!

I still remember when I was just a kid and Return of the Jedi was announced - for me it's still that feeling!

People say that the memory of the disappointment of The Phantom Menace has created cynicism. People got excited in the build up in 98/99 because of the long gap but they forget that there were the two average Ewok films and the Ewoks and Droids cartoons between ROTJ and TPM and that didn't mar the excitement - so why should the new trilogy dampen our enthusiasm - especially since it's a new team working on them?

No Ewoks please.

Exactly...You would think after the Punting Monsterace they would have learnt their lesson as well. We will just have to wait and see. But seeing as how Disney has paid so much for this, they are going to want to sell lots of tickets, and lots of toys, and who buys the toys?

The kids...well the parents of the kids anyway. So I think they will go as mass market as they can, to get as much out of it as they can. Standalone films and a Trilogy mean they are mad keen to get as much out of it as possible. But if they are good films and not the junk of the prequels then everyone wins. We will just have to hope....have a new hope.......

Or Samul L Jackson as old Lando.....oh wait a minute......

Heheheh Donald Duck as Darth Ducky, Goofy as Obi Goof Kenobi....it could happen...some jedi kids are watching re runs of old cartoons in the background at their training camp / base / den.......
StarWars Disney Club....Oh the horror......

Yes they were kids movies...the prequels. And I was a kid when I saw the original in 1977. And in that I saw a young man seeing his aunt and uncle burnt to a crisp, jawas massacred, a guy / thing in a pub get his arm cut off, a planet full of millions of people destroyed, shoot outs on the Death Star that saw the baddies chests explode into flame when shot, Leia locked up and tortured for information etc etc.....

Some dark and scary images and themes in there think about it. And I loved it. It did not treat you like a kid, or an idiot and it was a good story with action and adventure and strong themes...

In the Parting Mongface we saw - Raster floppy ears who cant speak properly and acts like an idiot, politics and waffle in the senate, a wooden actress playing a wooden princess, racing, stupid kids, stupid gonks, stupid aliens etc etc....the story was weak and dull etc etc. It was so dumbed down. About the only things in it that were remotely dark was the battle at the end, Qui Gon getting impaled and a few fighter pilots getting blown up.

As an example, my dad took me to see the first film in 1977, he was 38 and I was 6. He LOVED IT. He wanted to go and see it again. And we did the next day. Fast forward to 1999. I was 30. I went to see the Phantom Monstarse and hated it. It was terrible and I never went back to see it at the cinema, and I was younger than my dad was, when he first saw StarWars.

So all I can assume is that todays kids are either brain dead, have short attention spans, or are so doped up on sugar they did not notice how crap the film was.

Think of it like this.....StarWars a new hope was like a toy aimed at 7 to 16 year olds but was fun for all the family.Adults could play too

Pharting Monstface was like a Fisher Price activity center aimed at kids 6 months old.

That was and is and always will be the difference.

At some point Disney are going to announce a Star Wars theme park and I'm on the first plane over there !

It's the internet. People revel in being whiney jerkoffs for some reason

agreed. the people moaning should just piss off and not watch them!

Totally agree with this. Let's see the Star Wars universe get bigger - with new characters and situations, rather than spiralling in on itself, sapping previously charismatic characters of their mytique.

I stopped being able to muster anything approaching excitement or even
righteous nerd-rage about the SW franchise years ago. I might be able to
manage a bit of cautious optimism but it's still a bit early for that

"The same people who complained about there being no Star Wars for 16
years are now saying there's too much." ------ Well, there were those of us who didn't think more Star Wars movies were necessary.

Yeah, I'm also old enough to remember those times when Star Wars wasn't everywhere.

Which is why the current "Clone Wars" cartoon is so intolerable, like using the Force to hold back a bomb blast, or to "cushion" your landing from a high fall. Horrible! But Lucas set it all up with Vader's "this station cannot compare to the power of the Force" line from the first movie.

"It also sounds as if Disney is looking to release a Star Wars movie a year".

Annualized franchises are not a good idea IMHO. Look at Tony Hawk/Guitar Hero/Call of Duty & all the other game franchises that are pushed out every year. Eventually quality drops off & fatigue sets in.

I want a whole movie dedicated to the life of R5D4, climaxing in the point when he malfunctions outside Owen Lars farm in Star Wars - a New Hope. Think of the tragedy and pathos that scene would bring. 'Hey Red, come on...' Fade to black. I'm welling up just thinking about it.

Like I said... some people just seem to enjoy complaining!

Yeah I wish I could erase my memory and watch Eps 4-6 again as an adult to see if they really were that good or if its just rose-tinted glasses.

Where does it say they will be prequels? Standalone doesn't necessarily mean prequel.

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