Star Wars: standalone Yoda movie on the way?

News Simon Brew 5 Feb 2013 - 06:42

Could Yoda be getting a Star Wars film all to himself?

It's little secret that Disney is planning a new raft of Star Wars movies, and Star Wars: Episode VII now has its director of course, in the shape of JJ Abrams.

Beyond Episode VII though, the studio is looking for standalone features set in the Star Wars universe. And one such project, according to AICN, might just be a Yoda movie.

It's a rumour at this stage, and as such, details on what direction the project would take are scant. But the site's sources suggest that it'll be the first of the standalone Star Wars movies. A Yoda origin story, perhaps?

As always, take it with a pinch of salt until it's all confirmed. We can pretty safely suggest though that if you're awaiting the standalone Jar Jar film, it's really not very likely to happen...


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This pretty much seems like a slam dunk. He is far and away the most popular character in the whole franchise, and he has 900 years of life to pick a story (or several) from.

That sounds boring as sin, give us a Boba Fett origins story instead!

A Yoda origin story? You mean we get to see ma & pa Yoda at it??!
Sounds, Errm great it does not!

I think most of the awesome that is Yoda exists because of the mystery. I am actually in favor of letting some mysteries lie. Don't give me a backstory for Yoda in case it turns out to be something horrid like Midichlorians.

Aside from the fact it was 'scooped' on the ever-unreliable AICN, the idea of a Yoda or a Boba Fett or a whoever standalone movie is a frankly terrible one, in my humble opinion, the 'Star Wars' films worked because they showed a complete universe with multiple characters and a singular episodic storyline throughout.

I'm getting a really bad feeling that if people thought George Lucas pimped out the 'Wars in a shameless manner over recent years, they haven't seen the half of it compared to what the Mouse House is going to do in years to come.

And 'Star Wars' used to be so special, alas, those times seem like centuries ago...

Dude, noo, no no, no. Yoda is Yoda because he is just that - mysterious, powerful teacher from the long-ago past that's now gone, and he's just some of the last bit still left. Let the movie watchers think of their own origin stories, let them use their imaginations. It's way more fun that way. Make him an origin story and you'll make one guy happy - the guy who thought of exactly that story - but everyone else pissed off because that origin story isn't theirs. That's why parts 1, 2, and 3 went off the rails - don;t go around systematically wrecking everything we loved in the originals!

Lets have a Chewbacca back story, maybe about him wife, son and grandfather. No wait...

No. I've defended all the post Disney Star Wars ideas so far but really. No. Leave Yoda's solo work to Vodafone.

Really? Far and away? Are you sure? Don't you think that might be Han Solo? I'd say that Yoda is probably my..... 5th favourite character in the whole franchise.

I weep for the flogging and destruction of a once great franchise.

I wanna see Yoda & Yaddle get it on!!!

This is a terrible idea. Yoda is supposed to be mysterious. No-one wanted the back story of Darth Vader either.

We had Boba Fetts Origin in Attack of the Clones...

I'd much prefer to just see a Boba Fett adventure - a nourish, gritty detective story set in the SW universe while Fett and maybe someone cool like Bossk or Dengar go on the hunt for whomever. A low-tech Blade Runner/Sin City type action film set in the grimy underworld of gangsters, scum and villainy. Keep the cross-over cameos to a minimum (maybe they're working for Vader or Jabba but that's it. It could take place anywhere in the established OT universe (before, during or after - it doesn't really matter).

Definitely Yoda or R2-d2 are the most popular across all ages and with those who don't particularly like Star Wars- they both have cute factor.

i call bullshit


I still say that a very high Scorsese suggested that to Lucas just for a laugh with Speilberg giggling his ass off.

Personally I think Lucas based the young Anakin character on Lumpy. They're *very* similar characters.

I wanna see a JarJar Binks sitcom in the same vein as joey...JarJar: A New Dope..

As long as he's shockingly foul-mouthed.

Like the poor bloke hasnt been humiliated enough over the last few years what with those horrible phone ads, why not just put a ball gag on him and finish the job properly?

I'm really up for seeing Star Wars characters getting their own solo movies in the same way that Marvel characters get the chance to have a solo run and then join up for a big film. However, Yoda is similar to Nick Fury in that he's more interesting without a back-story - "his secrets have secrets."

I think someone like Boba Fett would be more interesting than Yoda. I'd also love to see more of Qui-Gon as he always seemed like one of the most interesting of the Jedi. I wouldn't mind more Darth Maul but not necessarily a back story. Aayla Secura would awesome as well as she did appear in Clone Wars briefly.

I must have missed that survey you sent round to everyone.

I'd be up for a Yoda story, I've always been curious about him, you never see any other of his species in the films and I don't even know what species he is.

Why not a Yoda story? Can anything really be worse than the Prequels.

I wish everyone would stop being so bloody precious about this franchise. Even the originals are patchy films, a patched together series of stolen moments from other movies with ok direction.

The real quality of IV-VI is in the performances, the costumes and in the scenery. Get those right in the next batch and everything will be fine.

is it just me or has anyone else come to the conclusion that ST is great as a memory from childhood, but actually watching any of them know is just awful as they are so badly made and acted?

or even SW

Starwars is now in that 'too much of a good thing' category.

I agree.

I still love the original 3, but like you say, because they formed part of my childhood.

Anything they make now will never compare as I am a grown man!

However, saying that, they managed to make Star Trek work again, so who knows.

I want to wipe the prequels from history, they NEVER happened...OK!?

I don't want to see two hours of Horrible CGI Yoda. If they can find a way of doing two hours of movie starring a puppet, then I'm interested, but I don't want two hours of that computer generated monstrosity flipping around with a lightsabre.

No, a thousand times no. The more mysterious Yoda is, the stronger he is as a character. It will be hard for any movie not to dissapoint, and ruin the character.

I liked the idea of Vader's back story. The best Star Wars film by far is the darkest one, the Empire Strikes Back. Vader's story was about the decline of a good man into darkness, with the backdrop of decadent and decaying republic. In the right hands it could have been a truely epic series of films. Alas George Lucas made the films, and they were crap.

I don't think Yoda is a good choice, and I don't trust Lucas and co to do a good job. Still if they want to make another awful film to take money from gullible fans, it is their franchise.

If it's quality, why not?

I can't wait to find out what the love interest will be like and also what Yoda will be like. Will he be a young hunk? Or will it be a May-December relationship?

Star Wars Origins: Yoda

Yep. You know what no one has ever asked? Why hasn't Yoda ever cut his own ears off with his Lighsaber? By Accident? I mean all that leaping and spinning with a big laser sword and long ears....You mean to tell me in an origin story, that would not come up at some point?

Imagine it....teenage Yoda...Oh my God...the comedy. Some other creature / being as his version of Yoda teaching a stroppy, green, big eared goblin thingy the ways of the force, when all Yoda wants to do is check out the girls....

Heheheh....A scene might go like this.....

Mentor - "Young Padawan, use your lightsaber to cut this bar into pieces when I throw it...use the force...let it guide you..."

Yoda - "Cut it into twelve I will..hardcore badass am I....."

Leap spin...sizzle.....

Yoda - "ARGGHHHHHhhh complete crap I have been, ears cut off I have!!!...."

Oh the comedy....I cant wait for this to come true....

I'm with you, brother. Have at it, Disney! When I think of Yoda, I don't go "Oh, he's so MYSTERIOUS!" :p

Plus, with the Prequels, the damage's been done. They can only do AS BADLY at this point. There are ways to make Star Wars even more embarrassing, but they probably won't do them (...again! I'm looking at you, Holiday Special with Bea Arthur!).

Where've you been? I've been cried out for over a decade already, not to mention all the dry heaving over Indy.

The entire set of STAR WARS films have always been about the Dark Vader backstory. The idea that they should never have went there is simply absurd. People have been waiting for the volcano duel with Kenobi since 1978.

Yes. If anything, feed the cult of Boba.

He could even just be the storyteller recounting adventures from 900 years of Galactic history before he met Anakin Skywalker.

Don't water down Star Wars with lame spinoffs focusing on only one character ala "Wolverine" and "Electra" but keep the saga LEGENDARY.

But surprise us.

I think it could be fun being completely in the dark as to when a story takes place!

What about, in place of single character spinoffs, a new trilogy of trilogies is created between 2016-2018, one per year, but leave the audience in the dark, initially, as to when they occur on the timeline?

Maybe even start a new trilogy in 2016 and keep where it sits on the timeline ambiguous (I'm thinking the beginning to middle of the Old Republic; that gives you 12,000 years to work with) but drop a hint [Trilogy #1].

Have a new, separate, trilogy start in 2017 that starts just before Darth Bane and the rule of two with name drops of ancient figures that allow the audience to piece together the time frame [Trilogy #2]. By the third film [Trilogy #2] drop a hint, by way of the birth of Yoda or something similar, that allows one to discover the trilogy takes place prior to the Skywalker Saga.

Have the other [Trilogy #3] take place thousands of years after the ST. Weave in a through line permeating all three new trilogies with references to The Prophecy and the Galactic Civil War and you have an epic of MONUMENTAL proportions!

The movies in the near future should retain the epic proportions we've come to expect and remain the Star Wars saga we all love. Leave the minutiae for the tv shows and worry about spinoffs after the history of the Galaxy Far, Far Away has been written.

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