JJ Abrams and Star Wars: news round-up

News Simon Brew 28 Jan 2013 - 06:25
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JJ Abrams has been chatting briefly about Star Wars, whilst the 2015 release date might not yet be locked down...

Chances are that you well know already the identity of the director of Star Wars: Episode VII (given the blanket media coverage of the news over the past few days). It was confirmed over the weekend by Disney that JJ Abrams was indeed the man for the job, and once he's got Star Trek Into Darkness safely out into the world, he's going to move straight into the universe of Star Wars.

News and stories have continued to break since the formal announcement, so we figured it was worth doing this quick round-up.

Firstly, while the target release date for Star Wars: Episode VII remains the summer of 2015, it's understood that Abrams hasn't committed to deliver the film by then. As The Hollywood Reporter states, "the date could be changed if the development process requires it". This reflects the adjusting of its schedule that Paramount undertook, when it delayed Star Trek Into Darkness to fit around Abrams' workload.

That said, we still fully expect the new Star Wars film to land in 2015.

Also, it seems that when Abrams denied his Star Wars involvement last November, he wasn't misleading people. Apparently, Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy contacted him earlier this month, and went to pitch the film to him. We suspect he didn't need too much persuading!

Abrams himself has briefly chatted to E! Online about his appointment to the Star Wars director's chair. "It really is an incredible thing", Abrams said. "It's wildly surreal. It's obviously way too early to talk specifics. But I'm excited to actually start it".

Finally, for now, it's been confirmed that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg, who have been hired to pen two further Star Wars instalments, will also be consulting on Episode VII.

More news as we get it...

The Hollywood Reporter.
E! Online.

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I don't know whether this'll divide people, but I really want to see Star Wars 7 in 2015. Personally, unless there turns out to be a genuinely significant reason for the film not making its 2015 projection, I think the fans deserve to get the movie when it was promised rather than now estimate a further three years of waiting!

I don't want to say I told y'all so regarding a possible change in release date but...

Abrams is likely to tidy up his other producing commitments before (hopefully) giving Episode VII his full and undivided attention, and considering he won out over Paramount over the release date for 'Star Trek Into Darkness', I would hazard a guess and say one of his stipulations for agreeing to direct Episode VII was a possible change in release date if he thinks it's necessary... I think we can expect a May 2016 release, giving Abrams and screenwriter Michael Arndt ample time to get the script honed, refined, and perfected before cameras roll, but also because 2015 is already insanely overstuffed with big films and 'Star Wars' plays second fiddle to no-one...

I think the word promised is a tad strong. I don't recall anyone "promising" we would get new Star Wars in 2015, just that it was the planned release date.

I dont think anyone mentioned three years later, I would expect it to be a year at max, although as Disney already told the world it was 2015, it probably will be.

Good news and I hope they don't rush him! Nothing could be worse than a rushed film after all these years. I do fear that it will drag in characters from the other 6 episodes including re-casting when that story has been told; a "reboot" would be much better.

You may have to consider opening a sister site to just cope all the Star Wars related news and speculation that's going to be spewing forth on a daily basis for the next two years. This site may well crash through the sheer volume.

No reboot, are you serious?
They cannot reboot Star Wars. I don't want to see any original characters returning either. They can be referenced or even minor rolls but the films should focus on new characters and a new story.

Note the quote marks around reboot. I meant it should be a completely new story with new characters.

A reboot??!! Are you totally insane?? Absolutely terrible idea!!! That will never, ever happen.

That's not what the word reboot means.....but now that I catch your meaning, I don't necessarily disagree with you.

So you think it's a good idea to re-cast the main characters from the original films for the new ones and to extend the story of Anakin Skywalker when it's reached a natural conclusion?

I did already clarify what I meant by "reboot"; note the speech marks, again.

You can't change the definition of a word just by placing quotation marks around it, my friend...sorry, but the english language doesn't work that way. No, I think it would be a horrible idea to cast re-cast characters...how is it that you're not understanding what I'm writing?....There was never any plan to retell the story that's already been told....that's what the word "reboot" means, varsas. If anything I'd like to see new characters and a new story. That's what I meant by saying I didn't totally disagree with you.
However, I also wouldn't mind having a story featuring Luke, Han, and Leia when they're older, but maybe have the story focus on their children or something like that.
I'm open to all options, but definitely not open for a "reboot".

Does anyone else think this is a bit..well weird? By getting the same guy to do Starwars at the same time he is doing Startrek???? I know JJ Abrams is great, I loved what he did with Trek and I am a fan of the classic series like many other people.
But there may be a danger now, that both franchises will have a lot of similarity between them...by that I mean in the way of shooting and framing sequences etc. I cant decide if this is a good or bad thing. I am not going to go on about lense flare, because to be honest I never noticed it in the Trek film, I just thought it was a good take on it and a way to reboot it.
Poor JJ Abrams....poor because can you imagine the pressure and stress he is going to be under now? With the two biggest franchises in movie History to look after...He must have balls of steel to take all this on. Repect to the Abrams!!!
But going back to what I started with, I can see why Disney picked him, but I would have thought they would have gone for someone different BECAUSE of his involvment with Trek...Whatever happens though its going to be interesting. Straight out of Startrek 2 and the hype and promotion for that, into Starwars, flat out on that for a few years, then if he is still comitted to Trek it will be straight back into that again when he is done. Its going to be a killer schedule for him, but by the time he is finished we as fans might have a decent Starwars film again (might? its pretty much certain that its going to be better than the prequels, and it could hardly be worse...) and a couple of good Trek movies, as long as Into Darkness is not Kilingon Pants....But Mr Abrams is going to be exhausted and Trek and War'ed out.....

The release date for 'Star Wars: Episode VII...' will be Wednesday, May 18th, 2016... mark my words...

I think he's "confused".

It depends on what one's definition of reboot and how it applies to film. If one reboots a computer it's a clean slate but with the same operating system and so my interpretation is a new story with the same lore. One might consider Anakin and the other characters to be integral to Star Wars i.e. part of the operating system but I don't since I enjoy other "Star Wars" content so a reboot could mean re-casting; I think I made it clear that I would prefer it not be a re-casting and used speech marks around reboot to indicate a possible difference in interpretation of what reboot means in the context of film. For me a "complete" reboot would be a re-casting although that would actually be a re-install with an operating system; perhaps a soft or hard reset would be a better analogy :op

Everyone knows what a reboot means when it comes to movies...except you, it would seem. No harm done, varsas, but I'm moving on now.

if he stuffs this up he will forever be known as J.J. Binks (or Jar Jar Abrams if you prefer).

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