Possible Star Wars: Episode VII plot details emerge

News Glen Chapman 20 Dec 2012 - 07:02
The Star Wars logo.

Could we have the first sign of the plot for Star Wars: Episode VII?

Appreciating that there's been no shortage of Star Wars speculation this past month or two, there do seem to be signs of substance. We know, for instance, who's been hired to write Star Wars Episode VII (Michael Arndt), as well as who's on board for further films (Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan). Furthermore, we'd imagine that the announcement of a director isn't far away now either.

The rumour mill though has shifted from personnel to plot now, with Reuters throwing up an intriguing possible narrative basis for the film. It reports that “Yavin 4 and the rebel base return to the Star Wars plot in the forthcoming Episode VII, announced in October by the Walt Disney Co, in which Skywalker comes back to the planet to build a Jedi knight academy.”

So if true this makes the return of Mark Hamill a near certainty. It's also a plot that has links to the numerous spin off novels the series has spawned over the years which will certainly help the screenwriters. It's worth noting that George Lucas' attitude towards said novels were far from enthusiastic.

Expect more details to emerge regarding the plot and other aspects of the film to trickle through steadily between now and 2015.

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Aw yeah, Jedi Academy, Jedi Leia, Han and Leia 'Married with Children', sounds great! If they could just get Kyle Katarn in there, it'd be perfect. :D

Coming soon to your Galaxy: "Star Wars, Episode VII - A New Semester"

NO NO NO! Don't make it about the Jedi Academy books, please. Use the Skywalker name sparingly, make the universe big again, show us what we loved about the galaxy long ago and far, far away - the scope the grandeur, the unlimited possibilities. If we keep going back to the same few characters, just be done with it and give the gig to Kevin Smith: Star Wars VII - The Intergalactic Mallrat Years

It's a Trap!!!

No. Stay away from the Jedi and focus on what everyone loved about the first trilogy - Trade Negotiations, Senate Meetings, Racist Stereotypes and Mr Plinket ammunition!!!!!! :-)

Timothy Zahn's original trilogy NEEDS and DESERVES to be made. Lucas' lake of enthusiasm on the books only reaffirms the case that Zahn's books were much better written than Lucas' recent drivel.

Please make this Jedi academy training about more than light saber training!

"These aren't the plot lines you're looking for....."

Hopefully it turns out well. I've never read the spinoff books so I've no idea if there any good. I was kind of hoping they'd do the new trilogy set during the Old Republic, when there were many Sith Lords and not just two. I'm just not sure where they go with Luke Skywalker's story now that all of his enemies are now dead.

We all know what we really want to see. Let's get the Senate involved in some Town Planning issues on Hoth, with perhaps some Traffic Flow management in the space lanes. (Possibly based on the Milton Keynes model). If Jar Jar Binks could be given some sort of managerial role concerning Land Speeder parking permits as well now that would just be heaven.

Not a bad idea. If it was a standalone movie it might be quite weak but as the first in a trilogy it could set up a great trilogy like Episodes 4,5, & 6: beginning (training), middle (antagonist introduced) and end (battle).

The plot is about a 12 year old who can't understand what is going wrong with him. Things move, he sees things before they happen, his adopted family thinks he's just plain nuts. Then one night a giant Wookie breaks down his door and tells him that he's really a Jedi and that he needs to go to Skywarts Jedi Academy to train to be a Jedi. Then he meets 2 other losers and they all begin an adventure to stop the evil clone of an Emperor Lord Palpamort. It's gold baby, gold.

LMAO! If lucas was doing it thats what you would get. A lot of the novels were better than anything in the prequels, so if Luca$ does not like it, thats means its probably going to be good...

How about: Deep within the bowels of Coruscant a new Lord is in search of his new apprentice. The Jedi have grown complacent and are easily found in all corners of the galaxy. After an exhaustive search the Lord finds his new apprentice, a female from the Skywalker/Solo bloodline with a deep seeded hatred for the Jedi and only wishes to see the Galaxy burn. The Empire will also trick the Mandalorians into helping them defeat the Republic and the Jedi. The resulting attack destroys all but one Jedi, the new Siths Mother... Im no writer, in fact I suck lol but I wish to see something dark with a focus on the Bad Guys, seems like people love to love the bad guys.

If the training is like it was in Empire, I'm cool. But if we get the "younglings" and their tiny light sabers like in Clones, I is gonna scream.

The academy that Luke starts with is just a handful of adults that were found to have Force abilities. The Academy books deal with their training and having to deal with ancient evil on Yavin 4. The buildings/ruins that Luke uses to house his new academy were actually built by the Sith

To follow with tradition, Luke gets killed off in episode 7.

Well, so much for a far-flung future, but this sounds pretty promising that Hamill is actually in.

really it is just about getting back to the roots of the story...Lucas tried to please everyone in the last trilogy and he failed miserably....i think if people are going to have any faith in future star wars endeavors, it is to have a kick ass story...we need a new Sith apprentice, we need to have darkness to truly appreciate the light....nothing is black and white anymore....people are more jaded since the first Star Wars...we need a new sense of wonder, and conflict where Jedi's ideals are compromised in order to achieve an ojective....no more space politics and comedy side kicks for god's sake....i have a small sliver of hope....my inner child does anyway.....

I think I'd rather them focus on the Ewok embargo on the Gungans, and the impending war between the two sides.

lol, Space Wall Street (money never sleeps) lets get Dick Cheney as the new sith lord and Micheal Douglas as the apprentice....

I really enjoyed Zahn's Thrawn trilogy when they were released, been thinking for a while I should re-read them. Very exciting ss I remember & added to my understanding of some of yhe events of the original trilogy.... like the battle above the forest moon of Endor..... would make great movies if memory serves! :-)

I'd stay away from old characters in all honesty. Let them cameo every now and then or be referenced, but I think it would be better to do this with new characters and have very little relation to the old films.

Kristen Stewart to play the female lead. Dare you to trump that.

Yavin 90210?

oh gosh, you could be right there :/

oh hell na

Carey Mulligan is my money She would be Great as a lead

The Jedi Academy Trilogy is quite good. Kyp Durron, the ghost/spirit of Exar Kun, the Sun Crusher. Admiral Daala. Spice mines of Kessel. Giant energy arachnids. Secret bases in a black hole cluster. Corran Horn (if they add I, Jedi material) extending lightsabers. More R2-D2 and C-3P0. Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. Lando. Jaina and Jacen. More Admiral Ackbar...and more than him and "it's a Trap"...oh and Mara Jade, although she isn't as big a character in this one. Lots of good stuff. I am a huge EU fan. I think it is a good story for another trilogy. I would prefer the Thrawn Trilogy. Or the Hand of Thrawn Duology split into three and add Union at the end. but this is a good choice.

you realise the suggestion is for wooden female leads who can't emote, not someone who actually could do a decent job?

The original characters need to serve the same purposes as Obi Wan, Yoda and Uncle Owen did in the original movies, to provide impetus to the younger main characters and help them on their journey, whatever that turns out to be. So long as it isn't a search for the source of the force.

For me, if it is part of the narrative of the existing movies then this trilogy has to be about the next generation of Skywalkers, which is why I was much more happy with the idea of a spin-off being the next movie as it would give the franchise a fresh feel. If anything the Clone Wars series has shown that the SW universe is bigger than just the Skywalker name,

No jedi without yoda

Scarlett Johansson as Admiral Daala?

You know, I dont think you're too far away from the truth there...

Yes. I'm in complete agreement with you actually.

have to make her a bit older looking but it could work. early 30's is her age in the books i think. maybe mid-30's. i cant recall, been a couple of years

great, it sounds like jedi search!

about time! hopefully all movies focus on the life of Jarjar Binks! and his rise to power!

In this day and age especially, we need some focus on the force and force abilities. It could easily be done technically speaking.

Uuhh. They were awful books. I haven't read any other SW books, and after reading those, don't intend too. Sloppy dialogue, and contrived and obvious plots. The original trilogy had Death Stars. the Zahn novels have special anti-force worms and were frankly horrid.

Keanu Reeves as a Jedi Master.

All new characters are needed. Lucas threw in too many OT cameos, and turned the whole saga into a continuity nightmare.

Do a movie based on the game the force unleashed! Or the old republic !

Megan Foxes right boob as a Jedi, Megan Foxes left boob as a Sith, then a three - way scene with youngling Justin Beiber, Jar Jar, and Senator Kathy Lee Gifford...rolling around in Bantha Fodder.

Episode VII needs to be fresh with new characters and all. You can have Luke or Han, but more so as minor roles. I know this may tick of some EU readers, but it should NOT be based on any of the novels or fallow that cannon. Like I said, it needs to be fresh. Good news with the person writing the screenplay, so if they pick a good director and do this right, this new trilogy could probably redeem the franchise and the prequels.

Please, just please, don't make a film that disregards and destroys the entire EU. Star Wars is like one of the few franchises that has an EU that is canon and actually fits. So please don't mess with it.

Yes because he Know's Kung Fu!

i posted in another site similar to this...i say it will be the cloners who will tell the legend....the wookies are part of the legend.

even though the truth is very far, far away.....it is still the truth and the universe is a wide place for it.

totally concur with this!

go,,,go,,,go with this!!!!!

this may be fair but for me....a story of a brother in VII.....another story of the other brother in VIII....the brothers meet in IX....of course, each movie will have their own triumphs. (i do not feel the training to battle format) each movie will show how they became jedi.

you butt pipes, a movie about the old republic and the sith wars would be unbelievably amazing.

I would love to direct this. See less of this computer ge nfx but bring back actual models layered with some computer fx. You have a world that. Went through a revolutiona small but powerful rebel allience a force that most believe is fantasy. Comparable to most peoples view of the bible today. Jedi like hermit monks.,

Every planet and ruling family of the old republic trying to fill the vacume. Enter 30 yrs later a man in a dojo setting.... padawan listening to every word as we the viewer hear a sermon(haha) of broken english quotes from yoda. Next students asking questions and answered with queestions bring us the inbetween yrs. End scene r2 and c3po on a mission to pick up rumors of a sith onclave. Droid freedom banners floating around. Mixed with currents of pple wanting change in politics. More banners decreeing a ban on clone armies. A nut on the street preaching of hate leads to......... beep boop wirrr wistleyes i think this is the place were looking for.....

To be working wirh lucas to get his dream right and bring it to the light properly wow


Plinket ripped the prequels, especially Phantom Menace, pretty much perfectly...

Eps IV-VI lack the presence of Jar-Jar for good reason... he wasn't in any of them, except for a poorly retconned cameo at the end of VI...

I liked the thrawn novels too. Great adventures with the original cast, and worthy bad guys.

I want to see how a community organizer becomes the new emperor.

How about two jedi knights are sent to idk a planet that was base for a battle on the clone wars. They're there to investigate a sighting of a crashed Republic Cruiser when they're there stuff happens blah blah blah. But through out the movie we see these two young knights fall in love and we see one of them seduced by the dark-side. So that dark knight grows in power through out the trilogy as-well as the jedi knight. Who i have in mind to play these two roles are Jennifer Lawrence as the female knight and Robert Pattison for the male knight. Why Robert ? Well look at his face it looks pure evil.

I'd still love to see actress Scarlett Johansson cast as one of the villains in the new saga. I haven't read any of the books but I'm familiar with the Mara Jade character from some of the novels from artworks and drawings. I think most of the Star Wars movie audience such as myself would not know who she is, However If reintroduced to mainstream movie audiences for the first time, I think we would have a very unique female adversary, Something we rarely see in huge motion picture sagas! If the writer of the episode 7 screenplay were to bring Mara Jade as a villain in episode 7, we could learn in the next chapter why she fell to the Dark Side and her hatred for Luke, the new republic and the senate!. Miss Johansson would make a great villain and a wonderful addition to the legendary cast!

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