George Lucas clarifies his Star Wars level of involvement

News Simon Brew
4 Dec 2012 - 07:15
Mr George Lucas

Just how much influence will George Lucas have over Star Wars: Episode VII? Not too much by the looks of it...

Aside from the identity of the director of Star Wars: Episode VII, perhaps the one remaining major question about the planned new Star Wars films is just how involved George Lucas is going to remain with the franchise. When Disney's deal to purchase Lucasfilm was announced, Lucas was confirmed as being in a consultant role, with reports being that he'd mapped out the story for a new series of films.

However, in a new interview with Access Hollywood, Lucas has seemingly confirmed that he's going to be taking a back seat on the new projects. "[If they ask] 'who's that guy' I can tell them", he said. "I mean, they have a hundred encyclopaedias and things, but I actually know a lot. I can say 'this is this and that is that'."

But aside from filling in details, how involved will he be? "Basically I'm not - I don't really have much to do", he confirmed.

That makes sense, too. Disney will want George Lucas on the end of a phone if they need him, but it seems pretty clear that it's keen to usher in a new era for Star Wars, one that makes a break with the films of old.

Here's the piece at Access Hollywood.

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