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3 Dec 2012 - 06:53
Star Wars

The rumours and news continue to swirl around for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. Here's our latest round-up...

The Internet guessing game that's following Star Wars: Episode VII around is making it harder and harder to keep on top of what's got some substance to it, and what's outright rumour. Here's our latest round-up, where we've hopefully got the dividing lines correct.

On the search for a director first. There's been no confirmation or denial regarding Matthew Vaughn's appointment or otherwise as director. Following comments from Jason Flemyng at the British premiere of Seven Psychopaths last week (a story broken by our friends at HeyUGuys), he seems to be in pole position, although in the absence of anything formal, the job still remains open.

The latest names to be linked with it, and it seems as though the director speculation game has reached the letter F, are Jon Favreau and David Fincher. We've nothing concrete to back these reports up, and if David Fincher took the job we'd be genuinely shocked. He may have worked for ILM in the past (he's credited as assistant cameraman on Return Of The Jedi, too), but a franchise sequel for a big studio doesn't sound like the kind of film that would tempt him.

Disney chairman Alan Horn, chatting to Vulture, has refused to confirm who the choice of director is, saying that the news has to "come from Kathy Kennedy". Kennedy, as the film's producer and creative head of the Disney-owned Lucasfilm, won't keep us waiting too much longer either, it seems. "I would say you'll know soon", Horn said.

One thought: Disney is looking for anywhere up to three directors for its current slate of Star Wars movies. Might it look to sort at least two of them out in one go?

Elsewhere, TMZ reports that Ewan McGregor is the latest actor who has said he'd be up to returning to the Star Wars franchise. Whether he was serious or not isn't really clear, and there's little obvious way he'd have much of a role anyway. He's added to the list, nonetheless.

More interestingly, though, make-up legend Rick Baker is up for a return. Chatting to Heat Vision, he said of his Star Wars work "So much of the stuff I did in the first Star Wars was very quickly done. Nobody knew that Star Wars was going to be Star Wars". He added that "I think the problem that people have with the digital stuff is the problem I have: Just because you can do anything doesn’t mean that you should. Instead of having a spaceship battle with three spaceships, they have 3,000 spaceships. Everything is so big and there’s so much going on, you lose reality. It takes you out of it".

Finally, the news of the departure of producer Rick McCallum from Lucasfilm has now been formally confirmed. McCallum has now moved to Prague (where his wife is originally from), and from there he's developing a series of smaller movies. He won't be involved with the new Star Wars movies, but has said that he's looking forward to them. He's also endorsed the choice of Kathleen Kennedy to head them up.

More on Star Wars: Episode VII as we hear it.

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