Star Wars producer Rick McCallum retires from Lucasfilm

News Simon Brew 27 Nov 2012 - 07:26

Rick McCallum has quietly retired from Lucasfilm. Where does that leave the Star Wars live action TV show, we wonder?

In the aftermath of the sudden news that Disney had bought LucasFilm, it took little time for the attention of the world (including, er, us) to focus on the first in a new trilogy of promised Star Wars movies. However, while all this was going on, it turns out that a Star Wars stalwart has quietly, and without fanfare, retired.

Rick McCallum has worked on a wide range of projects for Lucasfilm throughout his career. That includes producing The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, the Star Wars special editions, the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and the more recent Red Tails.

Furthermore, McCallum has been the face of the Star Wars live action television series, that has been in development at Lucasfilm for the past few years. It’s reported that that at least 50 hours of scripts are in place for the series, and the last we heard was that all concerned were waiting for the necessary technology to become economical enough to make the show. He told us that the show was to be like "Deadwood in space" when we interviewed him earlier this year.

It looks, though, as if McCallum will no longer have any part in it. The news of his retirement was actually revealed, quietly, a few weeks ago by Lucasfilm’s Steve Sansweet. He’s a man with the job title ‘director of content management and fan relations’, and he dropped the news during the ForceCast podcast at the end of October.

A couple of things, then. This clearly leaves Kathleen Kennedy as the guardian and driving force behind the Star Wars franchise now (we hope it still leaves her time for Jurassic Park 4). And it also puts question marks over the aforementioned Star Wars live action show. We can’t imagine that Disney wouldn’t want to do it, though, but whether it stays in the same form remains to be seen.

As for Rick McCallum, we wish him a very happy retirement. Here’s hoping he’s not dropping out of the film and TV business altogether.


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Maybe that kennedy pushed him out?

Nothing against the guy but he did seem like Lucas's biggest 'Yes' man throughout the whole prequel production (i get this from watching the 'making of' extras and other interviews) and it did seem like his contribution was just to back up Lucas with all his hairbrained hopefully this could be good news?

While McCallum seems a nice enough guy, thx is right. He seems so overawed with The Star Wars universe, that he's not who you want controlling the production. He quite often didn't seem like he was a foil for Lucas, or in any way a 'partner', he was just the guy who worked out how to do what George wanted as cheaply as possible.
The ep1 docs make him out as a bit of a fanboy who cracks the whip on the staff to save George looking like a complete douche. He was Smithers, basically.

Coincidence? I doubt it.

Always seemed to be a likeable enough bloke, but my goodness do yes men get any bigger?. Oh yeah, and as for the TV series being like Deadwood in space, has he actually SEEN Deadwood? Does anyone honestly believe that the Star Wars franchise would be allowed to be anything even approachig what that show was?

This is sad, he's been dropping prequel hints for what feels like forever. We will all miss you, Rick. Happy Retirement

No we won't. He's a hack and a spineless yesman to Lucas' idiotic ideas.

Yes your right he is exactly that. I hope we get something better now. But I am not holding my breath. I doubt we will ever get to see a StarWars live action Tv would be too expensive to do properly. The last time they tried anything like it was the Spielberg dinosaur time travel crap was it again? It was so bad I have forgotten its know...that show they cancelled after one series....erm..hang on I will Google it............................................ok thats it TERRA NOVA. That was supposed to be a tv series like Jurrassic Park and look what we got. It was expensive to produce and still pants. I am sure that Rick is a likable and nice fellow, but anyone that had anything to do with the Panting Moonace, Attack of the Clowns and Revenge of the Sniff, should have nothing to do with Starwars ever again. you get the feeling, now that Disney own Starwars, that someone in there is thinking along these lines... "Right we have got STARWARS!!!! Lets do a good job, get it right and do it properly for GODS SAKE, because we dont want the crap the internet / universe gave Lucas for the Prequels! We dont want the Disney name and studios dragged down by it, so we have got to get this right....."

Every retirement is so dense.

I'd like to imagine there was a 'Duel of the Fates' going on between McCallum and Kennedy. Less like 'early retirement'; more like 'redundancy.' There is no space for him now that Kennedy is top-dog.

This guy is a clown and is almost as much to blame for the Prequels and Indy4 as Lucas himself. Enjoy your "retirement" moron...

Yeah, McCallum was a hack, and a rubber stamp yes-man to Lucas, that and the fact he had a talent for bringing every conversation about 'Star Wars', technology, or films in general around to Bush-bashing... but thankfully with his former boss now in semi-retirement and McCallum given the boot from Lucasfilm - and he was - we'll never from McCallum in any meaningful capacity again, good riddance to bad rubbish!

Thank the maker! Obviously McCallum jumped before he was pushed.

I said the EXACT same thing, lmao!

"Here’s hoping he’s not dropping out of the film and TV business altogether."

Au Contraire, here's hoping he stays as far away from any successful franchise as possible.

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