Sir Derek Jacobi after Star Wars role

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26 Nov 2012 - 06:16
Derek Jacobi. The Master. Genius.

Sir Derek Jacobi opens up about his interest in appearing in Star Wars Episode VII...

We're trying to tread a fine line with the many rumours surrounding Star Wars Episode VII, which is scheduled for the summer of 2015. We've tried to avoid stories about simply ruling people out of the franchise where they've only been linked by Internet rumours (Christopher Nolan, Brad Bird, Quentin Tarantino) and tried to focus on those where there appears to be something more to it (Colin Treverrow, before he ruled himself out). That said, we've not always been entirely successful, but we are giving it a go.

This latest story is quite interesting (and we initially missed it, to our shame), though, as it's the first sign we've seen of an actor actively lobbying for involvement in the project. The man in question is the mighty Sir Derek Jacobi, who was chatting to Radio 4's Front Row.

He told the station that "My ears pricked up when it said that Disney was buying Star Wars. Oh, come in Sir Alec Guinness! Yes, on to the agent immediately!"

Continuing, he admitted that "I’d love to do my big franchise movie. Ian’s got his Gandalf, Pat Stewart has his Star Trek, Michael Gambon has got his Dumbledore... They are running out of these old men, you see. I have to be the next!"

He said that "I'm looking for my franchise as we speak!"

How serious Sir Derek was with his comments is unclear. But given that he had to turn down a role in Harry Potter for scheduling reasons, we'd be keen to see him given another chance at a film of this ilk.

More on Star Wars Episode VII as we hear it.

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