Writers found for Star Wars Episodes 8 and 9

News Simon Brew 21 Nov 2012 - 06:51
Darth Vader

Lawrence Kasdan is returning to the Star Wars franchise, as work begins on the two films after Star Wars: Episode VII

It’s been a busy month in the world of Star Wars movies. The cinematic franchise is, as you more than likely know, being resurrected, courtesy of Disney’s decision to buy Lucasfilm. Star Wars Episode VII, the first in a new trilogy, is being written by Michael Arndt, and we’re expecting a director announcement in due course (it’s more than likely that the helmer for the new Star Wars film has been chosen, but everyone is staying mum for the time being).

Disney has said, though, that it’s looking for new Star Wars movies every other year, with Episode 8 and Episode 9 set for release in 2017 and 2019 respectively. And it now seems as though writers have been found for those films.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that deals have apparently been closed for Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg to start work on Star Wars Episode 8 and 9. And these are encouraging appointments.

It’s terrific to see Lawrence Kasdan in particular on board. He has history with Lucasfilm, given that he wrote or co-wrote The Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi and Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Furthermore, Simon Kinberg is hardly a shabby choice either. Amongst his screenplays are those for X-Men: First Class, Sherlock Holmes and X-Men: The Last Stand. He’s also penned the upcoming X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

There’s more on the story here. As we hear more on Star Wars, we'll let you know...

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Just no bloody Ewoks, alright?

Why not have the same writers for all three films, I wonder...?

Are they hoping lightning strikes twice by bringing in Kasdan as some kind of rabbit's foot for the new trilogy?

I personally think they shouldn't include Luke and co at all. The film should be centred around the Gungons and Ewoks having to team up to defeat an invading army of Wookies, maybe the ones introduced in the Christmas Special. That, I'd pay to see.

Hmm, Kinberg didn't write First Class. He was a producer. His writing credits include XXX 2 and This Means War.

For some reason this makes me feel a lot better. Let's not forget the input of Leigh Bracket into Empire, but Kasdan scripted Raiders, which is good enough for me.

I don't mind cameos from the original cast, but these should be completely new adventures.

He's ruled himself out, but could you imagine a Star Wars movie written by Kasdan and directed by Spielberg.

Maybe so they're not rushing to get them written?

Interesting news.

I disagree on the cameos. Give the originals some real meat, not just walk-on cameos. That or not at all. The main cast was so very important to the stories that you can't just flash their faces on screen for a minute or two and call it all good, just for the sake of saying that they were in the new film(s).

I agree with the rest though. If they are not on screen, then push the story forward, take risks and make something worthy of the franchise and not a shallow, shiny trilogy just to sell Lego sets and action figures. They owe us that much, at least, given what we've put up with recently.

I really think the original cast should have pivotal roles, even if new characters do all the energetic stuff. It's the epic story arch of those characters which I think makes Star Wars work. "The new adventures of Star Wars" would worry me a great deal, which was part of my concern about the potential TV series too.

Noooooooooo! The other films should be released in 2018 and 2021! It's always been a three year gap between films (except when it was 16...)
Sounds promising though.

I would've liked one person to write all three because then he has a set thing that he wants to do in his mind. I hope this works out though, my hopes are already up. Silly move, I know.

He work got rewritten on XXX2 and also on This means war. He wrote the story treatment for X-men 1st class, he also wrote Mr & Mrs Smith, Along with the ones mentioned above. Jumper he also wrote along with uncredited polishing on Fantasic Four, Sherlock Holmes 2, ( he wrote the 1st)

Well, here's how I would say to weigh this issue. Compare the original series to the prequels ... I'll take collaboration.

Don't forget the racist Asian stereotype aliens from the trade federation.

They weren't racist, were they? They were hapless pawns of the Sith, but they didn't do anything racist as far as I can recall...

I'd pay to see some (very) bloody Ewoks...

Lawrence Kasdan is the unsung hero of Empire/Jedi and The first three Indiana Jones films. This gives me utter confidence in what Disney are doing, Ep VII will relaunch the franchise like a NEW HOPE and then I expect VIII and IX to be a little deeper.

didn't you know? everyone has to be portrayed as an average white person otherwise it's deemed racist

I'd like it set down the track a ways from return of the Jedi and following parts of the books. Luke traveling and recruiting new Jedi's, Leia struggling with her new role, Han being Han but struggling with being Leia's consort, Skirmishes and battles with the remnants of the Empire as their Admirals go rogue with their fleets (Still intact, not everyone was at Endor) and taking over entire systems as Warlords.....The list goes on. The books after Endor had the basis for some good stories to be be had. Not sure if the original actors could still fill the roles, depending on the timeline and there fitness, but as a replacement for Han there is always Nathon Fillion. I still love you Carrie!

I think the problem is that the average white guys are portrayed as super people while the weak, frightened, stupid characters are saddled with bad 1800s Asian and black stereotype voices. Ignorance leads to indifference, indifference leads to te dark side ...

I'd rather they didn't appear at all than were replaced by other actors. If Nathan Fillion is involved I'll have to kill myself. Some of the material in the books is indeed excellent, though sadly they've left it a bit late to use the original cast for Zahn's storylines.

I love Carrie much more than you do, and she knows it.

That is all extremely discouraging. Fantastic Four was polished?

Sorry all, I respect your opinions, but for me they are all too old. It was painful enough watching Ford creak through Crystal Skull. Ten years ago they'd have got away with it, but half the budget would go on CGI'ing out their jowls. It not how I want to remember them.

either way its going to be difficult to avoid every whiny dickbag complaining about these movies when they come out.

Maybe they should CGI over Alec Guiness in epsisodes 4-6? I can tell you now I'd much rather have seen a young Alec Guiness in the prequels than Ewan McGregor, sadly it was physically impossible to do it. But having older people in it surely can't ruin it, can it? I think there would be something very poetic about Luke Skywalker as an old Jedi played by Mark Hamill. An old man is an old man, I'm sure they'd get him on training regime and add a bit of foundation, but the point is the natural cycle of life, just like Obi Wan and Yoda passing on to a new generation. The thing with Indiana Jones was that they were having him just carry on as usual, same clothes and everything.

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