Another possible director for Star Wars: Episode 7

News Simon Brew 7 Nov 2012 - 07:11
Star Wars

The rumour mill is rumbling again, with a second name thrown into the hat as a possible director for the next Star Wars film…

Until the day when producer Kathleen Kennedy confirms the person who’s going to be directing the upcoming Star Wars: Episode 7, you can expect no shortage of rumours as to who the identity of that person is. Yesterday, we reported that X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn had been linked with the job. Now? Colin Trevorrow has reportedly had conversations about the film.

Trevorrow is the man behind the indie movie Safety Not Guaranteed (which is heading the UK later this year), a film that George Lucas has already seen and apparently liked very much. As such, Trevorrow and Lucas met, with the new Star Wars film reportedly on the agenda.

What the outcome of that discussion was remains to be seen. But expect a few more names to be thrown into the pot before any kind of announcement is made…


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Colin Trevorrow.

George Lucas. He made some films in the 70s, I think.

I would say no. I think it needs to be someone with some clout who can stand up to Lucas and the studio. Not a Lucas puppet.

I would find it very difficult to accept this rumour without having seen anything from the director. Trevorrow may very well be talented enough and he fits into the kind of category I would be looking at, but I have no idea who he is!

I actually feel Seth Macfarlane would do a great job!

If you have seen his Starwars Family Guy episodes, you know how how much of a fan he is and how much he loves the Starwars films. Couldnt think of a better fan to direct them.

Obviously he would need a producer to help him tone down all the flash backs and fart jokes.

Lois Griffin as Princess Leia:
We're gonna get pulverized out here!

Peter Griffin as Han Solo:
Look, we got four or five of the main characters on this ship. I think we'll be fine.

Who ever it is, it will be someone who is cheap, if the Marvel approach is carried on!

Lucas has no clout of sorts hes just done the treatment! Its his Mate Katherine the head of LucasFilm that now has the clout
who incidently best mates with lucas, and was installed as head of lucas film prior to being sold, (and if the rumour is true was a condition of the sale that she remains in position)
Oh crap!

Admittedly it is tough to judge without seeing his film. As long as he can fight his corner thats fine.
They should get Kevin Smith as advisor, chief fanboy would make sure they don't mess up.

Good call (never gonna happen though) but you need to have a true love for something to satirise it the way he did.

I would have loved Smith as a contributor for the TV show as that would suit his knack for character interaction but I'm not sure about his chops for an action movie having seen Cop Out recently and Red State was madness but not paced well enough to make me think he could handle a big Hollywood franchise.

I think by his own admission he has steered clear of those kind of movies because he doesn't feel he could do them. He passed on the Green Hornet because of this AFAIK.

Really? Family Guy and Ted are a world away from a family friendly action blockbuster.

No way would I give this to him it would almost be a joke in itself if it happened.

The marvel approach is a pretty unique approach atm due to how they started out and the level of star they try to attract in order to pull in audiences.

I can't see Lucasfilm taking that route. They may have a loose arc penciled out by Lucas but they don't have the 'brain trust' that works behind the scenes to aid the screenwriters and directors. These movies will be very much in the hands of Kennedy to handpick who she thinks will deliver the goods.

ATM that's just speculation of course but I haven't seen anything that says they will copy their creative approach from Pixar and Marvel in order to ensure quality, as much I would like them to.

Oh yeah, contributor or advisor, either or but agreed to someone with action credentials.

I don't understand why people want massive Star Wars fans involved in making this. Surely they're the least suitable people to make these films? You need someone who respects the material but will always be more focused on making the best possible film rather than someone who is desperate to include everything they loved about the originals?

I'm inclined to agree. Paul Anderson and the Strauss brothers, who directed AVP 1 and 2 respectively, were huge fans of the franchises. I actually feel sorry for Paul Anderson, depsite the appalling film, because he is such a big fan of Aliens and now he has to live with having made an awful Alien(ish) film that fans hate. Anyway the point is, they both tried very hard to pay homage to the franchises by adding in little tidbits and links, but with a complete failure to show any actual filmmaking skill whatsoever. The same applies to actors too, I mean Ewan McGregor loves Star Wars and he was dreadful, poor direction or no poor direction.

You're right about not necessarily wanting A-list/B-list SW fanboys to take over but what i'm saying is that you can bet that those who are will have been onto their agent as soon as this was announced to sound out the possibility.

Saying that though I think you'll find that there probably aren't many who won't have at least some affection for the franchise considering it's impact on several generations and want to do it justice as I'm sure they are just as aware of the failings as we are and will not want to repeat previous mistakes.

Safety Not Guaranteed was a great film. Not sure how Trevorrow would handle the leap from an indie sci-fi/romcom to a swashbuckling sci-fi Joseph Campbell, however...

Joe Johnston. What's the mystery?


there is not enough caps lock to even fathom the awesomeness, also Garth Jennings comes to mind those two can capture the exact feel of the original movies

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