Ford, Hamill & Fisher interested in Star Wars return

News Simon Brew 6 Nov 2012 - 06:47

Are Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia set for a return in Star Wars Episode 7?

It’s unclear thus far just how far after Return Of The Jedi the planned new Star Wars trilogy will be set, although there’s no shortage of theories doing the rounds right now. But, the fact that it’ll be, in story terms, the film set the latest thus far, means that it opens the door for the return of original Star Wars trilogy characters.

In particular, we’re talking about Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia. But would Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher be interested in reprising those roles, all these years later? Well, according to Entertainment Weekly, that’d be a yes.

EW quotes one of its sources as saying “Harrison is open to the idea of doing the movie and he’s upbeat about it, all three of them are”. That said, at this stage, he won’t press ahead with talks about Star Wars Episode 7 until there’s a script and director in place. Which makes sense.

More on this as we hear it.


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In all honesty I'm not sure it'd be appropriate for them to all come back, at least not as major roles, because I don't think it'd be possible to recreate the same magic of the Original Trilogy, even with the original trio back. They're much, much older now and some things are better left in the past for them to stay magical. I know that may not sit well with some, but some things just have to be accepted for the good of the upcoming films and the Original Trilogy.

I think the new trilogy should be about their heirs or something similar so that there's still a definite connection to the original trio, and having said that I'd also like to see Hamill back though as an Obi-Wan type figure, at least in the first film, because I think that'd make sense in the context of Luke's position post-ROTJ.

I'd love to see all three of them back. Lucas doesn't consider the Expanded Universe as truely cannon but if he adheres to it in broad strokes Luke can be head of the Jedi Council and Han & Leia would be high ups in the new Republic. Ideal positions for them to pop in out of story whenever the main characters need some orders or a bit of advice.
I just feel that for Episode 7 at least there should be something to tie it all together before the new cast runs with it.

Have Luke go to the dark side, he looks the part these days.

For god's sake don't let Leia have her bikini back, it would destroy to many happy childhood memories.

And let Han shoot first.

I think they would be supporting roles, but you could definitely make it work. It'd be nice to see 'Grandad Han' et al, heh.

I thought Ford hated Star Wars and everything to do with it? (bit ungrateful if you ask me though...)

I think that probably would be their approach. We'd start off with our new characters and then the classic ones would get awesome entrance (or death) scenes that would hopefully be plot/character arc related rather than just there because they can. This isn't their story but there's no reason why they can't have a role to play in the journey's of the new leads.

I would like to see Mark Hamill back as Luke Skywalker taking a major role in this new trilogy . I mean , it's nearly 30 years since jedi so much could have happened,.. he could have turned to the dark side in that time and have become deadly enemies with his twin sister eh?

Episode 7 - Remember When He Kissed His Sister?

I would be SO happy to see them all back. Why WOULDNT you have them all back. It's a continuation, not a seperate story.

We can't just pick up at some random point.

I think I agree with what a few people below have said, Luke turning to the Dark Side (lets be honest, he always had it in him) and taking on his sister (who has now become a Jedi of her own, through Luke teaching her).

Could be a good sequel?

Hmmm, or maybe they are too old...

With or without, this whole concept is flawed and will be awful. It will make a ton of cash though...

Luke as the wise Ben Kenobi type sage Jedi master. Solo as an Admiral or something and Leia as queen/matriarch leader of something. Not central roles, but significant enough to do them justice.

As anxious as I am to see these three return I'm more interested in hearing what kind of villain we can expect. With Vader and the Emperor dead who could step up to fill the void? Another Sith? Vader's secret apprentice? Jar-Jar Binks? I'm just hoping there aren't any more clones...

I've never heard that. He happily took part in the Empire of Dreams documentary a few years ago.

That's how I imagine them coming back - as supporting characters to a new gang of heroes (much like Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru, Obi-Wan, Yoda etc were to Luke and co). Just as with the prequel trilogy, with the exception of the droids, none of the rest went on to be part of the main gang of IV through VI. But then Lucas's original vision was always the entire story through the droids' eyes so perhaps we'll see them return again (and hopefully they will gloss over the whole Vader built Threepio and by the way Artoo can fly debacle!)

I think that was one of the main downfalls of the prequels - there was no gang and therefore no real relationships or camaraderie between the heroes to speak of. I'm sad to say that The Phantom Menace came the closest to a gang but wasted the concept entirely on the 'spectacle' of a cartoon rasta-frog, an underacting kid and an overdressed queen.

They just need to be there to "pass the torch" to the new generation--their children, Luke's etc. IF they follow some ideas they could pull from the expanded Universe novels, the logical place to "start" these movies is about 40 years after ROTJ--Luke is the Grand Master of the re formed Jedi order--as others have said, ala Ben Kenobi or Yoda, and the children of Luke, Han & Leia(both could be "retired" or still have strategic roles in the govt &/or military), along with other adult Jedi can take center stage as new threats come to a galaxy that has enjoyed 40 years or so of peace.

I like most of that but I doubt there would be 40 years of peace as even though TheEmperor and Vader were killed, the remnants would have fought on

You raise a great point & in the books that is exactly what occurred until there was a partial unification, and a "new" much smaller Empire emerged that was ostensibly NOT in conflict with the New Republic, but not best friends either. I think though, that all of that could be covered in the opening crawl & then a new threat--perhaps one that requires the New Republic & Empire to work together to defeat it, comes into play

If is is a direct follow on to ROTJ timeline I'm guessing Admiral Thrawn would be the obvious choice at least the script is there in novel form. Though It would take a lot of tweaking given the actors ages.

As long as they don't recast ANY of the roles to other people, I'm happy for the original characters to come back. Original actors please, I'll never accept that Ewan McGregor became Alec Guiness. I'd love it if they could get an ethereal Palpatine to appear, even if it was a bit gratuitous. I think he's the best part of the saga over the 6 films. And for the love of god don't let the "next generation" be a bunch of perfect, nauseating teens with no acting ability.

Sure, they shouldn't be the main characters though.

Oh ok. Fair enough. I thought he hated people always going on about it. Or perhaps that is just his general grumpy demeanour.

Isn't that the same Harrison Ford who wanted to be killed off at the end of the first movie?

Here's how it's gonna be: Leia and Luke are supporting characters in the film, as Jedi Master and Queen/High Official respectively. At the big battle at the films climax, Leia and her guards are pinned down, waiting for their remaing forces to come.

She grabs a transponder and shouts something like: "This is Queen Organa, WHERE THE HELL IS OUR FLEET??!!"

Then, from the other end, we hear a familiar, snarky voice: "They're just cathing up, honey. Hold on, we're coming through!"

Cue pewpew laser sounds and massive explosions, and through the mayhem blasts the Millenium Falcon, wrecking havoc in its way. After clearing a landing spot, it sets down the doors open, and out comes Fleet Admiral Solo, guns blazing, at the head of the federation's Elite Troops.

They do battle, but suddenly it seems as an enemy has got the drop on him. Oh noes! Then THWACK!, an arrow is lodged in the enemy's chest, Solo turns to look, the camera pans around, and there is Chewie, crossbow in hand, doing his mighty roar.

That's what I wanna see, anyways :)

Loved captain solo but wheres the wookie ?

An arrow?....seriously an arrow? When did Chewie fire arrows from his Bowcaster? Jeebus H Tiity Feck!!

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