First director rumour for Star Wars Episode 7

News Simon Brew 6 Nov 2012 - 06:35
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Is Matthew Vaughn set to jump from X-Men to Star Wars Episode 7?

Well, somewhat inevitably, that didn’t take long. Less than a week after it was announced that Disney was bringing Star Wars back to the big screen, the first interesting rumour as to who might be taking over from George Lucas in the director’s chair has surfaced.

Collider is reporting – and we suspect there are many more rumours ahead – that X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn is the man who is on the wishlist for the new Star Wars film. Vaughn dropped out of directing X-Men: Days Of Future Past (ironically, Bryan Singer was confirmed as director of that project the same day the Star Wars news broke), apparently to make Secret Service with Mark Millar instead.

But is that the real reason? Because Collider’s sources have told the site that Vaughn is in talks with Lucasfilm to direct Star Wars Episode 7, and that that’s the real reason he dropped out of X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

Clearly, there’s nothing approaching official confirmation of that at the moment, but in Collider’s defence, its tentacles are generally very good.

We’ll see how this pans out. If it’s true, he sounds like a good choice to us, providing he’s given the time to make the film properly.


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Joss Whedon is the only choice for writer and director. How simple is this? Matthew Vaughn is good, but Whedon, and fandom in general, have been waiting for this forever. Don't mess this up Disney.

Whedon is stuck working on Marvel right now, so he's out of it completely.

Mark Millar actually tweeted saying that he was just off the phone with his "favourite director", who was in line for directing episode 7. The science checks out!

At this point Avengers 2 will make a bucket load of cash irrespective of the quality of the product. The next Star Wars will set up the cash flow for the next few years of the 'franchise'. Seeing as Disney own Marvel and Star Wars I'm sure agreement could be reached.
Personally I would let him finish Avengers 2 then put back Star wars 7 till 2017, (2015 seems like a bit too hasty).

Wow Matthew Vaughn is perfect, someone who will bring a sense of fun and youthfulness to the project. Top choice I'd say...

X-men first class was a very quick turn around and vaughn got that finished extremely well. I think the 21/2 year timescale on this could be more than doable for someone like Vaughn and he would do it very well

"Joss Whedon is the only choice for writer and director." That is a ridiculous, narrow-minded statemennt. Speak for yourself about fandom waiting for this forever. I'm a card-carrying geek and I can't abide his work. He made this mega-hit that geeks love. It doesn't follow that he's perfect to make a completely different type of geek blockbuster. Personally I could do without his usual wise-cracking, ironic bunch of "kewl" characters traipsing around the galaxy.

Am I the only person who thought X-Men First Class was a pretty poor movie? Maybe that was less to do with the direction and more a weak script and story. I thought about Spielburg...for a second. Then I remembered that he doesn't do action movies that last Indiana Jones movie was one terrible movie. He is too old now. It needs youth to inject some magic. My vote goes to Alfonso Cuaron and I agree that Joss Whedon is tied up making marvel magic!

Great minds.

I believe Vaughn will be awesome, not because of Kick Ass or X-Men but because of StarDust. Star Wars is by far more of a fantasy than sci fi movie. He's got the right sense of scale, the right humour and the right understanding of characterisation. Much as I love Whedon, he'd turn all the characters into Whedon characters with Whedon dialogue... which would be inappropriate in my view.

Ha! I was tweeting Day 1 that Matthew Vaughn is a great choice. Whedon will be too busy! As someone says below, Stardust is a good example - it was like an 80's movie made in recent times.

I would think about David Yates, the last 4 Harry Potter films were very good IMHO and managed to make a children's franchise accessible and interesting to adults as well without resorting to crudity.

I thought I was the only one with this opinion

Who would win in a fight, Wreck-It Ralph, the Hulk, Mr. Incredible or.... Yoda?

You really need someone from a fantasy background. Despite the sci-fi visuals & settings the tone of Star Wars is far more fairy tale in nature.

There are a few of us, just underground at the moment, we're trying to build momentum to mount a resistance. Someone will be in contact with you soon, hang in there son.

Not the Hulk, but Hulk Hogan.

Blomkamp is the wrong choice. As great a director he is, I completely agree, you have to take into consideration the factors of 'how' a director shoots a film visually. Directors rarely change their visual eye, Kubrick, Hitchcock, Spielburg, Ridley Scott, Tarantino, Sergio Leone, you could reel off any directors name and you will always find consistency in the appearance of their films. Successful directors rarely stray from this aspect, it's their trademark. Anyone who is familiar with Blomkamp's work, right down to his short films, knows that his trademark 'Cinema Verite' documentary style of shooting goes completely against the grain of how the Star Wars films have been presented in the past.

I agree that Blomkamp is an awesome sci-fi writer and director, and I can't wait to see what he does with Elysium. I suspect that the reason he's not everyone's number one choice is that he's yet to demonstrate that he can play in someone else's universe, whereas most of the other top candidates have.

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