George Lucas on new Star Wars, his own plans

News Simon Brew 5 Nov 2012 - 06:17
Mr George Lucas

Will George Lucas be involved in picking a new Star Wars director? And is he still planning to make films of his own?

The dust seems to finally be settling on the news that nearly caused the Internet to implode last week. We're talking about, of course, the revelation that Disney is buying Lucasfilm for just over $4bn (the bulk of which George Lucas is giving to education), and that new Star Wars movies are on the way.

We know that George Lucas has basically written a treatment for a new trilogy of Star Wars films, but, many wondered, where does his involvement stretch beyond that?

"I've turned it over to a wonderful producer, Kathy Kennedy, and I've known her for years", Lucas has again confirmed to EW. "She's more than capable of taking it and making it better than I did". He said all this in response to a question asking whether he'd be involved in choosing a director for the new movies.

It's unclear how close to the template Lucas has set out that Kennedy will have to stick, but that aside, it really does seem as though the new films will have little involvement at all from the bearded one.

He has reiterated, too, that he's not done with film making. He said that he's still planning "to make my own little personal film", although he's not said more than that at the moment. Whether those personal films get a wide release, or cost solid amounts of cash, we'll find out in due course.

For now, we know that Star Wars Episode VII is set for release in 2015. And we'd imagine a lot of writers and directors got their agents to put in calls about it last week...


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"She's more than capable of taking it and making it better than I did". Not exactly hard.

".....millions of voices suddenly cried out in relief."

Hah, exactly what I thought! Same statement would have worked if he'd given to a 12 year old.

However, kudos to Lucas if he is giving $4b to education. I can't imagine he particularly needs it...

All these comments must really hurt Lucas. Perhaps he'll lock himself away and count the $4 Billion f***s he couldn't give for all the fanboy whining.

Do all you whining fanboys twats have any idea what a bunch of arseholes you sound like ?

Is this an almost-apology from Lucas to the fans?

Did he finally realise that the desire of the fans for more quality SW was much greater than his desire to deliver it and he did the noble thing and handed it on?

... George Lucas has turned into an ass, but you "fanboys" really believe ANYONE could do it better? Prove it! At least try and write a script and publish it anyway you can and see if someone cares... geez... this "I must hate the prequels" trend is so annoying...

Someone already did, lol. Irving Kirshner and Lawrence Kasdan made the definitive Star Wars film and proved that Lucas should be a producer and give story points. I love how the prequel apologists come on here and call the fans names! Of course that's all they CAN do because there is no way to defend bad filmmaking.

Says the guy throwing a childish tantrum ...

Lucas does seem to get a LOT of stick off of fans.

Not sure all of it is justified. Ok, so the prequels were not great. But they had a lot to live up to.

Remember, without him, there would never have actually BEEN a Starwars film in the first place. Then what would you all have had to moan about then?

I still think America Graffiti was his best film. And what I like about it, is that he can't add any CGI to it. Unless he wants the race at the end to be in 3-D or something...

"And what I like about it, is that he can't add any CGI to it."

Where there's a Lucas, there's a way...

While Lucas has made some poor films in the past several years in my opinion, he's still very important and hugely influential. Take a look at the recent DoG article on what Lucas has contributed to movie making in general. He may not deserve adoration for recent films, but he certainly deserves some respect for past accomplishments and contributions.

I can't believe I'm defending Lucas... He's donating most of the $4 Billion to charity. That alone makes him way more than alright in my books.

We know that George Lucas has basically written a treatment for a new trilogy of Star Wars films,

Did we know this, the last think I heard was that he couldn't see any continuation beyond Return.
Also an I the only one that thinks $4 billion is ridiculously cheap seeing as revenge of the sith made $3 billion in merchandising alone.

Oh absolutely. If you look at my post on that very article you will see I said the 12 year old me adored him and his work and the 36 year old me wants to punch him on the nose. Pretty much sums up what you have written above.

YES! I was thinking that myself. He cant do it, OR wont do it, Or wont listen to the fans...or has got sick of the ear ache he has been getting for being so crap, so he has handed it on. I myself, put up a post on here when I heard the Pharting Mennace was coming out in the cinema again but in 3D. I said it was time for him to retire, that he had lost the plot , to stop flogging a dead horse and so on. But I never once for a moment thought that he would actually do just that. You know what? I actually find myself respecting him a lot more for it. However It remains to be seen if the new films are any good. As Roman123 said, its not going to be exactly hard to make something better than the Panting Moonace....I can never bring myself to give that film its proper name. And if it all goes Deathstar shaped then he cant be blamed either. As a burnt out fan, I find that I can no longer be bothered about StarWars because of the crap prequel flogathon. If the new film comes out, and is great and fun and everything a StarWars film should be, like it was back in 1977 then I will be happy and celebrate and love it. But I am going to wait and see. Either way I am just pleased that Luca$ is out of it now.

Exactly right. There are lots of works of fan fiction out there that are better than his latest films, along with some of the books. There is no way to defend bad film making. BUT he has done something good in handing it on, and giving his cash away, and he has made a huge impact on film making, broken new ground and been amazing too. If you look back at Return of the Jedi, you can see the seeds of the Poonting Mongface prequels etc were sown there. Story getting a bit tired, Lots of gonk aliens, stupid Ewoks was starting even then. If CGI had been around then, we would have had millions of CGI Jar Jar Ewoks...oh the Horror....

hehehe this is hilarious...such fun. Yes starcoll we are whining fanboy twats. But we also have a very valid point, and are mostly right about said points. I for one am pleased he has got the message. I sat and watched the film fanboys with my wife last week. Right at the end as a million fans in costume in the cinema are going nuts and watching the opening crawl, and loving it and waiting for the fun to begin, one of them turns to the other and says "what if the film sucks?...."
And it did. big time. And that was such a shame. Hence all the rabid and often valid venting from 1999 until now. I stand by what I said a year ago in here. I wish the prequels had never been made. I wish he had passed it on to someone else back then, because if he had all this could have been avoided. At least he has had the guts and courage to do so now, and pass most of his money away, and in one move go a long way to putting right the damage. We will all have to wait and see what happens with the new films, but at least it might be different this time, it might be fun again...Heheheh can you imagine the global melt down there will be if its not??? I think if that happens I may have to leave the planet...

ive always said GL needed to die for us to get a decent SW story. Dont get me wrong I didnt want him or was willing him to die I jutst thought he would never let go so a new generation could make the next lot of films!
This is for the best and GL is still alive, no matter what you think of him he is still a hero for the original films plus the whole SW universe

... I don't know about you, but Irving Kershner is not an ANYONE. He was a capable director of handling both character and spectacle and Lucas saw that prior hiring him. What pisses me off is when people say things like "a twelve year old could come up with something better" yet the same people cannot do it?

... George wanted to sell, Disney wanted to buy. And yeah, Lucas was always lying, first he said he had three trilogies mapped out and the he said only six movies were necessary to tell the story. He then said he wouldn't allow more movies to be made. And now well, we all know.

... the prequels didn't "suck" like you say, you simply didn't liked them. I did. There was more hype than any film can live up to and because of that it was always going to disappoint

Just because you liked them didn't mean they were good. By all standards of filmmaking, the prequels were poorly made. That doesn't mean it's wrong to like them, just don't try saying they are good movies. Simply say YOU liked them.

You asked if anyone could do it better and I provided an example of someone who already did. I think you may have been getting at ANYONE who's not a professional filmmaker, but in my defense it was worded weirdly. However, I think you need to get over this animosity towards people not liking the prequels. It's perfectly alright to like movies that are poorly made. Take Neighborhood watch, terribly constructed movie, however, I loved it. I'm just not trying to convince people it was good just because I enjoyed it. It's ok to like bad movies.

Whether something is poorly made or not is also a matter of opinion, not simply fact.

And just because you don't like them doesn't automatically mean they were bad, either. A film's quality is all based on opinion.

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