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News Simon Brew 31 Oct 2012 - 06:44
Star Wars

A few more details following the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm and Star Wars...

Well, we were just putting our feet up with a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit last night when, er, quite a lot happened. The announcement that Disney has bought Lucasfilm came as a bit of a bolt from the blue, and there was a lot to digest really quite quickly.

So, as Disney looks to embark on a new Star Wars film for release in 2015, what else do we know?

Well, firstly, if you think that Disney buying Lucasfilm opens up the possibility of original trilogy theatrical cuts heading to Blu-ray, that's unlikely to be the case. Bleeding Cool reports that Fox is retaining the distribution rights to the existing Star Wars movies. Basically, the position is unchanged in that department, and presumably, it'll still need George Lucas' blessing to change that. Don't expect it.

Elsewhere, and you've probably read the confirmation of this elsewhere by now, it's three Star Wars films that Disney is pressing ahead with in the first instance. They're being referred to as episodes 7, 8 and 9, so it we can cleverly piece together that they're set after the original trilogy. We also know that George Lucas has put together a treatment for the story for those three films, which Disney is going to work off. A screenwriter and director have not yet been appointed, but Lucas has established some kind of template.

What we can't find anything out about just yet - although, to be fair, it's been less than 12 hours since the deal was announced - is the state of the live action Star Wars TV show. That's included in the deal, that much is certain. There are lots of scripts already written too, and the line was that all concerned were waiting for technology and the cost of effects to hit something of a sweet spot before they pressed ahead. We might not find out for a while what the score is there.

As we find out more on all of this, we'll let you know...

Bleeding Cool

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According to that Bleeding Cool article, FOX will retain rights on the existing films... meaning little to no chance of seeing the OT's theatrical versions in a newly remastered and anamorphic widescreen DVD/Blu-Ray release, darn that Luca$... no wonder he's happy, he just pocketed FOUR BILLION DOLLARS, wouldn't you be!?

it depends how much of a say Lucas retains, If Fox won't get any new star wars they might want to maximise the Original 3 and get the trilogy out.

I can imagine a lot of questions are getting asked at fox today about how they never bought Lucas film

I think we can all agree what they need to make. The Jar-Jar Chronicles! Right? Who's with me?


Anyone? :(

Fox maintaining distribution rights of the original films is a good thing. As much as I love Disney, my one problem is their uptight distribution tactics; releasing films occasionally for a limited period before pulling them off the shelves again until next time they want lots of peoples' money at once. When Tron Legacy was released, it was impossible to find Tron anywhere. If Disney controlled distribution of the original Star Wars movies, a similar thing would probably happen.

So that's Disney, Lucasfilm, ILM, Disney Animation, Pixar and Marvel are all now under the House Of Mouse now! So there could be a new Indiana Jones film too. Plus so I was reading elsewhere, Dark Horse have still got the rights to the Star Wars comics, but what with Marvel Comics being 'in house', be interesting to see where that goes in the future too.

I hope they cancel the proposed tv series and concentrate on making good films. Star Wars is a big screen epic not a weekly tv show.

The Fact that you couldn't find Tron when Legacy came out was a tactic by Disney because they thought if people saw Tron they would skip Legacy. I see why, if younger people saw Tron for the first time it would not be a good thing for Legacy ticket sales.

Like stated above, if FOX still owns the rights to the OT they could demand it be put out on Blu Ray but I am sure that will never happen.

Set in the future of the original films and featuring twins from earth on opposite sides of the force?
The twins are Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

leave the Skywalker story well alone and venture into some of the books I say

I want only ONE thing from Disney...

I want the ORIGINAL Starwars films, in their ORIGINAL state (i.e no added scenes and CGI, and the new anakin skywalker 'ghost' in Jedi), to be released as a TRILOGY on Blu-Ray.

Is that so much to ask!?

Absolutely. Want to kill Star Wars? Just produce 100 weekly episodes with poor acting and tedious standalone plots about the cousin of Tarkin's sister-in-law, and a wookie and a stormtrooper having to work together to get off of a barren moon.

I'd like to be released in my original state too, but it's not going to happen.

Home video releases of the original Theatrical Releases are now more likely than ever. Since Lucas has relinquished control of his other IT the original serial is now one of the few ways to influence popular culture and attract attention. While I don't think of Lucas as an attention whore I do think he gets wrestles and he will eventually look to "restore" the original prints and release them just to satisfy this urge. In other words, selling off all new IT of Star Wars and related properties narrows his option somewhat.

Great idea! Wait, no, that was the trip to the dentists. OK, OTHER THAN the trip to the dentist, that sounds like a great idea. Wait, that was my volentary kneecap amputation. OK, other than a trip to the dentists and a volentary kneecap amputation this is a great idea.

Wait, then there is the black plague...

Yes it is as the article clearly says that Fox retains the rights to distributing the original films. So that's one thing you can't get from Disney sorry bud.

Does this mean the new films won't have the Fox searchlight logo thingy at the start?

@Andy Barbieri since 2004 The House of Mouse have also owned the Jim Henson Company / The Muppets rights too

Right, I am guessing it will have the Disney Castle intro.

If they make more stories about the bloody Skywalkers I'll be disappointed. There's a whole universe out there; they should focus on some original characters. If they want to pop in a well-known character cameo from the OT, that's fine.

I'm secretly hoping the 7-9 films are all done with Lego animation. It's far more interesting and cuter than watching Hayden act his way out of that invisible paper bag he had on for the prequels.

That's where the prequels went wrong, in my humble estimation, Lucas concentrated on Anakin Skywalker instead of merely using his descent into darkness as an emotional background metaphor for what was happening in the Republic at large, but was not the sole narrative focus of the entire trilogy... I still contest the prequels weren't necessary, you didn't need seven hours total to explain how Anakin got into the iron lung suit of Vader, Obi-Wan could have explained it in '...Jedi' and he would have saved Lucas about $350m and us three painfully dull films!

Whilst not knowing what the broader storyline for the upcoming new trilogy is - I would bet it'll be the founding of a new Galactic Democracy and the rise of a new Jedi Order against the backdrop of a lawless galaxy following the implosion of the Empire, a kind of Wild West or Old Japanese Samurai era in space, Sergio Leone or Akira Kurosawa with spaceships - over the last 24 hours since I've digested the news, I've become quite excited about the prospect of a new trilogy - especially one with Lucas taking a backseat role - the trouble with the prequels was you had a pre-determined outcome of events and characteristics you had to fit the narrative around, whereas with this new trilogy, the story is new and wide open virgin territory to unfold and explore in any direction you want, with no preset boxes to tick or dots to join; consider me one now-very-excited punter... forget the release in 2015, I want the teaser trailer NOW :-)...

I would dearly love that to be the case, but unfortunately, I don't think it will be. Lucas is utterly determined that the altered versions will be the only versions seen by future generations, and he's probably either impressed upon Kathleen Kennedy not to re-release the OT theatrical versions in a newly remastered presentation or had it enshrined in contract that he has veto powers over such a move... I hope I'm wrong, but I'll be stunned if it ever happens.

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