New Return of the Jedi Footage emerges

News Cameron K McEwan 10 Jun 2012 - 09:17

Previously unseen footage from behind the scenes of Star War Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi has arrived online...

Some extraordinary and previously unseen behind-the-scenes footage of the second Star Wars sequel has emerged online. A documentary, at just over seven minutes long, has been released onto YouTube featuring the filming on Jabba's Sail Barge as seen in 1983's Return of the Jedi.

Jeff Broz managed to capture these incredible moments whilst George Lucas and the gang were making the final episode to the Skywalker saga in Buttercup Valley, California in 1982.

Lucasfilm can be a bit grabby when it comes to online footage so best catch this whilst you can. You can find the material, if all has gone to plan, below these very words...

Please note: this clip has no sound.

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Wow! Actual sets! 

It's interesting because the shots are so far away it's difficult to see what's going on. It's a shame there is no interviews from the crew members. Sometimes they are more interesting than actors.

MEH. doesn't seem to be anything particually new or interesting, no new scenes and the picture quality is terrible making it impossible to see much in the way of detail.

I've recently gotten into watching the new CG Clone Wars series. It is neat to see the classic way of making Star Wars. The quality of the shots don't bother me.  Thanks for sharing.

Amazing piece of history - thanks so much for sharing. Much more satisfying then people in front of a green screen.

Particularly enjoyed the guest appearance of Dave Lee Travis at 4:31

Who cares? Story told and film seen over two decades ago. I love star wars and think the legends secrets should remain there.

How many stunt doubles does R2D2 need?

Whattaya mean actual sets, there's plenty of actual sets in the prequel trilogy, they're just all done later in a computer back on the Ranch...!?

Ah, the memories, back when 'Star Wars' was still a mere Trilogy, and not the self-perpetuating permanent cash machine it turned into...

Well much as I liked the original trilogy I managed to watch about two minutes of this before giving up. Nothing new here, I know you're saying its new footage, but really? It looks like a dozen things I've seen before and shot really badly too (you had me going there for a second) ...

That's a pretty impressive set! I didn't realise they used just a big rig for Jabba's barge

The CGI in this clip is terrible..... What computer programme was this even made on?

I love the way how you tried to be ironic and funny there and completely failed in both categories. In fact your fail was funnier than your joke - so thanks for the laugh chum.

It's such a beautiful thing

My pleasure :-)

The fact that you couldn't laugh at a lame joke was an even bigger laugh for me. Not every day there's an epic fail in criticizing a lose.

I agree, it's every shot in the movie sequence from another angle.

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