New Star Wars Blu-rays to feature more tinkering?

Feature Simon Brew
24 Aug 2011 - 07:09

It looks like George Lucas has been playing with his Star Wars films again, ahead of the release of the movies on Blu-ray next month...

Uh-oh. Things had been really quite quiet with regards the upcoming release of the six Star Wars movies on Blu-ray. There had been no chatter about the films being tinkered with again, and it seemed like we were going to have a controversy-free launch for the movies this time around.

Think again.

Over at The Digital Bits, they’ve had a behind the scenes look at the creation of the Blu-ray set, and from their report, they note that “Once again, George has apparently added a few new ‘surprises’ into these films.”

The report notes “I don’t know what they are and didn’t get to see any of them … but I was assured that there will be “new things to notice” when we watch the films”.

And one of those things is likely to be the introduction of a digital Yoda in The Phantom Menace. “Way back when Episode III was released on DVD, ILM digital effects supervisor Pablao Helman confirmed to me that the puppet Yoda in Episode I was replaced with a digital version to better match his appearance in Episodes II and III”.

This might be going against the grain a bit, but personally I’ve no problem with The Phantom Menace being tinkered with. I’m not one of those who hates the movie, but conversely, I don’t have any passion towards it. The insertion of a CGI Yoda is the least of that movie’s problems, if we’re being circumspect about it.

The bigger problem, and the unknown really, is what else has been changed. And we’ll not really have an answer to that until the Blu-rays themselves are released and have been pored over.

The discs arrive in mid-September. In the meantime, check out the excellent work of The Digital Bits, here.

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool spoke to representatives from ILM last week, and heard that nothing has been tinkered with. Story here.

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