Star Trek sequel draft screenplay completed

News Simon Brew
18 Aug 2014 - 06:24

Whether you're calling it Star Trek 3 or Star Trek 13, the first draft of the next Stare

It's still early stages, but a significant hurdle has been negotiated on the path to getting the next Star Trek movie to the screen. Roberto Orci, who is co-writing and directing the next Star Trek adventure has confirmed that the first draft of the screenplay is complete.

He dropped the news over at the comments section of the excellent Trek Movie, revealing that he, alongside co-scribes J D Payne and Patrick McKay, had written "fade out yesterday on first draft", confirming that "things are moving".

Inevitably, there's still a fair amount of script work to go, but this does fold into Paramount's plan to get the new Star Trek film in cinemas in time for the franchise's 50th birthday in 2016. Expect it to start filming next year, with Orci at the helm.

More news as we get it.

Trek Movie.

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