Roberto Orci reveals details of next Star Trek film

News Simon Brew 27 Jun 2014 - 06:14

The co-writer and director of the next Star Trek movie, Roberto Orci, has been talking about his plan for the film...

Very early work has begun on the new Star Trek movie it seems, with screenwriter and now director Roberto Orci offering one or two hints as to where the new movie will go. Turns out, the answer to that is deep space.

Chatting to the Humans From Earth podcast, Orci said that "in this movie they are closer than they are to the original characters that you have ever seen". He added that "they have set off on their five year mission. So their adventure is going to be in deep space". See: told you.

Paramount is expected to release the film in the summer of 2016, to tie into the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. The main cast, led by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, are expected to return. Orci will be making his feature directorial debut with the movie.

Humans From Earth.

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Okay. So. the Klingon invade the federation with the technology they stole from the Romulus mining ship..blah blah blah....I miss the old crew.

Really, really couldn't care less after Into Darkness. If this is going to be another rehash of a classic story, count me out.

he look a bit like Neil Morrissey

I'm guessing whales... the plot will revolve around whales... it's such a mad idea, that it can't have been done in a sci-fi film before.... oh wait!!!

If he keeps shifting the dynamic of the crew and ignoring the triumvirate of Kirk, Spock and McCoy then I'll be disappointed. That to me was the biggest issue in the second one - the sidelining of McCoy (a great character brilliantly played) in order to give Uhura (a good character adequately played) more to do was bad writing. The first movie was well balanced as an ensemble but the second one was all over the place.

After Into Darkness there is only really one possible sequel. A scenario where the Federation and the Klingon Empire are locked in an endless war. With the federation able to cure death with Khan blood (FFS) they can just send wave after wave of ships and men to fight the Klingons who should be rightly pissed off after Kirk invaded the Klingon home world.

Despite the rehashing, I still think the worst aspect of this new Trek is that Kirk shouldn't be the one in command. Spock should. They even say so in Into Darkness. Kirk only got to be in the captain's chair through cheating and through the ruse of Spock Prime and the ruse of Admiral Marcus. He's a pawn. Without command experience.

They were so keen to recreate the chemistry of the old crew they forgot Kirk should actually be their boss, and not just their bestie. All he's good for is punching and getting punched.

And who's in charge of the Federation now? This new Trek simply doesn't get Roddenberry's vision or DS9's commentary on that.

You know who should make the new Star Trek? Seth Mcfarlane and the creators of Cosmos. They nailed it.

Anyone running a book on which film he's ripping off for this one?

I'd love it if Alex Kurtzman also looked a bit like Martin Clunes.

The last two films were shallow to the point of depressing

Things I've read suggest that Orci has more of a handle on the characters and the (original) franchise than the other bods in charge, so giving him greater control should be a good thing. Supposedly he was responsible for the enjoyable first half of Into Darkness, while the unnecessary Khan derailing was thanks to Damon Lindelof and The Company.

Then again, his name is similar to orca, so we could just be in for whales again.

That would be AWESOME to see!

One word: Borg. 50 year anniversary and all that, has to be...!

'Bout time.

Sorry, but I'm not buying it. Orci can say it's super duper Trek until his face turns blue. It doesn't make it so.

Exactly. Star Trek is Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Even tripe like the V: The Final Frontier managed to have some bright moments when it was focusing on the trio - the campfire scene etc. etc.

Bad guy with huge ship, angry at the Federation, and no real morality play to take away from watching.. That would make a nice change.
Oh, wait...

Well, since it is a reboot of TOS and not TNG, maybe Klingons, but I doubt they will go with Borg. Although it would work great with the new, action-oriented movies.

Sign me up for ST XX, The Unforgettable Orca.

my first thought was what the hell does Neil Morrissey have to do with star trek

Two words: Alternate Timeline :)

We know the Borg have existed for thousands of years in some form, who's to say the destruction of Vulcan didn't attract their interest in the Alpha quadrant prematurely (to TNG era). Or maybe it will be an origin story of the Borg, and something the Enterprise does turns them from their normal human-like existence into the collective.

With time travel and alternate timelines, anything is possible. Speculation is fun :)

I seem to recall reading that Orci wasn't really happy with the idea of using Khan in the first place, and was pushing for them to have the crew on the 5-year mission last time. Which shows that what happens behind the scenes can be a lot more complex than we imagine, and assigning blame when we don't know what actually transpired is rather unfair of us.
Saying that, my main concern with Orci is his lack of experience in the directors chair. He hasn't directed anything before as far as I can tell, not even a short film. At least Nimoy and Shatner had directed episodes of T.J. HOOKER before they each helmed their first TREK film!

Yes, of course, I just found it more logical (ha-ha) for them to go with the Klingons at this point. Also because if they later decide to reboot TNG, having new Borg would be the very exciting moment of that. I am not sure they want to burn that bridge at this point.
But I would be delighted, I have just got to TNG S4 this month and I am already in love with the Borg! Really excited to see how that works out. I am a newbie.

I'd like to see tha Zapp Branigan version of Kirk. The killbots have a pre-set maximum kill setting. Realising that he sent wave after wave of his own men until each killbot reached its maximum setting and switched off. Brilliant classic Futurama.
I'm not Khan's magic blood can do much if you're vapourized by phaser fire or blown to pieces in a starship.

Make it so. Like it. I miss TNG.

Maybe there is some kind of Doomsday Machine the crew have to defeat... oh wait. Or maybe they answer a distress call, chase down the attackers, and it results in a fight on a planet with the green lizard-like Gorn... oh wait.
Or maybe there's a portal that takes them back in time (following a crazed-Dr McCoy) and they meet Joan collins and let her get run over for some reason... oh wait.
This could go on forever (well, 89 times, plus 6 movies).

They could go the Borg route. The Borg were on their way (Q flung them into the path of that ship because it was on its way to assimilate Earth already). And in Enterprise, the Borg survivors from First Contact sent a beacon to the Delta Quadrant to alert the Borg in that time to come to Earth, so it's possible. Also, in the prequel comic Countdown, the Romulan mining ship had Borg tech on board, which could have alerted the Borg.
However, the Klingons would be more apt, as they were a driving force of the original series.

How about sticking to the original point of Star Trek and boldly go where no man has gone before? In other words give us something NEW on a NEW planet with NEW aliens that we have never seen before.

They better get Urban back for McCoy as well, he's the one bright spot in the casting.
And yes - City on the Edge of Forever please, or The Ultimate Computer (but add some Klingons)

I know it won't happen but damn shame Picard and Co. could not get a proper send off than that balls up that was NEMESIS. I would love to see them in a bookend cameo or 20 minute sequence. Even though I am a classic fan TNG kept the torch burning. All of them deserved better.
Live long and prosper!

When you have a lazy plot device like Khan's blood you eliminate all danger in the sequel too, Orci should link this to the prime universe by the end if The Studio bods let him.

I desperately want to see Picard on screen again! They shoe-horned 'old' Spock into the new series, so I'm sure they could conjure up a plot device to get Jean-Luc involved too... :)

Still sounds like a wanker. Cant wait for him to sod off after the next film.

Reboot TNG? To someone like me who grew up with it, that's a bit like trying to replace somebody's sainted mother with a random crack-whore.

I hope they build on the Kilngon threat from Into Darkness. I was slightly disappointed the Klingon's were brought in then quickly forgotten, surely it makes sense they're hacked off at Kirk and co for their actions and want some revenge, kicking Kirk's ass in deep space somewhere.

Yeah Chris Pine is just a bargain basement Kirk. Shatner's Kirk during the TOS days gave off the sense of being this highly intelligent, resourceful human who was a match for Spock in so many ways.

I guess that is how Abrams' movies felt for those who grew up with TOS too. Not saying I want it to happen, although now that I am in S4, I think that it could have one potential positive side: maybe they could write decent stories for the female characters, because I am sometimes hurt by how the writers in TNG treat them, specially Troi. In the 60s I could let it be because of the times, but I expected better from the 80s-90s...

Can't help thinking that cumberbatch would have been better as gary Mitchell than khan

Was about to say exactly what you said... that trio redeems Final Frontiers more ridiculous moments for me!

Ah I just saw "reboot TNG" and totally balked, reimagining TOS was one thing, but I think I'd find it very difficult to accept if some hack like Abrams came along and tried to make the Enterprise-D look different or something like that. But I guess it wouldn't be too bad anyway since, alternate realities and all that.

I agree that TNG had it's share of flaws too, but if you ever get around to watching DS9 and Voyager (which run sort of concurrently with TNG and don't forget the old films), there's some characters that are a bit better than Troi, IMO. Major Kira and Janeway, to name a few.

And Alice Eve had Elizabeth Dehner's hair too.

I mean, I do too, but I'd much rather see new Trek that is actually... new and Trek.

Imagine this... He wants revenge and also destroys San Fransisco.

Oh wait...

And the Enterprise doesn't do any exploration and just hangs around Earth most of the time.
Oh, wait...

No Klingon War in the next movie NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking as someone who grew up watching TOS, i have to say i have REALLY enjoyed the reboot so far.I never beleived anyone other than Shatner, Nimoy and co could portray the classic crew but Pine, Quinto and the rest are doing a great job.Looking forward to what will hopefully be a great 50th anniversary movie.Best of luck Mr Orci.

She did didn't she. Would love to see them make it as a big budget series and do more than just flashy action, even as a kid I loved the big ideas, have you seen any of star trek continues

Didn't V'Ger create the Borg?

I'm guessing this is sarcasm? Shatner's Kirk was a man whore with little regard for anythign other then which alien he was going to nail next. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate or degrade Shatner's acting, but the Kirk character was only interested in three things: fighting, fu&*&&* and fleeing. if he couldn't f*** it he'd try to fight it, and if he couldn't fight it, he'd try to flee. he was an arrogant jerk, but his charm and charisma over rode these traits so that you still wanted him to succeed.

Have to add Scotty to that though. If you were to rank the crew, I guess the leads would be the Kirk/Spock/McCoy, but Scotty would be the leader of the next trio of Scotty/Sulu/Chekov with Uhuru flaoting around the two groups. Add in Nurse Chapel and that's the top tier of the crew with every one else being considered extras or role players.

I am loving TNG, BTW (maybe it sounded as if I am not). I will absolutely go on with DS9 and Voyager. I want to watch the whole thing, and I will, because I fell head over heels for Star Trek the moment I watched The Cage.
I have already heard about Kira and Janeway and other female characters, and there are a few great ones in TNG itself, but that doesn't fix the ones who aren't.
I actually think that Troi is a great character, very interesting too, but I find the way in which they write her so terrible. Her empathy, her psychological knowledge, her hybrid condition and her function in the ship made her a character with a lot of potential wisdom and depth, and yet for what I have seen up until now they only play her for developing other characters, play the damsel in distress or be the hottie/romantic interest. Also until now her relationship with Riker is kind of creepy some times, with her being sometimes uncomfortabe but mostly OK with him banging every woman around even though she probably feels it through her empathy and him being pretty territorial about her even though he says he isn't.

I hadn't noticed I was so passionate about Troi, sorry for the terribly long post.

not even deep space can prevent this inevitable train wreck

Basically this franchise started off promising..... I SO wish this cast could have decent writers and directors behind them. I'd settle for decent writers. Orci is a crappy writer and an unproved director. But probably crap at that too.

It's ok darling, you can say 'fuck', nobody will take offense.
Kirk had a bit more depth to him than you're trying to make out. Yeah, he was handy with his fists, loved himself a good woman, and yeah, might have run away now and then, but these were hardly his defining traits.
You might want to give TOS another look if you think those three things was all Kirk was good for.

how about these lazy hacks come up with something new instead of recycling elements from proper star trek and making a complete mess of them?

While I'm a bit skeptical about where the rebooted franchise is going, I do think it sounds promising if they will indeed start their five-year mission and explore deep-space. Even though I don't want the third movie to be an all-out war film, I would want to see the conflict with the Klingons explored. They could show the competition between the Federation and the Klingons growing more fierce as the Empire keeps annexing primitive worlds.

troi bangs plenty of dudes over the space of the seven series don't you worry lol, seriously though her character develops a little better as time goes on, plus there are other strong female characters such as ensign ro
kira in ds9 is one of my fave characters in the whole of star trek although the series gets a bit s**t in the later stages

this is a common misconception of kirk but if you actually watch the original series you'll see that in most cases he is a very responsible commander who plays very much by the book, yes he may get it on with a few women and have a few punch ups but on the whole he behaves very rationally in most situations

the kirk we see in these new films is a cartoon caricature of how popular culture wrongly perceives him to be

She has banged one already, that is not problem, the problem is Riker's attitude when that happens. Isuppose it is meant to reinforce his virile personality, but I guess I am just not into him or something.
As I said, I like how they write other female characters, just... Not Troi and a few others. I think she is absolutely wasted until now. I'll see how it goes as I continue to watch, though, as you say. There is half the show to go for me, so there is much room for improvement! I don't mean it to sound as an attack on the show, it is just one thing that I think they could have done better.

i think riker's reaction was that of a typical male :) but tbf when similar situations arise in the later series he's much more supportive of deanna, you'll prob get to like him as the series goes on

I am certainly trying to =P

Dwayne Johnson for Cpt Picard!

Given the references and appearance (and swift disappearance) of Klingons in Into Darkness, I foresee a rehash of The Undiscovered Country.

I'm very surprised he didn't just kill off Spock at the end of the last one, then he's got his entirely new, not in any way ripping off the previous series of films plot with even less work needed this time around.

I'm a huge fan of TNG era Borg and First Contact, but if they go with the Borg, I really hope they completely nix the Voyager/ Enterprise era Borg characteristics/ species history.

And please, no V'Ger!

I'd love to see them have the guts to go with an original species villain - How great would that be.

Falling short of that, perhaps something novel like a full on clash with the Cardassians (and not 'the taxation of Cardassian sunrise imports is in dispute').

Let's be honest, the Klingons in ST Into Darkness were nothing to write home about. The retcons to the continuity were also awful. Q'onos in transporter range from earth, being right on the border of the 'neutral zone' with UFP, need I go on. Why not move away from them altogether - or have the Federation and Klingon Empire have to reluctantly shelve differences and work together.

Give us a fresh and genuinely formidable threat, emerging from a 'deep space' first contact gone wrong.

I think they should have done this with the sequel. I thought EoD was a decent film, not as good as the first one. They need to fight the Klingon's as they were the mainstay of the first films.

He probably would've done if Hollywood could handle anything other than a happy ending anymore.

PLEASE not the Borg. It's always about the damn Borg. If
they do take this route, I hope they use Q. It makes perfect sense that the
crew would run into it, especially with an alternate timeline that the Q must
surely be aware of, forcing it to make contact with humans a few years before

The 2 doctors are also very much underused. Although Polaski's stories were better than Crusher's who has maybe one or two episodes dedicated to her in the entire run of TNG, "Remember Me" being one of my all time favorites.

Great post by the way. Now I want to rewatch them all. 8)

FINALLY I'm not alone anymore!

i enjoyed TOS and Kirk, but as a kid I didn't see what I see now. And when you go back and watch the TOS, not the movies, but just the show, then you see that Kirk really isn't fleshed out very well a s a deep character. He became deeper with the movies and revelations of his son's death at the hands of klingons and that, but you don't really get much of a sense of him as a man aside from what has been discussed.

Thank you =)
This is my first time going over the Star Trek Universe, and I think that as much as I am enjoying everything, the fans are my favourite thing. I don't think I've ever entered a community commenting on stuff I am new to and not even done with on which the people were so nice about it and actually thought about what I have to say as if I was a long ttime fan. It is lovely to be able to discuss my experience as I am living it for the first time instead of waiting and having everything distorted by memory! =)

I loved that episode, and I think that is why I focused on Troi, I watched that one only last week or so! Also because I don't find it offensive for Crusher to have most of her storylines focused on her motherhood, as other people do. I think that it makes sense considering her personal background, and I like how she still shows a strong personality and a focus on her career despite her sweetness and motherly love. She also stands up to Picard quite a lot lately. I'd love to see more about her, but I like what I get. Troi seems to be quite strong, although with much more subtlety, and also very resourceful, and she keeps being used as a hot damsel in distress or a voiceover instead of as a capable crew member.

Because Dwayne Johnson is right for every role? Well he'd.........rock as picard......I'm so sorry.

I won't lie - he'd take the Romulans down Kick-Ass-Avenue, which is at the corner of Jabroni Drive, and check them into Smackdown hotel.

Sir I bow to your superior Rock speak knowledge, also uh what? I guess rock words? I've not watched WWF since 1999.

You smell what the Rock is cookin.

totally agree .. Q is the path to go on with now .. atleast introduce him in the next movie..

I second that, Q is good intro now. Brad Pitt or George Clooney can easily fit into Q role You can even have Matt McConaughey as Q!!! serious humor


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