Joe Cornish no longer in the running for Star Trek

News Simon Brew
10 Dec 2013 - 06:32

Attack The Block director Joe Cornish won't be taking over from JJ Abrams on Star Trek...

Given his commitment to making Star Wars: Episode VII, it was already widely known that JJ Abrams wouldn't be returning to direct the next Star Trek movie, which Paramount is targeting for a 2016 release (to tie into the 50th anniversary of Star Trek).

Rumours in recent weeks however have been pointing towards Attack The Block director Joe Cornish as the man to step onto the proverbial bridge and direct the next film. But Variety is now reporting that whilst Paramount and Skydance Pictures were indeed in talks with Cornish at one stage, "he is no longer involved".

Cornish would have been an interesting choice for the film, but we remain keen to see just what he does next. For Paramount, however, the search for a director to replace JJ Abrams goes on...


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