New writers board Star Trek 3 (aka Star Trek 13)

News Simon Brew 9 Dec 2013 - 06:32

Two new writers board the next Star Trek movie, as Alex Kurtzman drops out of the project...

Paramount has brought in a couple of new writers to help put together the script for the next adventure in the Star Trek cinematic franchise.

Roberto Orci remains on board the project, although his regular writing partner Alex Kurtzman has now dropped out, due to the number of other projects his involved with. Damon Lindelof too, who co-wrote Star Trek Into Darkness, isn't on scripting duties this time around.

Instead, J D Payne and Patrick McKay have signed up for the new movie. The pair have done plenty of screenwriting work to date, although a film with their name on the writing credits hasn't yet made it to the big screen. That might just be a matter of time now.

Joe Cornish, of Attack The Block fame, remains the favourite to direct the film, which is apparently now been targeted at a 2016 release. That would tie it into the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.

More on the movie as we find it out.

The Wrap.

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I can't decide if not having a script made into a movie these days is something bad or good.
Considering the Lindelof exploits and the general (sad) state of movie writing in the last decade... maybe it could be a good thing. :D


No Kurtzman or Lindelof? That can only be a good thing. Shame Orci's still hanging on, but I suppose we can't have everything...

Hopefully this may mean something that's actually new... And hopefully the ship and technology actually being a bit more in-keeping.

Well, it's going to have to be something spectacularly good to restore my faith in this franchise. Till such a film comes along, not sure it ever will but I'm hopeful one day, I will just stick with the older pre-reboot films & TV shows...

No well known writers, no science fiction writers, just picked anyone from Bad Robot that's available, unbelievable. Movie audiences will watch anything just put the word "Star Trek" in the title, this is a guaranteed vehicle to put these writers name to and get some easy recognition.

The sets, actors and cinematography was good, the stories themselves were crap. Where's the story supposed to go now that they've discovered everlasting life and can teleport anywhere without the use of ships?

Bring back Bryan Fuller.

Excellent news. I really liked the first two trek movies of the new series, despite their shortfalls...I tend to ignore those and dis-engage the brain when watching them...they they're great !

You have seen the How It Should Have Ended video, haven't you? ;-)

Re-imagined Borg, please! They're ripe for it. The reason they are different in the 2009 universe could be because they get hold of data about their race's future from the remains of Spock-Prime's Jellyfish ship, which branches them off in totally seperate direction to what we saw in TNG onwards. I personally imagine them as being less like the regimented humanoids seen on the TV series but more like the insect-like machines from the Matrix - the idea that originally led to the Borg was an insect hive mind race so this wouldn't be a stretch! As for their tactics I'd like to see them as less predictably reactive but capable of subterfuge and Cylon-like duplicity and false identity. Instead of paltry Borg Cubes we could have planet-sized Borg 'Great Stellated Dodecohedrons' that can swallow civilisations whole. A fresh lick of paint on the Klingons isn't going to cut it for me. I was bored seeing them in Into Darkness, and they're not scary to me, and could be seen as ever so slightly inadvertantly racist, which may not help.

Excellent. Now return to original is universe approximately 13 years after Nemesis, And continue. Then we can put all this Sex Trek behind us.

Not only is this going to be an odd numbered Star Trek.... it's going to be number 13? Stay away from this on opening night if you value your life.


I was watching the Dr. Who stuff, this site has got me very much into it all lately. I was sitting back enjoying the show and just imagining if we (Star Trek) had a creative team with so much love and understanding for a franchise as the Dr. Who team, bringing in interesting writers and directors (at times) etc. Will have to keep dreaming.

Yeah most of the good sci-fis are now dead (Stargate SG-1, TNG/Voyager) all we have now is Doctor Who which is still very creative.
The Reboot of Star Trek seems to be on life support while J,J Abrams butchers it to death with lense flare!

Correction, TNG/DS9/Last season of Enterprise ;):P
But yep too true but the shame of it is there are people out there that would be much better suited. Ah well.

It would be good to see what happened after Nemesis...

Apparantly the comic Countdown happend which led to the movie Star Trek (2009) which led to Into Darkness. This while in the prime universe a new war broke out in the MMORPG Star Trek Online. And there a bunch of books post-Nemesis. But what is canon or not is up in the air.

I know where you want to go with the Borg, but they could be immensly overpowered that way. However, image this...

According to the comic Star Trek: Countdown, which was a prelude to Star Trek (2009), the Nero's ship Nerada was retrofitted with Borg tech by the remaining Romulan Empire in the prime universe. Also Star Trek: Enterprise still did happen in the Abramverse. Which means the episode Regeneration happend. (Which also causes a paradox because that episode happend because the Enterprise-E went back in time from the prime universe which is now defuct and may not happen.)
Now the following. The Borg attempted to contact their kin in the Delta Quadrant in ST: First Contact which failed (go Worf!). The Borg tech in the Narada could have send a massage to them however. This could cause the Borg to come to the Alpha Quadrant to give the "Abrams" Federation a severe kick up the behind. Think of the possibilties of such a storyline!

Star Trek (2009) was pretty good, and that was number 11.

My friend, Star Trek was never about disengaging one's brain.
The very fact that you have to do that to enjoy the movies speaks volumes about the lazy assed approach of the writers, particularly so with " The Wrath of Khan 2013".
I don't mind Orci staying on, I think there was some dead weight on that team, dead weight that brought us the likes of Prometheus. I liked ST09, but that last shambles.......
I wouldn't even consider going to see the next instalment if the same team where behind it.

charismatic acting and brilliant cinematography. a story is nothing without the cast behind it unless its one full of twists and turns which this is not. to say you have to dumb down to watch this... what your ego to big for you that this movie threatens your intellect or ethical or moral standing. to complain about it is to have watched it. to complain about the third is to have watched it or read reviews about what other people said when they watched it...I loved it, it had a certain air of life about it. people who complain about a movie watch the movie and the sequels. people just want something to talk about and its very easy to criticize but some reasons are just egotistical

At least we got rid of one of the worst writers in Hollywood, shame we still got the another one.

No it wasn't.

Why not just leave the borg as they are and come up with a new species, may be have the Enterprise discover a new robotic species that needs help to save their kind from a threat.

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