Robert Orci on next Star Trek film and Mummy reboot

News Simon Brew 22 Jul 2013 - 06:44

Talk of a 2014 shoot for the next Star Trek movie may have been just a little hasty...

A week or two back, Zachary Quinto sent speculation about the next Star Trek movie into overdrive, where he gave an interview suggesting that the third film in the rebooted franchise would be in production in 2014, with JJ Abrams directing.

Zap2It caught up with Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness producer and co-writer Roberto Orci at Comic-Con however, and he threw some fresh light on said rumours. "I'd love to have JJ back", he said, although inevitably that's going to be quite difficult given JJ Abrams' commitment to Star Wars: Episode VII. It's still early days though. "We're still talking to Paramount about what the scheduling might be", admitted Orci, "and it was can all do it together again". He did read Qunto's comments though, and joked that "does [he] know something I don't? I'd better call him!"

We suspect the chances of Star Trek 3 or 13 (depending on your preference) going into production next year are not high.

Orci is also working on the planned reboot of The Mummy movie series, and that appears to be going better. "We just got a great script from by Jon Spaihts and we're hoping to be shooting that in the new year", he confirmed.

More news on both projects as we hear it.


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Fascinating... ;)

Ye cannae change the laws of Hollywood, Cap'n!

That report was always obviously nonsense.

I did think 2015 was an unusual date for release. For a start, it's an already packed year and assuming JJ Abrams is involved I highly doubt he'd want Star Trek out anywhere near Star Wars. Second, if they want it out in roughly that time period, 2016 would be the ideal time, to coincide with the 50th anniversary.

All we need is one more Trek movie that launches a reboot of the TV series made in the same style as the movies please !

The TV show will have lots of grimness, tempered with humour and of course , great music and visuals BUT primarily....excellent stories and great writing.

Paramount now have a chance to make a show as great as the un-beatable DS9, but in a whole new Trek-verse where nothing we know about Trek ever happened !

Paramount have to be very careful here, as other hugely successful TV shows have paved the way for great story telling:- The reboot of Battlestar ( wonderful show ) and of course, the genius of Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Spartacus etc.

People's taste for kitsch TV has faded.

99% of Voyager was appalling and was never good on the first view.

ST-TNG whilst ok on first viewing has aged terribly.

Only seasons 1 & 2 of classic trek, most of DS9 and latter seasons ( 2,3,4) of Enterprise hold any true quality.

We do not want half arsed stuff like Arrow coming down the pipe.

Arrow could be good if they could just drop ALL the bloody sickening teen romance shite and the appalling "Green Arrow Girl" costume from eps 7 & 8.

Lets not forget the often cringingly written script and its associated awkward delivery.

So, Paramount, the ball is in your court. ! Another great Trek movie that dovetails into a new TV series re-launch please.

Can we have a story that isn't monumentally stupid, while simultaneously being convinced of its own cleverness? That's all I really want from a Star Trek movie at this point.

He (Quinto) could have meant pre-production, or planning instead of full-on production. He's just an actor though, and they're usually some of the last people to know what's going on.

He'll know what's happening when he gets the call sheet ... :)

And not a second before!

Well, he can't keep a secret. Even a fake one!

Is there anybody who believed the movie would really be released so soon when it's soooo obvious it will be released in 2016 for the 50th anniversary ?

Unbeatable DS9?? Sorry, that might be your opinion, but I just couldn't stand it, I thought it was almost as bad as Enterprise... Nothing beats Voyager IMO. They're stuck far away in unchartered territories, you never know what'll happen, especially since they don't have the unlimited resources of the Federation...

But they mite as well have unlimited resources every time the ship got damage next week all fixed no lasting consequences for the actions of a captain that was loopy at best and crazy at worst and don't get me started about the wasted opportunity that was 2 crews having to work together to get along nope we are just going to be like star fleet don't worry about it

Interesting. Your experience with DS9 was pretty much my experience with Voyager and vice versa. Voyager remains the only Star Trek series that I quit watching out of boredom and/or disgust during its initial run. Thankfully, I picked it up long after the series ended and found many of the later season episodes to be quite good. I suggest you give DS9 the same benefit of the doubt. Though, in my opinion, DS9 stopped needing to prove itself long ago.

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