Robert Orci on next Star Trek film and Mummy reboot

News Simon Brew
22 Jul 2013 - 06:44

Talk of a 2014 shoot for the next Star Trek movie may have been just a little hasty...

A week or two back, Zachary Quinto sent speculation about the next Star Trek movie into overdrive, where he gave an interview suggesting that the third film in the rebooted franchise would be in production in 2014, with JJ Abrams directing.

Zap2It caught up with Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness producer and co-writer Roberto Orci at Comic-Con however, and he threw some fresh light on said rumours. "I'd love to have JJ back", he said, although inevitably that's going to be quite difficult given JJ Abrams' commitment to Star Wars: Episode VII. It's still early days though. "We're still talking to Paramount about what the scheduling might be", admitted Orci, "and it was can all do it together again". He did read Qunto's comments though, and joked that "does [he] know something I don't? I'd better call him!"

We suspect the chances of Star Trek 3 or 13 (depending on your preference) going into production next year are not high.

Orci is also working on the planned reboot of The Mummy movie series, and that appears to be going better. "We just got a great script from by Jon Spaihts and we're hoping to be shooting that in the new year", he confirmed.

More news on both projects as we hear it.


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