Star Trek Into Darkness: new character posters

Poster Simon Brew 23 Apr 2013 - 17:00

Cumberbatch, Pine, Quinto, Urban, Saldana, Cho and Eve get their very own Star Trek Into Darkness posters....

And here are the final three posters (sorry for having to break them up)....

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... Each one complete with a little blurring and lens flare action, to get your eyes adjusted...

Also, with this and Iron Man 3, is there a new trend emerging of releasing new character posters almost the week before release? I mean, new content is new content, and it is probably sensible to do something the week before to peak interest, but does it not seem like an economically poor strategy to only get a few weeks use out of these?

these look like every thing i did the first week i had photoshop

This is one of those films that's gone a little too far on the ad campaign. I feel like I've seen most of the film already!

Hey, who's the guy in the one above Cumberbatch's?

Is he a secret new character in Star Trek?

Who Bones?,he's in the first one,its Karl Urban who plays him

Have i fallen for some joke?

I will now explain the joke.

We have not seen much of him in the advertising. People here and elsewhere complain he is left off the main posters in favor of Cumberbatch and Zoe Saldana.

So, this Star Trek fan since 1966 makes a joke about this recently virtually unseen figure being a potential new character.

LOL,i knew something was up..sorry for missing that :p

I agree, they didnt do this with the first film, the first film was a complete surprise with me, nonethenless, I will still enjoy the film :-)

Yes, isn't it so much funnier now that it's explained?


No worries.

The only thing that bugs me is you folks get the movie a week earlier.

No love for Scotty or Chekov.

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