Final trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness launches

Trailer Simon Brew 16 Apr 2013 - 17:15

The new US trailer for JJ Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness, with yet more new footage. And Benedict Cumberbatch.

From radio silence, we seem to have had a fair batch of trailers for JJ Abrams' incoming Star Trek Into Darkness over the past few weeks. This, though, is apparently the last one. It's the final US full trailer for the movie, which arrives in UK cinemas on May 9th, and lands in the US the week after.

The film, of course, features Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, Simon Pegg, Alice Eve and more. And given that its worldwide premiere is but a week or two away, expect the first reactions to start filtering in soon.

For now, here's the trailer...

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Wow Cumberbatch has a bigger ship! Check it out at 1.17

I hate spoiler filled trailers, I really do!

Thank goodness they blow up that hideously designed Enterprise.
I hope in ST3 they introduce the beloved 1701-A design

Cumberbatch will be the role that defines this movie. Personally everything else I dislike about the movie - from the hideous look of the enterprise to the weak acting from the rest of the cast. But Cumberbatch will be the reason I see this film.

Is that a proper shot of some Klingon's at last???

Yeah, we finally get a decent glimpse. They look pretty good.

You're right - it's certainly close to a Delta shape, anyway. And a couple of smaller gaps in front where you might expect to see the saucer's impulse engines.

I have wood

I'm thinking this is a Starfleet "Dreadnaught", probably built clandestinely under a rogue group within Starfleet Intelligence. Section 31 or similar.

Starfleet "Dreadnaught"? Section 31 ship?

I'm not so sure he is a villain.

Amusingly, some of the geniuses on an American site or two think that Cumberbatch said: "You are a poem, Kirk."

It's like they've never heard a British accent. Oh, well, having been on the Net since '93 I can remember when only smart people were on the Internet.

Bruce Greenwood's Christopher Pike adds so much to the rebooted Star Trek. Bringing him into the mix was a brilliant decision.

Using Narada technology, I suppose, which could explain its dark and borgy look... hmm.

Hard on. Cumberbatch for Star Wars. Cumberbatch for all baddie roles, past present and future.

2:13 looks like they are in Lunar orbit. If they are at Earth (and from the other trailers it appears as though the Big E crashes into Earth) what happened to the fleet? Spacedock? This could end very poorly for our heroes, setting up for a triumphant 3rd act. I don't know what to expect now. Bravo, chaps. Butt in seat here.

To be fair, some of them probably haven't heard a proper British accent. I'm thinking some of the folks in the South who live and die within 50 miles. I was stationed in London with the US Navy from 03-05, and it took me a good three months before I worked out all the different accents and dialects. And I had been watching Fawlty Towers, Dr. Who, Red Dwarf and Monty Python well before that. "You are a poem, Kirk" just shows lousy context and comprehension, though.

I think there was actually some poor soul who thought that calling Kirk a "poem" was a very "Khan-like" thing for Cumberbatch's character to say ...


Pawn, pawn, pawn ... "You are a pawn, Kirk!"

Great. Now I have an image of Shatner in a beret reading bad Beat Era poetry. Also: thank God nobody heard "You are a prawn, Kirk."

so long as he keeps doing Sherlock, yes.

Hahah, I love it!

Although arguably "you are a poem, Kirk" would be a better line.

Apropos of what?

Just after Uhura says "we're outnumbered“ The weird yellow Voldermont bloke that is hidden in the last Poster appears.
Not sure if Cumberbum is the villain.

The sausage, two hot dogs and a dinner plate design? that one?

I see my comment went whizzing past ...

Starting to piece together some plot points. Looks like Kirk may in fact be the last one to leave the Enterprise as she crashes. I think the shots of him flying through space and dodging wreckage is in fact the wreckage of the Enterprise, and he's trying to sneak aboard Harrison's ship. I could be wrong, but the scene near the end of the trailer where Kirk is stepping through a door looks like it's probably aboard Harrison's ship. From other trailers, we know that Harrison is fist fighting someone on what looks like a bridge. I submit that Kirk and Harrison go fist-to-fist on the Big Ship's bridge as the final fight of the film.

Heh, no.



Cryo Pods? Naive as I am... Still holding out that he might, in fact, be Khan!

I'm utterly convinced that Harrison isn't Khan. I'm also utterly convinced that Khan will be involved in "some" way. Though I don't think it will be a major part of the film, more of a quick reveal in the closing moments.

They did the same in the Dredd trailer. His badge swapped from the left side to the right. But in the film itself, it was on the left.

Then don't watch them.

But how would I know they are spoiler filled?Ah, it's such a dilemma!

Wow, what ship is that?! It's looks like an Excelsior class starship, but itsn't that class not at least 20 years into the future?
On anther note: could the Borg tech on the Narada from the previous movie, lure the Borg from the Delta Quadrant to the Alpha Quadrant?

Yes, that one!

yawn... more action schlock masquerading as star trek

May 12th Imax BFI booked = Me very happy

Cumberbatch looks phenomenal. No change there then.

You could ask a friend to watch them and then recreate them in dance form.

"You are porn, Kirk!", more like it. ;)


Hot alien female equals ... Prime Directive, WHAT Prime Directive??

"Oh, well, having been on the Net since '93 I can remember when only smart people were on the Internet."
Ouch! But to be fair, there were a few idiots on the Internet back then too...;)

Sure....just like the original series...

whizzing over. Yes!

Yes, it went right overhead.

sadly there are many episodes in the original series which have much more going on upstairs than this j.j. abrams all surface rubbish

Sweded trailers! You sir are a genius!

Why the heck does the UK get to see STID before the US?

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