New Benedict Cumberbatch Star Trek Into Darkness poster

Poster Simon Brew 8 Apr 2013 - 14:44

A new poster for JJ Abrams' incoming Star Trek Into Darkness. And it's devoted to Benedict Cumberbatch...

Paramount Pictures has sent out a posh press release today, revealing that the advanced box office for Star Trek Into Darkness will be open from tomorrow morning. We wouldn't usually cover a piece of news like that, but they only went and bribed us by including the latest poster for the film. The cads.

This time, to give you a further indication of his growing star stature, Mr Benedict Cumberbatch has the poster all to himself. He is looking suitably moody too, as if the place he's just bought his coat from has gone up in smoke, only for him to realise that he's got the wrong size.

Star Trek Into Darkness heads into UK cinemas on 9th May 2013. Here's Benedict...

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I'm glad that in the Star Trek universe, architects in London spent the entire future trying to make the Gherkin look like the most sensible building in the skyline.

At first blush, kinda cool, Cumberbatch strikes a great presence (great actor).

At second blush, we don't really believe Earth is going to fall. And the evil Starfleet agent wreaking havoc everywhere is not only getting to be overused, it's distracting from, you know, Kirk, Spock and those other folks we increasingly don't see.

Is this him walking towards a massive hole shaped like the Star Fleet logo? article! I guess it's a big too grumpy to destroy London just because he is not happy about the London Men"s Collections 2259...(just kidding!)

He's destroying a lot of ovaries.

This film's taking f***ing forever to come out.

Just booked my tickets - they went on sale today. Odeon website crashed - so spent over an hour on the phone queing!

In Hollywood terms, Benedict Cumberbatch might just turn out to be the new Alan Rickman. Bring it on.

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