Star Trek 3 due in 2016?

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11 Mar 2013 - 06:27
Star Trek

The next Star Trek film might just be targeted around the 50th anniversary of the franchise...

Over the weekend, in case you missed it, a new teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness landed, which introduced some new footage. This came a day after Paramount previewed a good half hour of the movie, and you can read our thoughts on that here.

There's been a four year gap between the release of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness though, and given director JJ Abrams' commitments to the Star Wars universe as well, inevitably questions have been raised about when to expect the next Star Trek movie. Abrams is set to remain involved (we'd be surprised if he directed), and while the official line appears to be to wait to see how Star Trek Into Darkness does, producer Bryan Burk has admitted "we're definitely talking about the next one".

So then: when are we likely to see a Star Trek 3/Star Trek 13? Star Trek celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2016: might that be the opportune time to release a new film?

"We haven't talked about a release date", Burk said. "We don't wait to wait four years, the same amount of time between the last one and this one, but [talking about 2016] it's going to be a big year to celebrate, hopefully".

More news on Star Trek movies as we get it...

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