New motion poster for Star Trek Into Darkness

Poster Simon Brew 19 Feb 2013 - 06:49

Now you get to listen to Benedict Cumberbatch, while checking out the Star Trek Into Darkness poster...

Few things are as good at reminding you that you've left your computer's speakers on than a motion poster, history has taught us. But the added benefit to this new one for Star Trek Into Darkness is that the noise emanating from it are the tones of one Benedict Cumberbatch.

As for the poster bit itself, it's basically, as you'll see, a take on the previously released theatrical poster. With Mr Cumberbatch talking to you. That is rarely a hardship.

Star Trek Into Darkness is due in cinemas in May. We'll have a lot more on it in the weeks ahead...

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So not interested in a "Star Trek" about Parkour, exploding buildings and foot races through a city.

It took me till just this second to realise that the gap in the rubble is in the shape of the Star Trek logo. Here is my geek card, I'll be leaving now.

Going dark again, are we? Doesn't feel much like Star Trek, but I'll watch anything with Cumberbatch - I even saw War Horse, for goodness sake!


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