Star Trek Into Darkness character rumour

News Simon Brew 8 Feb 2013 - 08:38

Seriously: don’t read this if you want to see Star Trek Into Darkness unspoilt

Potentially big spoilers lie within. Huge ones.

Sadly, despite the spoiler warning at the top of this article, there’s a sporting chance that headlines from some news outlets may already have alerted you to what we’re going to talk about. We’re not trying to get on our high horse here, but it’s a real problem when blatant potential spoilers are written directly into the headlines of articles so that you can’t ignore them.

One request: if we ever do this, please alert us. We desperately try to label key spoilers, and you have permission to take our coffee off us if we slip up.

Star Trek Into Darkness then. This rumour somewhat inevitably confirms the real identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in the film, which for some time has been rumoured to be more than just John Harrison.

Well, Entertainment Weekly’s website just seemed to indicate – in a since-adjusted post – that Cumberbatch is indeed set to play Khan in the movie. On its back issues store, as spotted by Comic Book Movie, its Star Trek issue was accompanied by the headline “Voyage into the new Star Trek Kirk & Khan”. Accidental slip, or do they know something we don't?

While lots of indicators have pointed to Cumberbatch playing Khan in the film, it does remain unconfirmed. And as Trek Movie pointed out, the actual article that said headline was referring to called the Khan rumours “unconfirmed”.

If you were asking us to bet (our standard stake: three very good biscuits) then our cookies would be on the Khan story being true. But whether it is or isn’t, it does raise some issues worth talking about, regarding spoilers in headlines.

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IMHO, it's a) not true or b) not that simple. Personally, I don't think he's THE Khan, but he might be A Khan, as in Khan's son, real or adopted, as in Joaquin for example. In the trailer he talks about things one does for family after all.

In this Universe Khan is still sleeping on the USS Botany Bay somewhere in the stars, so he has no grudge yet against starfleet or Kirk. so unless they provide a ne backstory of the UUSS BBay being discovered at an earlier time due to all the timeline changes it will be hard to introduce hime and give him a revenge motive, unless it's revenge against all mankind

A white guy playing an Indian character?!? in 2013!?!? Shameful!!

I don't think it will be Khan. As JP pointed out, if he's just come out of the USS Bay, then he is not yet looking for revenge. I feel that if he's going to be playing anyone it will be Gary Mitchell. I figure the film will start off with the Enterprise trying to change the course of a nebula, to prevent it from travelling to Earth. Gary bravely goes onto a shuttle craft and manages to change its course but his shuttle craft is no where to be seen. Then a year later Gary reappears with god-like powers looking for revenge against Starfleet who left him to die.

I'd save Khan for the third one, casting an Indian/Hispanic to take on the role; it would be weird having a white person play him, when Ricardo Montalbán was Mexican. If Benicio Del Toro had taken the role then it would have probably had been Khan.

Personally, I'm thinking he's Spock's brother. Possibly Sybok, possibly a new character. He takes more of his Mothers' Human traits (hence the Human ears), but still has the strength and mental abilities of a Vulcan. Because of his more human nature, he is less able to control his emotions, and presumably is shunned (possibly even exiled) by his Vulcan family because of this. I guess mainly I went with this idea because his character keeps going on about family in the trailers, and they had a very obvious "family" quote over a bit where Spock and 'John Harrison' are doing the hands on either side of the glass thing.

Please let it be an ORIGINAL character....god forbid the writers actually try to do their jobs properly instead of just ripping off what has already been done to death....I'm just sayin'.

It's not Gary Mitchell. Kirk aks 'Who the hell are you' in the super bowl spot. He'd know if it was Mitchell. I can also confirm that the film doesn't start like that ;)

Ricardo Montalban wasn't Mexican/Hispanic. He was a Spaniard.

Nero going back in time changing the time line would in fact effect the timeline before Nero changed it too. This is easily explained by the fact that in TOS the crew went back in time to Nazi era etc etc. This would not happen in the new timeline because everything's changed, so moving forwards everything has changed from the point when TOS crew went back in time the furthest. Regarding the Botany Bay, with the whole timeline changed, thanks to Nero, there is nothing to say that Star Fleet did not begin actively searching for the botany Bay due to them having a change of outlook with regards to them being more Milataristic due to Nero's incursion.

Without a doubt anything is possible in this new universe. To add to this the new comics (Canon publications wtritten to tie into the new movie universe) have hinted at subversive secret behaviour in Star Fleet and John Harrison (Khan) has already, in the 9 min preview, shown that he has a knowledge of Eugenics when he offers to cure a sick girl. Add to this his power, intellect and that he says he is better in every way.... As to the nationality of Kahn who is to say that he has not been altered to look as he does? Bob Orci says that the film will be "Face Meltingly" brilliant. Seeing as he choses his words carefully when he writes could he be referring to the idea that Khan has had his face melted into something else?

Just a few thoughts.

Fair enough, I haven't seen the Super Bowl trailer yet, however it still doesn't mean that he isn't Gary Mitchell. It might be that they've re-written the part so that Kirk and Mitchell don't have a history together. I think there's as much chance it will be Mitchell than it will be Khan.

Oh for Heavens sake!

If he is not Khan then thats fair enough. But if he is. WHY? What is the point???

Its been done better in Startrek 2. And that Khan was properly connected to the characters and had history.

So does this mean that Into Darkness is going to be a remake of Startrek 2 with the Enterprise taking a battering and Spock dying at the end?

Or will they use it as a guide, with the Enterprise taking a battering and someone else dying at the end??

And does that then mean we have to have Startrek 3 the search for Spock AGAIN??????????

We cant tell until it comes out , but if they go this route , even part of it, or just use the name Khan and make him different, it just confirms that Hollywood is out of ideas no matter how clever they try to dress it up.

...Which is what his motive appears to be in the first trailer with the line 'You think your world is safe.'
As is clear from the Super Bowl trailer he and Kirk have not met before so he is not out for Wrath of Khan-esque vengeance against Kirk specifically, more likely an attack on humanity in general for sending him out into Space. With all the speculation of him being Khan, having him playing anyone else would seem a little disappointing.

I presumed the big bad was Data's evil brother

He's an Abrams-Khan.

Debris collected by the wreckers and collage-pastiched.

Now, worship your supreme lord JJ, worship him.

I think most of our disbelief stems from the fact that we were living under the assumption Abrams actually cares about the material.
He's completed his first movie, and guess what? It was hugely popular and successful! People who never even DREAMED they would be sitting to watch a Star Trek outing thoroughly enjoyed the experience. So why on Earth should he attempt to please us? He'll do what he likes, now. He's got the fan base, he doesn't need to keep us happy any more, he just needs to trick us for long enough until we buy our tickets and sit in the cinema to cough up our popcorn the moment "Khan" is uttered. What we going to do, storm out?
Well played, you greedy, Hollywood S.O.B.

Oh, and before someone someone says "I'm just happy Star Trek is back, why do you need to be so negative?". I'm not being negative. I can't bloody wait to see this movie, Khan or no Khan. What I'm pissed about is Abrams and his twisted and bent moral compass. This is the guy who recently accepted to direct Star Wars, after expressly stating he didn't want anything to do with it weeks earlier. Disney clearly pointed at a copy of his Star Trek, said "That. We want to do that.", and waved enough money under his nose for him to casually forget his dedication to one franchise. Yes I'm mad.

... Jamie Foxx... Electro...

I raise you one doughnut

I agree with you. Thats pretty much exactly what Disney did and he took the money. I personally think this is going to be a mistake. I think he has bitten off more than he can chew. Doing Startrek and Starwars together at the same time is going to exhaust him, and the ideas are going to be spread thin across both, rather than concentrating on one. However it works out remains to be seen.

what i dont understand is why Cumberbatch playing Kahn is a spoiler at all.

Oh!!! why don't you all just SHUT UP and get a life. Just wait for the darn movie to come out why don't you? Don't you realize how pathetic you all sound?

Why does it have tone khan, there was lots of other genetically enhanced humans on the Botany Bay, or even if star fleet experimented themselves.

It means the final scene of Into Darkness will be a close up of Kirk's eye. As the camera pulls away, we see Kirk lying face up in a jungle watching a battle-scarred Enterprise flying away after the audience has just learned that all the dead crew members are gathered in an imaginary church. And we will never know from where the island came.

Sounds like it's you who needs to shut up.Why post something so moronic.

This is Den of "GEEK" you asshat

How about this notion, then...? Wasn't Khan a genetically engineered human? Then, it might be possible that there is more than one Khan. Perhaps a clone Khan exists, who would (a) be a new original character as wished for by Jack Poe (posting above) and (b) still represent a "blast from the past" for Kirk et al. Wish I could write the screenplay...

here's a shocking idea, maybe he's not Khan, and from the very beginning, we were being told the truth, albeit in a way that made us suspicious and paranoid. And this interaction between Kirk and 'the other guy' is regarded as being comparable to the relationship between Kirk v1 and Khan? Is that not more logical? Because all this 'is he khan or isnt he' garbage is just annoying me, and Abrahms is smart enough that he will keep the audiences attention focused away from the actual plot rather than let everything leak out

somebody offers you a ton of money to helm Star Wars AND Star Trek... anybody who didnt take that deal would have to be a world class moron, on an epic level. The dude is a geek, he grew up loving this stuff like us, of course he cares, he wants this to be his name etched on to a legacy. Cut the guy some slack, he's got a talented team with him, and Star Trek ID is virtually in the can, working on star wars is no problem at all. as long as nobody lets that prick damon lindeloff in the building i think we're safe

Not as pathetic as the guy who comes to Den of Geek, reads a Trek article and the accompanying comments, and adds to them (yes, I know I'm probably more pathetic, but I don't care :-P)

When word initially came out about the first Trek movie, the pro-arguments were all about how this was a chance to see our favourite characters in all new adventures. We should have know better, really...

How do I think it'll work out? A ten minute prologue of some space salvagers finding the Botany Bay in space, and waking up Khan from cryosleep... later, after some banter with Kirk and Spock elsewhere, we'll see Khan and his people walking the streets of 23rd Century San Francisco, and Khan will look up and say something trailer-friendly like, "Nice world. We'll take it." before causing some mayhem and ultraviolence that will bring back the Enterprise yadda yadda easy War on Terror parallels done on TV Trek years ago already yadda yadda...

Of course it's Khan. He's the biggest single bad guy in the entire Trek Canon.

The only other possibilities are Harry Mudd or a Tribble. Of course either of those possibilities would be unbelievably awesome.

Had a read of Empire Magazine and its says that his character is John Harrison. Good article if ya fancy a read. Apparently John Harrison featured in an TOS episode

Has he confirmed he's doing a third Star Trek? If not then your argument doesn't necessarily hold true.

He maybe said he didn't want to do it after agreeing to it just to keep it secret until Disney were ready to reveal his name.

Still not convinced it's Khan. Even if it is, it'll be a completely different take on the character anyway so I'm still looking forward to it.

First, if it is Khan, the story will be different by definition, due to the new time-line. Or this could be someone from the same era as Khan - a different character but also genetically engineered and out for world domination.

Great site!

HOWEVER, this isn't the "spoiler."

The real spoiler is that Harrison was a member of Starfleet.

Khan was never part of Starfleet. Quite the opposite.

He predated it, of course. And when he encountered it he immediately opposed it.

It would be incredibly lame to remake Star Trek 2.

NO, NO, not at all.

This would be very different ...

Star Trek III(b): The Search for Sulu

his name is april day read the comics!

Please, let it not be Khan. I don't know why, but I just hate the idea of it being him so much...

It's no spoiler that Harrison is a member of Starfleet - he was an Enterprise crew member in the original series episode "Space Seed".

Yes, I've seen Space Seed 10 times since the original airing. To the extent there's a John Harrison in it, he's such an exceedingly minor character that I never noticed him till I read what you just said a year ago.

So that makes it OK? What is your point?

I know, thats all perfectly true Matt. With you.... All I am thinking is , its going to be a HECK of a lot of hard work for him. That can be great, some people thrive on it. But its going to be pushing yourself a lot to get it all done. Now imagine if he does another Startrek and three Starwars films with them running side by side. Its a lot to take on.

I just keep thinking of Rob Botin and his work on the Thing. He put so much into it for weeks that when he was finished he collapsed from exhaustion and was ill for a long time. That has hard work, imagine directing two of the biggest film series around at the same time?!?

However, fair play to him. I am looking forward to Trek 2, and Starwars again, but I am keeping my hopes real and controlled until I see his version of Starwars...if its great I will put a picture of him on my Man Cave wall.......

Sorry, my fault there..

I assumed you'd be one of the masses on DoG that accepted Jamie Foxx playing a white character..

My apologies for not putting my comment into context, I'm with you brother!

Robert April is the key to waking Khan! If you look at the comic face of Robert April you will find a exact match to Peter Weller!

John Harrison (nickname Khan) and Jimbo Kirk were rivals at Starfleet High School, and Johnny never got over losing the quarterback job on the starball team and also losing cheerleader Carol Marcus to Jimbo, and so he turned bad and will blow up the world.

The End

I just read about the Robert April theory and am now watching the episode from the Animated series out of curiousity. Always wanted to finish this series so this is a good excuse.

I had a thought about John Harrison. Of course being a sci-fi fan the name Harrison instantly brings to mind Harrison Ford, so I thought what about John Ford, the director, and was fondly called Jack by those close to him. Harrison Ford played Han Solo of course.

so put the two names together ... Jack Han.

I might be reaching here, but JJ Abrams could be as nutty as me....

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