JJ Abrams remains "committed" to Star Trek

News Simon Brew 26 Jan 2013 - 13:21

Just because he's directing the new Star Wars doesn't mean JJ Abrams is leaving Star Trek behind...

Fortunately, JJ Abrams has real form in juggling lots of projects at once. Over the past few years, he's made blockbuster movies, while producing and developing several television projects. And as the official announcement of his appointment as the director of Star Wars: Episode VII comes in, it seems his ability to multi-task is about to be sorely tested.

Abrams is nearly done on Paramount's upcoming blockbuster Star Trek Into Darkness, and then he's got to deliver the brand new Star Wars movie for the summer of 2015. It's a fair assumption that Disney is likely to want to keep him involved with Star Wars after that, which has raised questions as to whether this marks the end of his commitment to the Star Trek franchise. The answer? No it doesn't.

According to the Los Angeles Times, who interviewed Rob Moore, the vice chairman at Paramount, "JJ will continue to develop projects for us including a new Mission: Impossible, and he is committed to produce another Star Trek".

There are obviously a few things you can read into that, as just because he's down to produce a new Star Trek, it doesn't mean he will direct it. Are we perhaps looking at Abrams in a cycle where he moves from Star Trek to Star Wars and back again maybe? That's unlikely to keep the two year cycle Disney is reportingly aiming for between Star Wars movies if that's the case.

There's clearly a fair bit of sorting out to do yet. Abrams must be bracing himself for the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness press tour...

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it's pretty unlikely he could possibly or be allowed to alternate between directing star wars and star trek. he'll prob only produce star trek reboot 3. i hope they get someone good to take over, i think ben affleck be good or duncan jones

Sounds like PR spin to me. Paramount is pissed that Disney/Lucasfilm has stolen their star director and want to keep focus on Trek, at least until the new film is released. Pure speculation, mind you.

Good call. Duncan Jones would be a very interesting choice.

I'd prefer if the new Star Wars were all directed by different people. I think that's part of the reason the original trilogy was so good...

except for the horrible, horrible acting

Why is it unlikely? The real world doesn't work like internet geeks. ie star trek vs stars wars, DC vs marvel etc. Why would there be a rule that he can't direct both franchises?

George Lucas has always said that Star Wars takes over your life and leaves no room for anything else (which directors seem to say about projects in general), so I doubt that his contribution to Star Trek is going to amount to much from now on.

Because in the real world they are direct competitors owned by different studios. The studio is JJ Abrams employer and like any employer they are going to expect a firm commitment.

LOL - I was wondering how long it would be before the fanboys started accusing him playing favourites..

In George's case, I'd agree....but just because it took all of George's brain cells to make Star Wars doesn't mean JJ will need to.

But, as you say in the article, all this is based on the assumption that Disney will want to keep him involved in the long run. They've given no indication of that as far as I can tell. So all this just seems like idle speculation.

Well Lucas did write the script, create the cultures and worlds, and directed. Where JJ will just be directing, as he has Lucas's foundation in place, and a script being written for him around it.

We don't know that JJ is directing *more* than one Star Wars yet. Nobody has even mentioned 8 and 9. He could quite easily get Episode 7 out for 2015 then take a further two years to have Trek 3 out in 2017. The same timeline as ST(09)-STID

There is no reason he can't do both franchises.
The only problem would be scheduling conflicts.

After Star Wars 7 wraps up he can go onto his final Star Trek film.

I don't even think they are really direct competitors either.
There has only been one time when a film from each franchise was released the same year and even then they were 6 months apart. That was 2002 with Attack of the Clones and Star Trek: Nemesis The series has never went face to face at the box office.

Playing Devil's advocate here, Star Wars can have JJ. Star Trek may have pleased viewers, but it wasn't 'Star Trek'. I'd rather they just leave ST alone. And I'm a fan of Lost, Alias, Fringe and Cloverfield.

I would prefer it if he focused on one or the other. I don't want rush jobs. I want him to take his time, and I want him to enjoy it, like he did with Trek. And the two year thing? It doesn't work. Iron Man, 007, all failed with their second films because they rushed them. three years is a nice length of time to miss a franchise and have plenty of time to produce a good film.

I more meant that they are in the same genre and budget levels. I agree that it is possible he could do both, just that its unlikely. I'm not sure how willing Paramount are going to be to sit around and retool their schedule to accommodate the film of a rival studio. Fox did the same thing to Bryan Singer with X-Men, they did not wait around for him to come back when he had some time, they replaced him and moved on.

Good point.

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