Benedict Cumberbatch on his Star Trek Into Darkness villain

News Glen Chapman
18 Dec 2012 - 08:06

Beneict Cumberbatch has been chatting a little more about his work on the forthcoming Star Trek movie...

Thanks to a pair of new trailers, and a nine-minute preview, the already high levels of anticipation for Star Trek Into Darkness seem to have increased, and rightly so. JJ Abrams' first instalment was one of the finest summer blockbusters of recent times in the view of many, but there was always a sense that there was more he wanted to explore that he wasn't able to in an establishing film. As well as retaining his mightily impressive cast, he has added Benedict Cumberbatch as his villain for the sequel, then. And Cumberbatch has recently been chatting about the role of John Harrison.

“He is fed into the crew of the Enterprise and creates a lot of shadow play between Kirk and Spock”, he told Yahoo!. “He's an awesome single-handed weapon of mass destruction but also a master mind-player and manipulator who plays with their roles and loyalties and understanding of what's right and wrong. As far as his own purpose, beyond the terrorist means, he has a noble cause, which will hopefully resonate with the audience".

He also added that "all the crew understand each other, but at the same time you have to up the stakes with their peril, which means bringing in a stronger antagonist. It's one of the hugest compliments [JJ Abrams] wanting to work with me, knowing how big this villain is.”

Star Trek Into Darkness is released in May 2013. We suspect you knew that bit already, though...


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