New Star Trek Into Darkness picture and details

News Simon Brew 11 Dec 2012 - 06:54

Just who are Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve playing in Star Trek Into Darkness? We've got some answers...

Minor spoiler warning: inevitably, we're going to talk about something that you may not want to know if you wish to the see the film cold.

Arriving in cinemas later this week is both the nine minute opening sequence of JJ Abrams' eagerly-awaited Star Trek Into Darkness (playing before certain IMAX screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey), and a longer trailer for the film (which is expected to be released online next week). Given how long the covers have remained on the new Star Trek movie, it seems a very sudden flood of information about it.

And now we've found out some more news, too. Specifically, the names of the characters that both Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve will be playing.

Cumberbatch's character has been named by Paramount as John Harrison. There's still reasonable money on him turning out to be Gary Mitchell by the time the film is out. Or Khan, of course. But for now, John Harrison he is.

Alice Eve, meanwhile, is playing Carol Marcus. She's a character who appeared in Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, and intriguingly, one who had a relationship with Kirk, eventually giving birth to his son.

There's also a new picture from the film that's been released, and you can see that below.

Star Trek Into Darkness arrives in cinemas next May.

Coming Soon.

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Getting interesting,so we have Carol Marcuse and *SPOILER* reports from the first 9 minutes that Khan's theme is weaved in with the music *END SPOILER* because this is the alt universe if it was to be Khan then would it be Khan as he was in TOS and not the second movie?

Paramount have announced Cumberbatch's character is John Harrison from 'Space Seed'

In the special bit of footage from the Japanese trailer, doesn't the hand touching Spock's through the glass have a black sleeve? So could that be from this shot? And if so, would that make John Harrison someone important to Spock?

I see this image and I think "hmm, looks like another villain that meant to be caught" - like The Dark Knight and Avengers, hope I'm wrong.

Yep - he's one of the crew members trapped on the Bridge when Khan cuts off the air supply. That's about it as far as his Trek appearances go so he's going to be a pretty blank slate.

I'm confused. So Mr Abrams isn't going to be shooting in a brewery this time around? I was beginning to like all the concrete and rusted lag bolts on the Kelvin and Enterprise. The tile floor in engineering was positively quaint...

Is that a shot of the Enterprise brig? You mean they're not going to send Mystery Villain to an ice planet? They'll just lock him in the brig? Huh.

YESSSSS! I was so hoping for Carol Marcus. I would love it if Cumberbatch was playing a new character but an obscure old one could be cool too

Sniff....sniff....Anyone smell smoke ??

Just feel like I have to say this:

If at any point in this film, the baddie gets caught and imprisoned, only to escape in a spectacular action setpiece and reveal it was part of his plan all along, well... I think I'm gonna take a little break from blockbusters for a while.

and Bond...

Sorry should have replied to this with my 'and Bond' comment

Was gonna write Bond, but was worried about spoiling it for those 2 or 3 people who haven't seen it. :-)

I know, it's almost like real Star Trek. I bet they go and ruin the illusion by making Kirk an Admiral half-way through.

Sybok anyone?

The bring does hark back nicely to the bring aboard the 1701A.

I think the villain will be Kirk's brother. They have mentioned family in the synopsis and trailer.

This is so exciting!

If the name is John Harrison, then they're trying for something fairly more original. My interested is piqued again - cool!

The re-use of Carol Marcus doesn't faze; it's a nice bit of continuity FWIW.

Now if they can make a villain believable within one movie... General Chang has been the only successful villain that is introduced in a movie and then carried through with being a vile piece of work... Soran was too weak and half his nasty scenes were cut out of the movie, the Borg queen was just a standup comic with good makeup applied, Ruafo almost worked, Shinzon was anything but believable... And Nero was too hollow... Khan was used very well, but he already had a background in the original Trek lore... since I can't remember the name of the Klingon commander in III he obviously didn't make much of an impact as a menace (B+ for effort and writing), I don't care about a big convenient probe, and what does God(tm) need with a spaceship? Meh. The machine lifeform in TOS can't count. It was not a villain by design.

The graphic design is a little off-kilter, but it looks more like an Enterprise set than a place where they brewed beer while it was drank for when the 2009 flick was written...

Based on how rabidly and nonsensically the 2009 flick moved forward, your assessment is definitely not inaccurate!

Only the one pictured above looks less... beige. The 1701A brig never appealed, and was used mostly for comic effect. Which is sad given the attempts at comedy failed...

I doubt it. Abrams and his ghostwriters are* cashing in on hollow nostalgia based on the popularity of characters. Sybok will not be used any time soon. Well, he'll likely be referenced before Shinzon...

* until proven otherwise

It's funny how everyone is thinking this villain HAS to be some retread of an existing entity, as if the writers can't think of anything original and novel to do, apart from re-piecing a franchise... I did the same thing in a creative writing class using (Battlestar Galactica)... of course, I was 15 at the time and had nothing more original to contribute...

Of course, "15 at the time" doesn't quite reveal my current age, but it's safe to say all that was before the sad little remake from 2005 or whenever where the president was more concerned about her cancer than the cancer that was wiping everybody out with big mushroom clouds in the background... I think audiences lost 20 IQ points the moment when falling for her claptrap...

Smoke and mirrors, perhaps... still, the media entities will eventually have to lie so often that people might actually stop caring and giving them harder-earned money in return. If that ever happens...

I recall an old sci-fi movie made in the 1980s. The ship was shot in a brewery or factory (tattered concrete everywhere, too) and all the f/x were borrowed from the 1978 American sci-fi shows Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica... that was hideous to watch in the 1990s, when I stumbled on it on some cable channel...

A new character might be too risky, since a little effort might be needed to make him more than just a caricature of a dug up property for mind-addled consumption...

It had been previously announced that Cumberbatch would play a character we had seen before which, strictly speaking, is true but they have thrown all the fans a bit of a curveball with this Harrison announcement. I am not certain that they are not just doing a spot of misdirection...

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