The UK cinemas showing the Star Trek Into Darkness prologue

News Simon Brew 7 Dec 2012 - 08:05

The first nine minutes of JJ Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness screens in selected cinemas next week. These selected cinemas, in fact...

Next week, ahead of screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first nine minutes of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, are being screened. It’s only at a select few IMAX cinemas in the UK, though, and the list of British venues has been confirmed.

The sites are:
Cineworld Birmingham & IMAX
Cineworld Crawley & IMAX
Cineworld Edinburgh & IMAX
Cineworld Enfield & IMAX
Cineworld Ipswich & IMAX
Cineworld Nottingham & IMAX
Cineworld Sheffield & IMAX

As excited as we are to see the film, we’re not sold on watching the first bit out of context, and then having to wait six months for the rest of the film. However, it worked for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, as we suspect it’ll work for Star Trek Into Darkness too…

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey arrives in the UK on December 13th, bringing Star Trek with it.

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Still not Real IMAX tho is it...Digital Imax...pfft

What, none of the London ones?? :(

when you copy a well done marketing idea (tdk and tdkr) then copy what works, not some half baked version on half baked IMAX

Got my tickets for the BFI IMAX, was hoping for this. Disappointing.

Which cineworld in birmingham is it?

What a stupid choice of venues. Not exactly spread evenly around the country, are they? And none in Liverpool OR Manchester, two of the country's most populous cities?

BFI IMAX have confirmed on their Facebook that they'll be showing it as well

No its not on in Manchester. Guess whos not going to watch the hobbit

"we’re not sold on watching the first bit out of context, and then having to wait six months for the rest of the film"


Superb, I like that a lot. :-)

I take back a few of the bad things I've said about Enfield.

Fracked off here - I bought Hobbit tickets for the Millennium Point Imax in Birmingham - not bloody Cineworld!

Cineworld? Really? Probably the 3rd most popular cinema chain behind Vue and Odeon (certainly up North). I'm seeing it at Bradford Media Museum and I was really hoping to see it. Beats me why they can't show it before all showings of Hobbit IMAX 3D

Liverpoo.. Popular? Have a word ginger.

He said 'populous', fandan.

According to the Cineworld site, there's only one Birmingham Cineworld now.

There is no Millennium Point IMAX any more. They got rid of it, and now have some knock off version (creatively named "The Giant Screen"). The only proper IMAX is at Birmingham Cineworld.

The Odeon facebook page had a post saying that they will be showing the prologue...
This was after this list had been released too.

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be there in good old Crawley! Sunday 16th December, 3D IMAX Hobbit!!!! And a Star Trek taSTER!!!! What a frigging day!!

I just wanna see Star Trek, not the hob-whatever thing.

Err surely IMAX in London would have been a smart choice?

Dammit, I'm going to Glasgow!

A list of Odeon cinemas now showing on the IMAX site as confirmed, including Manchester and Liverpool :)

I'm kinda glad it's not showing where I'm seeing it. I don't want to see the first 9 minutes and then nothing more for a while.

That doesn't really answer my question. I still don't know whether they mean Great Park or that nodule they call Broad Street. I assume they mean Broad Street but I don't want to have to use cineworld's morally repulsive site to figure that out. If I make the mistake of being wrong I have to spend money on seeing nine minutes of a film I do/do not want to see.

The Great Park cinema is Empire, not Cineworld. (It used to be my local.) Has been for years. So this is definitely Broad St.

BFI IMAX definitely showing, they have confirmed on Twitter and Facebook.

AWESOME! Ipswich is my local. Is this an ongoing thing or just for the first day or something?

Yeah you are right. Shows how often I pay attention to these place's branding. They use a similar colour scheme so I confuse them. What was AMC on the other hand just boggles my mind cus I try and figure out what area of the hospital I'm sitting in.

you got the word mixed up and your a dick wad

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