First trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness

Trailer Simon Brew 6 Dec 2012 - 07:11

Get your first proper look at JJ Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness right here...

And so it's here. After living under a veil of secrecy all year, here's our first look at JJ Abrams' Star Trek sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness.

What we're getting here, to be clear, is a minute-long web-only trailer. Next week, certain IMAX screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be accompanied by the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness. Also at that point, a longer, different theatrical trailer will be released, which we'd imagine will be online the week after next.

This is a full, standalone trailer we're getting here, though - none of this trailer for a trailer nonsense - and you can see it below these very words...

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No, I will not download bloody Quicktime!!!

Wouldn't work for me. But saw it on another site. Looks pretty epic. Benedict is a total bad ass!

Brilliant. Also no problems here and I watched it on iPad

It is absolutely stunning. Don't mess with the Cumberbatch!

Bennedict looks pretty amazing (and even though the current rumour is he's playing Gary Mitchell this trailer makes me think of Khan)

Quicktime? Hahaha! I'll watch this elsewhere.


Soooooo awesome! Cumberbatch is looking on top form!


Ehem. That seems good. I shall be taking an active interest.

Hmm, odd one this. On the one hand it looks interesting and Cumberbatch gives great voice over. Really interested to see him play the villain and hope the character is well written to give him something to work with. On the other hand... for some reason this didn't grab me. Not sure why but it felt a bit, uh, generic somehow. Hopefully as we get closer to release things will get a bit clearer but for now I'm on the fence which isn't something I expected to be saying.

Fair do's - it looks incredible.

I still think Gary Mitchell is the most viable option for villain and the trailer has given me another possible hint. Alice Eve's unannounced character looks remarkably like Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, as played by Sally Kellerman in Where No Man Has Gone Before, in this clip.

Also - are we to assume from the trailer that the Enterprise can survive a crash into water? It seems to be crashing into the sea at one point and then flying out from beneath the waves later.

What Star Trek trailer? When I clicked it I was taken to an advert for Benedict Cumberbatch (as if the man needs one)

I spy klingons at 21sec.

Looks exciting. Though it does seem each Star Trek movie from the past 10-15 years has tried to recapture the success of Wrath of Kahn by having a whole vengeance thing going on.

WOW, just WOW

Looks amazing. But whether it looks 'Star Trek' remains could be seen. At the moment, this could be the teaser for 'generic action movie 54363'

wow. Sherlock V Kirk. AWESOME!

The trailer looks great and I'm looking forward to watching the movie, but I DON'T ******* want to watch a ****** ******* ******* nine minute trailer for Star Trek when I go and watch The Hobbit. Stop that ******* **** ...I don't want my movies spoiled by over-eager marketing ***holes.

How do you make a Star Trek film badass, Have a bad guy with an english accent !!!

Hmmm. At the moment, this is looking a bit like a mish mash of "Where No Man has Gone Before" and "Wrath of Khan" - especially if you see the little bit of extra footage in the japanese trailer. I'm not a big fan of "The Cumberbatch", but he seems okay so far.

It looks rather more bleak than the original film, which is nice to up the ante, but also slightly disappointing from a stylistic sense when one of the things "Star Trek" had going for it was that it was pretty vibrant and colourful. Too many big movies these days go for a muted gray palette (Harry Potter being a prime candidate). I guess they are going for grand, epic scale sort of thing. I hope they don't forget to add in some humour like the originals.

Mind you it's only a short trailer. Less said about the Enterprise rising up from the sea, the better though. That already seems pretty stupid.

I can't believe I'm saying this but that didn't impress me.

Overuse of that inception-style foghorn thing has robbed it of it's effectiveness.
REALLY didn't want the villain's motive to be revenge (since it's been the MO of the last 3 Star Trek antagonists)
And speaking of the villain, his lines seems to have been ripped straight from "The Big Book Of Sounding Omininous Without Actually SAYING anything"

Still, it's only a teaser. I'm sure this movie's gonna be brill.

Generations begs to diifer. Lol

Is that the enterprise crashing?

Oh, also what happened to great trailer music??! Now it's all "Inception fart" and "big ominous noise that breaks the Dolby surround sound"!

And here's me thinking Shatner was the villain of Generations!

Lol, yeah, they were going to call that movie 'Captain Kirk and The Girdle of Doom' but Marketing talked them out of it.

Alan Rickman who make a fantastic Star Trek villian.

*would l meant. Damn! RETURN key!

No, the villain was the evil bridge that killed him

not available in the US :/

That makes a refreshing change

Dont see why it wouldnt survive in water, I mean you would hope given it travels in space the damn thing is airtight.....


Did you manage to find a US friendly version yet?

YouTube has it.

i have been watching the japanese version on DoG, its basically the same trailer and you can find the US version on Youttube. FYI its just a knock off of every nolan movies trailer from the last three years

It's Section 31.

Star Trek is about space! There's not a single shot of anything that has to do with space exploration in that turd of a trailer. The marketing for this film so far is horrible and I doubt I'll see this film. This looks terrible. Also, if it's Abrams' goal to piss off Star Trek fans and go against canon, please, don't bother with making Star Trek films if you don't respect or like the source material.

WHOAAAAAAAAAA..............Awesome :)

A very Prometheus inspired trailer, does that mean at some point the crew will wander off get drunk for no sane reason and forget where they parked the Enterprise just to make you think wtf ?

The Enterprise being able to go under the sea at least explains why the engineering section had all those water pipes in it...

I guess if you prefer Star Trek to be just about having philosophical debates from the same bridge set with an alien on the viewscreen you might not like it. However, if you enjoy adventures set on different worlds as well as Earth, in which the characters are in danger and the fate of the universe is at stake, featuring top-notch action, great characters, and wonderful humor, (like 99% of us) then, like me, you got goosbumps watching that trailer.

The trailer gives you no sense of the storyline which is great because i hate spoilers. Love the action,action and more action. Great work JA and your team

Star Trek Two : Double Dumbass On You ! ;-D

Maybe JJ should remake "2001" with MACHINE GUNS too?

Star Trek has never been hard sci-fi like "2001". It has always been a good blend of action - adventure with a humanistic philosophy. For example, was The Motion Picture or the Wrath of Khan more like "2001"? Which one was more popular? Which one was better?

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